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... he idea scares me, the thought that I could walk out of there and not have shortness of breath and burning muscles by the time I get to the car feels like such a light at the end of the tunnel. ... (5 replies)
Dec 4, 2006
... to the doctor do I just tell them I want a check up and tell them how im feeling. And if they do give me a full blood count or whatever it is they do to test for anemia whats the general price for it? ... (4 replies)
... I have had trouble with anemia for several years. I can't take iron pills because of GI issues. My doctor seems very concerned because my ferritin level is 7. ... (7 replies)

... Personal stories about your bouts with anemia appreciated. Worried a bit. Going up to Yosemite Park this weekend and the Dr. warned it may cause light headness due to elevation. ... (0 replies)
... stopped the infusion, waited one hour and then started it again much more slowly. The infusion took 6 hours. My son drove me home, because I was feeling a little light headed and we had to drive on interstate traffic to get home, about an hour trip. ... (3 replies)
... Relax on the endoscopy. They now have much improved instruments and put you into a very ideal light sleep which makes you unaware of the procedure or not care about it. ... (3 replies)
Am i amemic???
Dec 5, 2003
... Well I for one can tell you that I am anemic(I have the iron-deficiency type). I went for blood testing and was told that I do not consume enough iron so I have to consume iron pills. Some of my symptoms were/are at times: fainting unexpectedly, dizziness, constantly being fatigue, being cold when I shouldn't be, and very rarely was I ever weak. You know just something I... (3 replies)
... Hi Everyone!! I am a new member to your anemia message board. ... (1 replies)
... If you think you can shed some light on this for me, please do. ... (6 replies)
... for 6 mths my left eye is weak. It wanders when I try to focus long distance and more recently i have a flashing light in it when I look into the light and when I blink theres a black blob for a second when I am in the dark. ... (6 replies)
Please help
Dec 26, 2008
... What is you hgb level and other CBC? You could well be anemic. As far as you vision, I never had that problem being anemic. I did have balance issues due to anemia. (5 replies)
Hello, new here
Nov 13, 2008
... started this becasue i was getting really bad migraines during my period. but it also means i'm still not sure why my iron is so low since my periods have been light forever. ... (28 replies)
Where do I begin
Oct 8, 2007
... husband gave up smoking he had a lot of side effects ranging from light headedness to bad headaches. He then wanted to cut back on his coffee, but decided to give it up altogether. ... (3 replies)
... When you go from lying dow to sitting...or sitting to standing...and you feel dizzy and light-headed, it is usually termed orthostatic hypotension...meaning you are experiencing a sudden drop in your blood pressure. Try to get up much slower...and dangle your feet over the side of the bed for a minute or two before you decide to get up. I have anemia and also get dizzy and... (3 replies)
... I've been dealing with Anemia for over a year, and recently I stopped taking Ferralet in March. ... (1 replies)
... way up. Things feel heavy in my arms. I'm experiencing frequent dizzy spells, light headiness, heart racing, etc. I'm having trouble concentrating and staying focused at work, etc. ... (0 replies)
... The headache feels like it comes in through my eyes. I have like this pressure and slight light and motion sensitivity. Sometimes it feels like it is literally in the spot between my eyes. It is chronic. ... (7 replies)
... and Hemoglobin 9.2 and then up to 10.7 on August 31st. 3 years ago I was diagnosed with anemia and about a year or so ago I forgot to take my iron pill and then it led to me just not taking it so this is my own fault. ... (0 replies)
... situation I have had for a while. I have always been 'anemic'. Whenever, I get labs done my hgb, hct, MCV, MHC, MCHC are always low. And in order to deal with my anemia I always supplemented with iron. I just had a baby 3 months ago, and during my pregnancy I got very frustrated trying to understand my body. ... (0 replies)
... I can't get anyone to understand how awful I feel. My heart races with the smallest activity, my ears whoosh, I feel light headed and dizzy, I can't breathe after climbing a flight of stairs, my muscles ache just walking across a parking lot. ... (9 replies)

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