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... hemoglobin is normal and my ferritin level is at 15. My already baby fine thin hair is thinning........alot. I just went through a very emotionally stressful situation and lost 34 pounds in 2 months. I guess with the lack of nutrition, my body used up its iron storage...? ... (7 replies)
... laureth sulphate in it, only to find out that it had nothing to do with shampoo. I never used products in my hair as it was very long, straight and natural, would only perhaps dye it 2 times per year, so i knew it wasnt product related. ... (10 replies)
... Absolutely! Please go see a hematologist. I could kick myself for not going sooner. Actually, before we moved to another State three years ago, my doctor was getting ready to refer me to a hematologist but when I got here, the new doctor wanted to start from scratch. It took me ending up in the ER and them telling me to see the hematologist before I went. They see this... (8 replies)

Ferritin at 9
Sep 8, 2011
... Hello. I had my yearly physical a couple weeks ago and they ran bloodwork. I have not felt well in forever. Very tired, brain fog, etc. ... (0 replies)
... diet rich in iron now, lots of liver, red meat, leafy veg and vitamin c for absorption. I am also taking 2 teaspoons of organic blackstrap molasses which has a very high iron content. I have asked my doctor about various supplements and have got a big fat "O" back. ... (7 replies)
... would recommend that you ask for TSH and FT3 and FT4. Don't listen if doctor tells you your levels are normal. You may still need medicine increase. Iron is also very important, but I don't think that you would be so tired just because your ferritin is low, if your HGB are fine. Let us know and good lack on Monday. ... (7 replies)
... and not able to concentrate, the injections gave me a huge boost and I continued on iron supplements for 6 months, finally my levels hit 100 and I and my doc was very happy...sounds to me like 17 is still way low and I would be seeing another doctor to get a bit better value for my money if I were you. ... (10 replies)
... i'm in the same boat as you. Suffered with extremely low iron and took 2 years to raise it and that was when i found out that i had Hashi's. ... (80 replies)
Low ferritin
Apr 14, 2009
... Very interesting Audrey B, you've obviously done lots of homework. I've tried for many years to get my ferritin up, it does go up and drops down like a broken elevator. very discouraging. would you know how I can find out what's wrong with me? ... (7 replies)
... Thank you very much for your reply Carly. ... (12 replies)
... I am new here, and also newly diagnosed with iron deficiency. My hemoglobin is a 10 and my ferritin a 6, B12 434 which my doctor said is within range, thyroid 1.43 also normal. ... (12 replies)
... I'm just starting out with all this. i have felt like crap and tired most my life so i just pretty much learned to ignore it. Of course something dramatic had to happen before i did something about it.. ... (14 replies)
... ed less and had more energy. During my period i do find it hard to sleep, already uncomfy from the heavy bleeding, but it seems my PMS is worse than ever. I feel very very tired and weak all over once my period starts and days after. ... (34 replies)
... I also had very low ferritin at one point and was hypothyroid with Hashimoto's but didn't know it at that point. It took me close to 3 years to get my levels up into the 70's. ... (2 replies)
... problems could be adrenal fatigue which can be caused from T4 drugs over time, plus many other causes. I took them for so long and pooped out my adrenals. I was very sick. Heart racing, palpitations, panic in the middle of the night...I went to the cardiologist and all tests came back normal. ... (80 replies)
... I am just trying to determine how low my iron really is and what it means. ... (21 replies)
... My anemia resolved. Recently I had some blood drawn because I have been very tired and have no libido. My iron panel again came back fine except for TIBC. ... (4 replies)
... ded to my hair shedding woes. I'm now taking prescription digestive enzymes with all my main meals and i feel so much better. No more bloating or feeling super tired after meals. ... (80 replies)
... The Trichologist who i see about my hair issue, which we believe is as a result of very low ferretin levels over a number of years, uses Dr Hugh Rushton as his reference. You can look up Dr Rushton on the net. ... (15 replies)
... until I was able to come back to reality. I am so tired of tests, of disappointments, of hurting, of people not understanding. ... (23 replies)

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