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... Welcome to the Red Cross Reject club Bindy! That's how I found about my anemia too. Your Hgl does mean 11.7. ... (1 replies)
... yes that is below normal but it does NOT mean you are automatically anemic. You can become anemic from chronically low iron but it is not automatic. If it is your Hgl score that is a 7 most drs will take measures to address it fairly quickly. ... (2 replies)
Low Iron
Mar 13, 2004
... I have done personal research on this subject to try to improve my ability to function and I came across an article regarding iron storage somewhere. I can't remember anything except the part that said that if you were taking in iron and it was not improving your storage amounts that the iron might be getting stored in the wrong places, like the kidney, spleen, and around... (21 replies)

Low Iron
Mar 11, 2004
... and though my Hgl was just a tad under "normal" my Ferritin will NOT rise no matter what we've tried. I've even gone thru SEVERAL IV infusions of iron and I just can't store it. ... (21 replies)
... Please don't confuse "low iron" with anemia!! Low iron stores can lead to anemia but it is not automatic. I'm always severely iron deficient BUT I am not always anemic. ... (5 replies)
... I'm just wondering how low a person can get before they are in real trouble. ... (5 replies)
Fear of Flying?
Jul 24, 2003
... the air is "thinner" and those with low Hgl have more trouble getting enough oxygen. Would that also include planes? ... (6 replies)
... You'll need to call your dr's office and ask that question. Hgl levels are different for children and change with age/growth. Also depending upon where the test was done the lab levels may vary. If you are worried about your child by all means contact the dr's office!!! (1 replies)
... and stated "WELL! If you'd READ the information..." I felt like a 3rd grader caught not having done their homework. The vampiress went on to reprimand me for my low Hgl level and dismissed me from service! My friend, however, got siphoned and almost passed out! ... (22 replies)
... s your actual blood count that's important. Your iron stores won't go up much until after your body takes what it needs to build your blood supply back up. An Hgl score of 10 is low but it's not at panic level. My mom has the same problem and when her Hgl gets below 8 she is given a blood transfusion. ... (16 replies)
... I am very scared, to say the least! :( I just want some answers and I hope Im on the road to finding the problem... I was admitted to the hospital just a few hours after my pre-op blood work in December when they discovered it was 5.5; they gave me 4 units of blood right away..when I was released it was FINALLY at an 8 but since then it slowly dropped to 5.4 as of 2/18 - dr... (36 replies)
... Ladybug -- please keep us posted, fluid near the brain is quite a scary diagnosis. Yikes ! 5.4 HGL, I think is very low -- I was very surprised you were not in the hospital with that level !! I had my attack when I was at 6.5 (I feel to floor and couldn't get up, w/my heart pumping like mad). I called the ambulance to pick me up and in the ER they wanted me to get a... (36 replies)
... ar problem and my doc says mine is severe iron deficiency anemia due to heavy mentrual bleeding which has been going on for at least 3 years ! i went down to as low as 1.5 ferritin, and 6 hemoglobin. but i was not given transfusion, just twice weekly IV iron sucrose, B12 shots and oral iron. ... (7 replies)
... IV iron allows us to then manufacture our own blood if it has been determined that iron deficiency is the problem. BUT if your Hgl is very low you don't have the luxury of time to make your own blood you need it now. ... (63 replies)
... If the Ferritin level was accurate it means you've used up your stores keeping the Hgl levels up and you may become anemic in the near future. My ferritin level is alwyas extremely low but I'm not always anemic. ... (2 replies)
... Nope, amwood, so far nothing upon which to blame my low iron. All the usual tests came back negative. I think I've always had this problem but up until a few years ago I refused to see a doctor about it. ... (22 replies)
... whenever my Hgl level gets bad. ... (2 replies)
... Sure they're low. My ferritin has been as low as 3 and even with iron therapy doesn't rise much. If you keep taking the iron your levels will rise slowly. ... (5 replies)
... I've always run a little low hemoglobin wise due to heavy periods and not eating red meat, but never really bad. ... (2 replies)
... he 8 and 16 are referring to the Ferritin. This number reflects the storage of iron and is usually the "gold standard" test for iron deficiency. Do not confuse low or "deficient" iron levels with anemia. One can be very low in iron and not anemic. However, very low iron levels over time can lead to anemia. ... (3 replies)

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