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Low ferritin
Jun 8, 2013
... That is absolutely not true. I have had a normal hemoglobin for months and am still taking is possible to have normal hemoglobin and hematocrit in your blood and still have organs, tissues, and cells suffering because they aren't getting the iron they need. ... (22 replies)
... Long story short, I was dx with iron def. anemia a couple months ago. Hemoglobin was low but nothing crazy low as I've seen others with but my ferritin was 3. ... (1 replies)
... Did you get copies of your tests to know how low your counts were? ... (3 replies)

... n feeling like something that cat dragged in for a couple of years now but have only been minimally tested for iron with only CBCs in the past. My hematocrit and hemoglobin levels have been out of range for about a year but not enough to cause any concern. ... (10 replies)
... I had a very low red blood cell count for a long time. I was on iron always, finally I was on 3 iron pills a day. My doctor said, your iron is fine but your Hemoglobin is not going up its slowly going down. After lots of tests with a specialist, I have Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia. ... (1 replies)
Low Hemoglobin
Jan 25, 2008
... With a hemoglobin of 9.7, your are moderately anemic. When you were at 11, you were mildly anemic. Now it's getting worse. ... (5 replies)
... ed with anemia at a 8.5 and 2 ferritin my doc told me that I would need a blood transfusion at a 7 Hgb. He said, this is the number that they go by. He went on to say that if I were his wife he would not recommend having it with that number. There can be further complications with transfusion as you may know. ... (7 replies)
... I agree, I agree, I REALLY Agree! Im not going to do the infusions until ALL DR's tell me, its necesary! I am praying really hard that I will absorb the Ferrous sulfate, as opposed to the slow FE. Im hoping! ... (8 replies)
... ree with KritterKeeper. There's almost 100 different types of anemia, some of which are just idiopathic, meaning no underlying cause. You will likely be referred to a hematologist if anything significant comes out of the colonoscopy. ... (4 replies)
... n, several people who had the RNY Gastric Bypass are experiencing the same symptoms of extreme anemia. The nature of the operation eliminates the bodies ability to absorb iron when taken orally. There in lies the problem. I have an extremely "clean" diet. ... (4 replies)
... up she said my hemoglobin was normal but my ferritin was pretty much at 0. ... (24 replies)
... Low Blood 11.3 Low MCH 26.5 and High RDW 16. ... (0 replies)
... the hemoglobin and hematocrit were lower than the February, pre infusion levels! ... (0 replies)
Test Results
May 7, 2007
... So your hemoglobin was normal when you had the infusion? ... (3 replies)
... I too have been reading all over this forum since I got my lab results about 10 days ago. I am waiting for answers to your questions about as anxiously as you are! Why? ... (10 replies)
Iron Infusion ??
Apr 4, 2004
... I had an iron infusion IV over 8 hours time. I was given the test dose and started to have chest pains and so they waited an hour and we started again at a slower rate. ... (4 replies)
Ferritin levels
Feb 19, 2012
... Ferriti is a four too my doctor said it was nothing to worry bout since my hemoglobin is still pretty high he did put nee on the iron pill twice a day.....can just a low ferritin kill you or would it have to depkete your hemoglobin first....... ... (26 replies)
... I wrote this in parts, at a couple sittings. It is for my wife, whom I love very much. I tend to overreact sometimes. Trying not to now. I myself suffer depression and anxiety...As if I don't have enough to worry about already. ... (2 replies)
... You didn't indicate your hemoglobin level - is it in normal range? I ended up in ER after 4 yrs on rabeprazole (for hiatal hernia) plus what GI tests finally turned up, a longterm very slow leak of blood from 1/2 aspirin/day therapy/ NSAIDs causing tiny ulcers to come & go. Rbcs were depleted & misshapen. I was going about normal life w/some odd symptoms. When it got hard... (1 replies)
... Thanks Heather! I can still show syptoms even though my hemoglobin up right? ... (7 replies)

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