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... CBC were low etc. and that the Dr. was concerned and wanted to do some add'l testing. Fine... but, I also wanted to share the results with my GYN. ... (5 replies)
... edness, panic attacks, anxiety, cold hands and feet, palpitations, shortness of breath, aches and pains.. the list goes on. I actually requested they test me for ferritin as around 12 years ago I had to go on iron for 6 months as my level was 4. This time it came back as 11. Still very low. ... (6 replies)
... d whatever hormone tests they take and told me they were normal which is crazy to me because I have a whole lot of things going on. I get flu like symptoms on my very heavy periods that are coming closer together then they used to. I also have an excess hair and acne issue. ... (3 replies)

... nd in hemaglobin. If those numbers are normal, than they say your not anemic and everything is roses. I have been to a few doctors and when I bring up the word ferritin they look at me like i have 3 heads. ... (89 replies)
... Thanks, Wanglin, for this post--I'm sure hoping that I have some good results and can get back to exercising. If I don't, I guess I'm just going to have to push my self to exercise harder than I'm pushing myself right now. I can't remember if I heard that anemia causes insomnia, but that is good to know. Hopefully I'll be able to sleep after I get my infusions--my nights of... (74 replies)
... I think the reason behind you not sleeping well even though you are so tired is because of the insomnia that anemia causes. Your body can not rest well even though you are tired. ... (74 replies)
... previous posts. My hematologist actually wasn't recommending I do was something she mentioned about other patients that were severely anemic with very low hemoglobin. She just told me to wait until next lab results before I started an iron pill since I told her they make me really nauseous. ... (89 replies)
... it won't help you very much but it certainly will not hurt you. I think until you decide on the infusion, you should be taking iron. ... (89 replies)
... Ugh, I feel for you! Its so disheartening when they keep finding nothing...and especially when they do find something, like your possible low iron and tell you its not that. So you are back to square one! So sorry you are going though this! I am too! you are in good company! ... (14 replies)
... nt once to mine. I think its something I can manage on my own and just asked my reg doc for testing every so often, since few doctors give you the time of day on low iron. ... (12 replies)
... I'm 42 and have from what I have been told always had somewhat low iron levels. In2008 after blood work Dr. Said I was enemic. Take iron let's check in 3 months. ... (2 replies)
... It's true she was given a LOT of meds and it has crossed my mind that maybe the drugs they gave her in the hospital did permanent damage to her brain! All the doctors tell me it's not possible, but I'm not convinced. The best way to describe mom is like a scared little child who smokes and drinks coffee. She asks permission to do everything...go to bed, take a shower, smoke... (89 replies)
... I know I'm very passionate about B12 as RainbowsEnd is also.There's too many drs. out there who are not up to date on this subject. ... (89 replies)
... A lot of us have done everything possible, plus more, have researched high and low for ideas and still it takes the most amazing effort to get our ferretin to move up just 5 points in a month. Some have difficult moving up one point per month! ... (19 replies)
... rk...all was fine except I am anemic, but it should not be so bad as to cause all was just 8.5. Granted it used to be 16 but I would think this is not low enough to cause this degree of exhaustion. Then she checked Ferritin levels which were 11. So... ... (14 replies)
... mely abnormal, but until I saw them I really don't think I processed that information. I believe my iron absorption was 5 and another of my results, perhaps my ferritin level, was a 1. There wasn't one result on the paper that was close to a normal in any sense. ... (2 replies)
Apr 6, 2007
... Well went to see doc, got very interesting results among other stuff. i had a thyroid scan 2 weeks ago. was told there is low thyroid count. was told the measures i got was 1. ... (2 replies)
I'm new
Mar 18, 2003
... Today, my doctor gave me an answer as to why I have been feeling so sick and literally tired for so so long now.. anemia! ... (4 replies)
... I also have low ferritin levels. It is caused by my hypothyrodism, which you may want to check out on this site, under thyroid. I also have low blood pressure, lower body temp., very dry skin, am tired alot, all caused by thyroid. Anemia is common with thyroid problem. Good Luck in finding the cause. ... (15 replies)
... I am new to this. I've been very tired and just got my blood work back. I am waiting for my doc to call but wondering if anyone has any insight into these results. TIA! ... (5 replies)

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