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... My 70 year old mother is in need of iron transfusion therapy. ... (1 replies)
Dec 31, 2010
... So. Ive been anemic for a long time. Just recently my doctor sent me to a hemotologist for further research. I had an iron transfusion on Nov 19th and since my blood tests have gone up. Not much but some. ... (1 replies)
... seems you need to be seeing a hemotologist v. taking supplements to rule out any other condition. My levels were around what yours are and I just had to have an iron transfusion. ... (7 replies)

... I have seen a hematologist and she found no internal bleeding...thank God. :) I found that I don't feel any different than before the infusion. I go back for another in four months all depending on my count. thanks. (5 replies)
... It is normal that people with GB have malabsorption issues. If you are being treated with IV infusion and blood transfusion and still having difficulty you should look further. Take care. ... (5 replies)
... The decision to have a hysterectomy (keeping the ovaries) instead of an ablation with tubal ligation was just made today, so I will more than likely find out tomorrow when the surgery is scheduled. I tried to get out of having the blood transfusion, but my gyno said that because I was so anemic already and because there is some blood loss during surgery, he was afraid I... (6 replies)
... Thanks FLFLOWERGIRL for responding :). I had a colonoscopy above 4 years ago and that was clean, and I had an endoscopy done about 5 months ago for GERD and discovered that I had a small hiatal hernia, so I'm on omeprazole for that. So, it was decided by my hematologist that the anemia was caused by heavy periods (soaking through super plus tampons every 2 hours for the first... (6 replies)
Low iron
Dec 24, 2007
... you need to act sooner rather than later, you must feel terrible. The thoughts of being in hospital at christmas arnt good, but if i was you id be going for the transfusion asap. ... (5 replies)
Low iron
Dec 24, 2007
... I am sorry your hemoglobin is so low -- you must feel awful (physically). Just curious -- why did you not want a transfusion? (5 replies)
... n the lower and upper portion of the GI, there is a small chance that you could be loosing blood from your small intestine. Given your low numbers and number of transfusion this test would be a good idea to have done. I've had it done twice and honestly it's easier than the prep for the colonoscopy. ... (6 replies)
... That H-Pylori can get some people quite bad and more people have it than is known. My exhusband had it and didn't know. He self diagnosed himself and told me that he was bleeding internally and i just thought he was exagerating. He ended up as white as a ghost and would have to sleep most of the day and night and would only get up to eat. When he would eat he would be... (18 replies)
... Audrey--That's funny about the hypochondriac. It was on the news today, the name for THOSE people is Cyberchondriacs. They actually did a clip on it. I had to laugh, I've been to many doctors and I tell them I go on the net. That's when they say stop! I first looked up eating ice "Pica" and it said you must ask for a Ferritin test. I went to the Endo and he knew... (29 replies)
... me. I felt like that's all I was doing was having periods. Then I became afraid to have one. I would get so weak from them. Finally, I was told it would be a transfusion or ablation so I chose the ablation. I'm so glad that I did because I was checked out by my GYN and said all was fine on ultrasound. ... (7 replies)
... My first time to post. Will just began with last Aug. w/my reg. 4 mo. check-up with the hematologist. He said I had lost a pint of blood. Began 4 iron drips (one a wk). Couldn't believe how bad I began to feel, especially my heart. I couldn't sleep at night & thought my heart was going to beat out of my chest. I told the Dr. & without even checking told me there was nothing... (7 replies)
Iron Transfusion
Feb 20, 2007
... Wow...Thanks for responding. I am going to call my doctor today to see what he thinks. I am sooooooo ready to feel better. I am just grateful that I found out why I had been so exhausted and tired...was beginning to feel like such a loser because I have no energy. I go to work, come home and go to sleep... NO energy to homework with my son and my normal work... (7 replies)
Iron level-8.3
Sep 12, 2006
... My hemoglobin was 7.9, my doctor a GYNO didn't seem to think I need a blood transfusion, thank God! I am going to see about a colonoscopy Sept.23..and re-test my hemo in 2 weeks! I wonder if I should be going to a Hematoligist?? My anemia is severe! emmy (22 replies)
Iron level-8.3
Sep 12, 2006
... thank you for ur reply, so you nearly needed a transfusion because of the 8.3? ... (22 replies)
... My hematologist told me that a bone marrow biopsy in my case would not be definitive to help us out. I did just have a blood transfusion this past week, so I will interested to find out how long this will last. I will have to ask about the reticulocyte test on tues. ... (6 replies)
... It seems that you are mentioning both blood transfusion and iron infusion and the first thing to know is that your hemoglobin count should be playing a large factor in determining either of those courses of action. ... (2 replies)
Pernicious Anemia
Mar 21, 2008
... My iron was below 1.... ... (2 replies)

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