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... High WBC and low can both indicate an infection, but a low can also mean an autoimmune disorder or bone marrow failure. ... (2 replies)
... I have been dealing with chronic low wbc for over a year now after my primary sent me to a blood specialist to find out why. My WBC is never above 3, it is called Leukopenia, it usually runs 2.5 to 2.9, I have what they call Neutropenia, my neutrophils are very low as well. ... (2 replies)
... I just went to the doctor this week and my test results were posted on my electronic medical records. I'm currently waiting for my doctor to call me Monday to discuss my test results with me. ... (0 replies)

... Wow - I think I've found my twin. My lab results are very similar to yours and I have the same symptoms as you, so I'm looking forward to seeing a reply regarding the possible causes of low RBC, low WBC, low hemoglobin, low hematacrit - yet iron, B12, ferritin, folate, transferrin levels all are normal (never heard of most of this stuff). I was also checked for Celiac and... (3 replies)
... Here are my lab results from this summer. Any advice as to what they mean or anything? ... (65 replies)
... figure out what is wrong with me for the past year. I said we just found out last week that my B12 is low. The lady then asked what was the results. I said my results came back at 172 which was low on the lab report. She then said "have you had other blood work done"? ... (57 replies)
... anemia which is common in Iron Deficiency Anemia, also chronic disease production based, and Thallesemia. However, you have some WBC things going on, I have no idea what this means for you. It could be a result of many things, don't think the worst possiblility. ... (3 replies)
Lab results?
Jan 18, 2004
... like the PCP advised. The WBC is ok if you are not older than 50 to 60. Everything else seems to be in range or not far out of it. ... (16 replies)
... ested. I am always tired, very pale, weak, nausea, lost most of my hair, faint and the list goes on. I cant find what it is wrong with me. So I got a copy of the results but im finding it hard to read them. ... (9 replies)
... I'm hoping someone will be able to help with my lab results. In reading up on the board regarding ferritin levels etc, it appears that I'm not truly anemic and maybe I am just "slightly anemic". ... (3 replies)
... My total iron is a 16 and my ferritin is a 7,my wbc go up and down. In some cases depending on the type and cause of anemia it can drag the wbc down. My ana was negative. I would get yours tested again. ... (4 replies)
Lab results
Aug 23, 2009
... ular blood testing to know the difference. Many times these go back to normal ranges when retested unless there is a definite abnormality. Personally for me my WBC count went high during my anemia, while others can be low. So, this is my experience. ... (2 replies)
Lab results?
Jan 19, 2004
... I noticed your total iron and vitamin B12 are a little low, but your hemoglobin is normal. Just a thought, but i wonder if you don't eat much meat, because meat is a good source of iron and B12. (16 replies)
Lab results?
Jan 18, 2004
... Hello I am a newbie and am looking for some help with my lab results. ... (16 replies)
Lab results
Mar 30, 2016
... I was wondering if my lab results mean i'm anemic? ... (3 replies)
... I take it that your results did not come with a list of normal ranges? ... (2 replies)
... Hi Sidney... Have you talked to your doc yet? What did she/he say? I'll give you the normal range results from my labs: Iron: 30-160 HCT 37 -47 Hgb 12 - 16 Iron sat. 15 - 50% (5 replies)
... Here are my lab results from about 1.5 months ago. My Ferritin is 8 but Haemoglobin is still ok. The doctor has asked me to take just a multivitamin with Iron. ... (4 replies)
... Aloha fellow health board members. I just got access to my recent lab results. I haven't followed up with my doctor yet. I would love some input or thoughts on what they might indicate. ... (4 replies)
... I think that you can place blame here. A lot of your symptoms can be directly related to this number: FERRITIN: 9 Ferritin is your iron stores and can cause a numerous amount of symptoms, including headaches, hairloss, no energy, muscle weakness, etc. Hair loss from low ferritin is one of the biggest complaints women have. Transferrin saturation is decreased with iron... (2 replies)

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