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... A gi doc is the next step, but I've been battling low iron since 2002, and that's been after mega years of low iron when I didn't even know it... I have a feeling I'll be on iron pills for the rest of my life.... ... (9 replies)
... He told me to check my iron, ferritin and TIBC levels, which I did while on vacation. ... (6 replies)
... ve seen state that your ferritin should always be above 50. ... (1 replies)

... hat could cause all of this too. I've had to do my own research quite extensively to try to find answers as doctors don't seem to have any. I've read a lot about low stomach acid and am convinced this could be a likely cause along with SIBO. I have brought this up to my doctor and she agreed that all symptoms were there. ... (6 replies)
Low Ferritin
Feb 24, 2007
... interfere with iron absorption. In order to get iron out food, you need stomach acid. ... (49 replies)
Low Ferritin at -3
Mar 27, 2009
... T is also a common culprit for a low ferritin. You are also mildly anemic if it is your Hgb that is 11.5. I am not familiar with this low iron level range? ... (8 replies)
... I have tried feosol gentle iron. It is carbonyl iron and is only digested as your stomach acid becomes available so it isn't absorbed all at once like other formulations and is therefore much easier. ... (6 replies)
... Yes, the low ferritin has been going on for more than 20 years. Bad diet is the culprit. I decided to try a funky vegetarian diet and stopped eating meat. Bad idea, very bad. ... (80 replies)
... My ferritin is 8 but my hgb is 12.3. My doctor has asked me to take one pill of Iron or a multivitamin with Iron. ... (50 replies)
... I think the anemia section needs a thread like this for those suffering from both thyroid and low iron levels. ... (80 replies)
... Now I understand the Nexium.... I did a search on the internet and see that it reduces stomach acid... no wonder you're not absorbing your iron, strong stomach acid is necessary to break down the iron..... is there anthing natural you can take to stop this drug taking? ... (80 replies)
... Likely my low iron is the result of less red meat and the PPIs, but can't say for sure as I felt crappy before the diet change. Body temp was also low in the past and heart rate has been low lately too. ... (8 replies)
Low Ferritin
May 28, 2007
... My new lab results have come back with my ferritin level down to a .86. No noticable abnormal bleeding. I've been fatigued for as long as I can remember. Out of breath alot now. ... (49 replies)
... When taking PPI's you still absorb iron, just not as much as normal stomach acid would allow. I think that over many years, and possibly combined with other factors, it is then that it can cause a problem for some people. ... (8 replies)
... That is EXACTLY what the pharmacist told me today, when I asked her about the Nexium and the iron deficiency. :) I should have also asked about the calcium citrate that another pharmacist had recommended. It is supposed to be a necessary component in creating a good stomach environment for people on PPIs (whatever THAT means!). I have been taking it because of the... (8 replies)
... I would start taking an iron tablet (325mg ferrous sulphate/65mg of iron) each morbing with a vitamin c tablet. These are cheaply and easily avaliable in pharmacies If you are still on the PPI, a Centrum tablet (taken at a different time of the day to the iron) would make sense. Adsorbsion of the Centrum can be improved if you take it with food and a capsule of betaine... (8 replies)
Ferritin questions
Aug 29, 2010
... I know it has been awhile since this was posted but very helpful. My ferritin level is less than one (My md said it was undetectable) but my cbc was normal. I feel terrible. I see an endocrinologist tomorrow and a hemotologist Friday. My tsh was normal but didn't do any free testing. A random blood sample cortisol level was low. Hoping I find out some answers soon. ... (2 replies)
Ferritin questions
Nov 12, 2009
... to accommodate different levels of iron. Ferritin is stored in the bone marrow and organs. ... (2 replies)
... So glad to have found this forum. To be honest, I've been stalking it for quite a few months as I've been having trouble with low ferritin levels since the beginning of the year. ... (6 replies)
... I too have Hashimoto's and my BIG problem is malabsorption of nutrients. I'm on iron supplements and likely will be for life. Once when my ferritin got up to 60 i eased off the iron supplements and began taking them 3 or 4 times per week. My iron ended up dropping. ... (10 replies)

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