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... The good news is I am on Vit D, selenium, iodine, armour and iron. In my iodine load test I was severely deficient in my spot test but then peed out a lot of the iodine I took, which means a NIS defect. So hard for iodine to get in. ... (80 replies)
... Audrey, Your doctor is correct about the soils. I would imagine that many parts of Australia would have these problems based on the climate. I know that many, many, many years ago in the States it was also a problem but not throughout the whole country. There were certain "belts" of the country where goiters were a big problem. That's when they started with the... (7 replies)
... For some reason my iodine isn't just sort of low, but was low enough to actually need to take the iodine drops. I never expected this, but he did explain that if the zinc was low then the iodine isn't absorbed properly. ... (7 replies)

... I just read Audrey B. posting and wanted to say thanks for all the info. ... (80 replies)
... i'm in the same boat as you. Suffered with extremely low iron and took 2 years to raise it and that was when i found out that i had Hashi's. ... (80 replies)
... I think the anemia section needs a thread like this for those suffering from both thyroid and low iron levels. ... (80 replies)
... Thank you Audrey and Flflowergirl. I was glad to see I am in good company. I was reading here and found many others like me. ... (80 replies)
... I did have all the thyroid tests done and was in range with them I'm feeling pretty confidanrt as I was pretty much smack in the MID range. ... (14 replies)
... When my ferretin was down to 8 and then it took virtually a whole year to get to 14 and my hair was falling out like crazy i decided to visit a Trichologist. ... (14 replies)
... First of all for all those Hashimoto's groupies out there, the inability to absorb things, particularly iron and vitamin D has VERY strong links to Hashimoto's. Most of us suffer with that. ... (80 replies)
... Glad this is one less thing to worry about, at first I thought that I should have this test too. Thanks for the info on iodine rich diets, which I agree most of us are. ... (7 replies)
... Generally, a typical "Western" diet is flush with iodine. Anyone who uses iodized table salt is getting enough iodine everyday. ... (7 replies)
... As i found out recently, low iodine levels can affect the thyroid as much as low iron can. I found out my iodine was VERY low and if your zinc is low then iodine cant be absorbed properly. ... (7 replies)
Low ferritin
Apr 16, 2009
... when your ferritin does rise, do you stop taking your supplements? ... (7 replies)
... My iodine was extremely low too so they supplemented me for that. ... (23 replies)
... I can't speak for others, but the lowest my ferretin got to was 8 and at my last blood test it was 35, but getting it to 35 involved experimenting with varying types of iron supplements and varying dosages. ... (3 replies)
... have your doctors run a blood test to check whether you are low in anything else other than simply ferretin? ... (3 replies)
... This has been a crazy few weeks, as I had a drawn out case of appendicitis and had surgery a few weeks ago... Finally now getting back to checking out the anemia numbers. ... (10 replies)
... Regarding the thryoid, i learnt something interesting recently and reading one of your earlier posts on this thread reminded me of it. ... (21 replies)
... Your heart problems could be adrenal fatigue which can be caused from T4 drugs over time, plus many other causes. I took them for so long and pooped out my adrenals. I was very sick. Heart racing, palpitations, panic in the middle of the night... ... (80 replies)

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