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... My doctor said my ferritin level is normal. I heard that below 20 needs iron supplements. Is this true? ... (1 replies)
Low Ferritin
Jan 24, 2012
... with protein for some of us. I still don't know why my ferritin is so reluctant to get to healthy levels and stay there. ... (2 replies)
... some internal bleeding previously that had stopped. Some big change OR a lab error. I don't have much knowledge in this area at all though. I just had a somewhat low ferritin 37 and it took so long to move it up. ... (2 replies)

... removed whether it be after 10 minutes or 5 hours, the pain becomes even more unbearable than before. I never thought this could link into the fact that I have a low ferritin level and diagnosed with low iron deficiency. I am now presently on 900mg of ferrous iron daily, and have been for 2 months now. ... (10 replies)
... The doctor i ended up seeing this year did further tests and found my thyroid had been affected to some degree by years of low iron, my vitamin D was very low as was my Iodine and my zinc was also low but not extremely low. ... (11 replies)
... I believe that the normal ferritin level is 20, because mine is 3 and my doctor was saying how low it was. I also had both scopes done to rule out an ulcer since my iron dropped really fast over a period of short time. ... (12 replies)
Low Ferritin at -3
Mar 30, 2009
... I also have low thyroid. Have been on thyroid since I was 27. 180 mg. , only can take from hog, synthetics don't do anything for me. ... (8 replies)
... I am new to these posts. I have a ferretin level of 19! ... (14 replies)
... Hi, I was wondering if anyone out there had every been anemic all the way through thier pregnancy? I've been anemic since my early teens, and I'm now in my late 20's. I have a low HB and a VERY low ferritin level, And I'm allergic to Iron, I'm only 5 and a half weeks pregnant and at my first appointment with midwife yesturday she said my baby would be small due to anemia!... (1 replies)
Anemia and Low B12
Aug 12, 2012
... My Ferritin level is 5. My B12 is 159! ... (3 replies)
... storage protein that the body synthesizes because in reality free iron is actually toxic to cells ... so to prevent iron toxicity the body regulates level of ferritin synthesis to accomodate various levels of iron .. ... (6 replies)
... Sorry to hear about your trouble with the docs. I have had my share of that too. My endocrinologist wanted me to supplement with 325mg iron daily when my ferritin was 38 , so for sure I think your doc should get you started on iron supplements and then monitor your levels till you get in a good range. ... (57 replies)
... I've also struggled with low ferritin for a long time now. My ferritin was it's highest 11 years ago, at a 38. It's been steadily declining. ... (0 replies)
... to bring up the ferritin level, and get me off the oral stuff quicker, since it has been 3 months now? ... (3 replies)
... I'm right there with you all the way to the lymphocyte count. I don't think the low end of normal should ever be acceptable and should be treated. Your teetering way to close to the no no zone! I'm on the low end of normal and my Dr. ... (1 replies)
... Hi there osteoblast and thank you for responding! Yeah, some people on the Thyroid board here told me to get m Ferritin level tested, so I did and then it came back that low. I went and got all of my lab reports. ... (57 replies)
... all other normal, except my vit D still low at 20. ... (5 replies)
Oct 5, 2007
... that you take in to make the usable t3.So for those of us on synthroid meds it is so impt. to get the ferritin up there so the synthroid can do its work. ... (16 replies)
... at could be why my cortisol levels are high. Have some hormone testing done .... FSH came back a little high, LH came back normal, Testosterone came back on the low side of normal, was 28. I had my Ferritin level checked the other month ... someone mentioned to me to have that done on the board here. ... (57 replies)
... and RBC low at 3. ... (3 replies)

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