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... I can't get anyone to understand how awful I feel. My heart races with the smallest activity, my ears whoosh, I feel light headed and dizzy, I can't breathe after climbing a flight of stairs, my muscles ache just walking across a parking lot. ... (9 replies)
... I take the Solgar Gentle Iron and I take 4 a day. You cannot compare the elemental iron in the Solgar Gentle to the Rx Iron from your dr because its a different kind of iron. (14 replies)
... Headaches, severe sensitivity to light and sound as well as head pressure. ... (14 replies)

... I have actually been fainting. Yes, the person I am seeing tomorrow morning is at the Oncology office, but also is a hematologist. I have light periods..very normal, nothing bleeding from anywhere that I am aware of. ... (6 replies)
... I had a pill camera test a couple of weeks ago, but don't have the results yet. The pill camera is a device that you swallow. It has a light in it and takes 2 pictures per second as it travels through your system. ... (3 replies)
... I have those even though my ferritin has gone up from 9 to 15. The worst one to deal with is the lightheadedness. My hemoglin is good with a value of 14.7 though. (4 replies)
... Like most of you around here, I'm anemic! Ferritin currently at 5, down from 8.3 from March 2012. (RBC, hemoglobin, and hematocrit out of range low as well). Finally got referral to a hematologist, who is taking this seriously. :) I'm also suffering from some sort of intestinal problem, which is currently being investigated as well. It's hard to know which symptoms are... (4 replies)
... itin level of 5 and loss of hair has been one of my symptoms. I had a full head of naturally curly long hair and I have lost about half of it in the last year. Anemia can definitely be the cause. ... (3 replies)
... back to back to avoid full blown periods but i need to ask the doctor for a stronger kind as i had so much breakthrough bleeding all the time!! it was very very light but almost everyday so that puts a damper on EVERYTHING!! ... (5 replies)
... been on bc for the past 22 years because I didn't like it, but this new generation of pills seem to be very different. No weight gain, no emotional issues, and light breakthrough bleeding the first month, but so far the second month nothing. ... (6 replies)
... People become anemic for many reasons. Seems yours is from the gastric bypass which is not uncommon for people that have had this done. My anemia is hopefully from monthly cycles, I just had an ablation so we will see. I'm praying that I get a bounce back now that I'm not losing so much blood. ... (5 replies)
... Some of you may have seen my many posts on health issues I've been experiencing over the years--anemia, single digit ferritin, fibroids, etc. I recently had a f/u lab done and my ferritin, instead of going up, dropped alot, so i was wondering if anyone has this happened and maybe could shed some light. i've been having single digit ferritin for years (that I know of).... (7 replies)
... Have been to an internist twice, hematologist, psychiatrist, OBGYN. Nobody has been able to help me. Internist thinks the anemia isn't this bad, can't be making me this sick. Wondering if I should go see a neurologist. Have been barely functional for months. ... (3 replies)
I need help
May 28, 2012
... yellow. Also my stool has changed as well. changing in color kinda like a weird light brown sometimes black only once or twice. ... (4 replies)
Apr 7, 2012
... I've always been told I have " small RBC's" and "anemia" since 13 or 14 years old. prescribed IRON supplements, which I stopped due to constipation issues, which I already had preexisting so I eventually stopped. plus my Hgb wasnt improving at all. My periods are moderate for 5-6 days, with the last 2 days light. when I was pregnant with my daughter my levels were constantly... (2 replies)
... could the reason i have light circles under my eyes be from low iron. ... (3 replies)
... Found out in Feb 15th I have iron def Anemia went in hospital for heart palps and learned I had a Hemo of 7.9 they kept me 24 hours ran a second panel saw my hemo went up to 8. ... (3 replies)
... Just wondering if this could be anyway related to my anemia or if anybody has advice? ... (36 replies)
... Hello, I was diagnosed with anemia about three weeks ago... ... (2 replies)
... I'm 32, and the anemia has actually come on suddenly. ... (2 replies)

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