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... Is that the entire process, or just the iron solution itself? IIRC, I believe that's about how much the iron solution was, but then adding in the cost of being hooked up to an IV, the nursing services, etc...that amount grew significantly! I hope that is not the case for you!! (11 replies)
... per pint of solution...after all of the additional charges for the actual IV and treatment, it was about the cost of having a baby. ... (11 replies)
... so for some reason I am unable to hold or absorb iron in my body. I am sitting her in the infusion center having my third IV iron infusion as I type this. I am on Venofer and it has done a world of good for me! I feel like I have my life back. ... (3 replies)

... and that's the IV iron. Transfusion is getting someone else's blood I believe. ... (5 replies)
... My levels were below a one is what the doctor said to me. Not sure how low. My insurance pays all but $66 for each infusion which will be about $1500 out of pocket. I am feeling much better these days but it was not an immediate fix it is a slow gradual one but worth it in the long run. Six more infusions and I should be done. I am eating a lot of baby spinach, potatoes with... (7 replies)
... I am new to this whole iron infusion thing. I haven't had one yet, but I just went to the hemotologist this morning as was told I'd need the same infusions but 100 mg once a week for 6-10 weeks. my ferritin was less than 0.5 last week when I had my blood done. (7 replies)
... My hematologist has me going in for infusions twice a week for 9 weeks for a total of 18-100mg treatments. My ferritin was below 1 and hemoglobin under 8. Has anyone else had this many treatments? (7 replies)
... I've been on a course of Venofer since November, 8 IV's every 2 weeks. For me I haven't noticed much difference in the way I feel, although I do have more of an appetite. ... (16 replies)
... that I was using up all of the iron from one bag and decided I needed to have two bags of Venofer, hoping there would be enough left over to store. So I did an IV infusion of 300mg and came back a day later and had another one. So far it seems to be okay, it's been 3 weeks and my energy levels have stayed stable. ... (4 replies)
... Thanks for the info--I really appreciate you letting me know how they worked for you! By the way, are you still anemic or did the infusions help you from being anemic?? I am so hoping that this does the trick for me! (74 replies)
... Hi. Yes, I have had Venofer IV courses a few times and I think it raised my ferritin. I felt great, so much less tired after having them. ... (74 replies)
... Well, I got the phone call from the doc's office yesterday. Ferritin levels have dropped AGAIN, so they're going to start me on Venofer IV infusions. Once a week for 5 weeks. Anyone out there had good results with this type of infusion raising the ferritin levels quickly? ... (74 replies)
... Based on my own experience and others that have been here for the last 3 yrs you are going to be okay. Sometimes it takes a long time to correct things. Take care. Hope you are feeling better by this time. (2 replies)
Anemia and scared
Apr 21, 2010
... I am getting 200 mg once a week of venofer iv treatments. ... (2 replies)
... Hematocrit, Hemoglobin, etc and my platelets are high. But doc made it sound like 10 rounds of Venofer was a typical course of action. ... (5 replies)
Infusion Process
Jun 18, 2009
... You know that IV iron is not without risk. You should use the safest type which I was told by my Hematolgosit is Venofer. ... (1 replies)
... We discussed the IV iron. If my iron studies don't come back well I think I am going to opt for the Infed over the Venofer. ... (1 replies)
... I don't want to tax my poor brain too much so I'm just going to ask.....What is an AVM? (7 replies)
... Thanks - I have a call in to the Hem's office & hope to get my answers this morning! I'm really hoping the infusion will make me feel like Superwoman! :-) (7 replies)
... Good morning! I have been reading these boards for a few weeks and just decided to post. I am almost 6 years post gastric bypass, with a severe iron deficiency and vitamin D deficiency. Looks like I have a lot of company.. many bypass patients have similar issues. I just completed 7 iv iron infusions (venofer). I tried Infed and Ferrlicit but I had an allergic reaction to... (4 replies)

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