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... preciate too what you say about not listening to you or anyone else on this board and listening to what my doctor says, but unfortunately this is my third doctor and tbh they don't take much notice with low ferritin levels and don't know alot about it this side of the planet. ... (15 replies)
Apr 13, 2009
... e blood testing to rule out any conditions that could go undetected with your family history taken into consideration. That way you can put that part behind you and move on. ... (3 replies)
Low iron symptoms
May 22, 2010
... One thing I have figured out over the past year and a half is that if doctors don't know anything about low iron and low ferritin, they really don't know anything about thyroid disorders!!!!!!!! ... (7 replies)

... For the B12 issue, would sublingual B12 supplements be easier and a cheaper alternative to getting B12 shots? ... (16 replies)
... Yes, the low acid is the issue with not absorbing iron. I think that could by why it takes so long to build stores up. ... (80 replies)
... I too decided I need to increase my lean red meat intake. My husband is excited I am buying something besides fish and chicken. I think I avoided those meats because it took so long to digest. Maybe low acid? ... (80 replies)
... I thought it was because of being iron deficient that I had these headaches. I had these headaches before I started the supplements. Also when I look up symptoms of iron deficiency, it says headaches is one of the symptoms. I never thought that the supplements might be doing it. ... (4 replies)
... Iron supplements can cause headaches in some people. The ferritin level itself does not cause symptoms. ... (4 replies)
... Its comforting to know that these symptoms will go away. Did you have the heart palpitations that make you take a deep breath every time it occurred? ... (14 replies)
... i'm not sure about magnesium so can't answer that particular question as i've never taken magnesium. I eat a lot of bananas and i like them before they are too ripe and they contain a lot of magnesium at this stage. ... (80 replies)
... body aches and she just looked puzzled at me and said probably not from low ferritin. She said it causes you to feel tired but not typically joint aches as I was describing. Now I really feel confused. ... (4 replies)
... The reason my doctor is doing everything for me is that he works in a University and he deals with small groups of "problem patients". ... (80 replies)
... I too am getting weekly Iron via IV's and my hemoglobin and hematocrit are normal. Add shortness of breath with exertion to the mix and the symptoms fit me to a "T". ... (5 replies)
... what you need from the endo. They just don't treat the thyroid properly. They dose by TSH which is NOT reliable especially when you have Hashi's. Suppress TSH and get frees in upper third and you will feel better! Be sure to be on natural dissecated thyroid replacement. Check adrenals by saliva test. ... (80 replies)
... m suffering the same effects as you and I had my infusion three days ago? ... (2 replies)
... I am a bit concerned about this and cannot afford to lose any more iron. I also cannot afford to go without the Nexium. I tried it recently, and lasted only two days before becoming very ill with reflux symptoms. Turns out my doctor was right. He had warned me about quitting them. ... (80 replies)
... severe anxiety..... I could go on and on but these are my scary symptoms. I started repliva and b12 shots and feel a lil better but not much. My research says a low ferritin and b12 can make you feel terrible and I do believe it. I am not anemic but feel like I am. I had h. pylori and it did me in. I am trying to recoup now. ... (24 replies)
Ferritin questions
Aug 29, 2010
... but my cbc was normal. I feel terrible. I see an endocrinologist tomorrow and a hemotologist Friday. My tsh was normal but didn't do any free testing. A random blood sample cortisol level was low. Hoping I find out some answers soon. ... (2 replies)
Ferritin questions
Nov 12, 2009
... Ferritin is an iron storage protein that the body synthesizes, FREE iron can be toxic to our organs. ... (2 replies)
... So glad to have found this forum. To be honest, I've been stalking it for quite a few months as I've been having trouble with low ferritin levels since the beginning of the year. ... (6 replies)

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