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... e only recently began to see improvement since adding Cytomel to my Synthroid. I'm feeling better with everyday functioning, but I get exhausted with relatively low exertion. I know that some deconditioning can account for that, but something is still off. ... (15 replies)
... I ran into the same kind of problem in that I suffer from Fibromyalgia, which has similar symptoms (apart from the not being able to breathe well thing) so I didn't think there was anything additionally wrong with me. Being diagnosed with Fibromyalgia sucks, but teh worst part is that if you have anything else that they can't figure out they think it's... (15 replies)
... ning to you or anyone else on this board and listening to what my doctor says, but unfortunately this is my third doctor and tbh they don't take much notice with low ferritin levels and don't know alot about it this side of the planet. ... (15 replies)

... Oh my gosh neeta, Fersamal, aka ferrous fumarate, is an iron salt and wreaks havoc on your GI track. ... (15 replies)
... If you cannot find it, just as long as what you do get has Polysaccharide Iron Complex you should be good. ... (15 replies)
... I also though it was my period, because every doctor told me so. But now I have not had a period for 8 months. In Jan. after three infusions, my ferritin was 89. June it was 63 and now Aug. it was 36. I am back to my infusions again. ... (20 replies)
... sorry to hear about your iron dilema, but i did the same thing as you did. ... (20 replies)
... Once again, what jonnstar is recommending to you is an iron salt and is not what you need. ... (15 replies)
... Before anyone tells you anything you should get advice by a licensed physician and run some labs on you. If your anemic I encourage you to ask your doc to consider a high potency prescription iron supplement - don't waste your time and money on the OTC stuff. There is a popular new prescription liquid iron out called NovaFerrum and don't be concerned about the taste - it has a... (15 replies)
... Hey, Heatherx5. He didn't check my ferritin. Only the iron, TIBC, Iron saturation, Vitamin B12, and folic acid. ... (2 replies)
... also very low at 12. ... (11 replies)
... Thanks so much for that, I will give the liquid iron a try as you have mentioned. ... (15 replies)
... is also at the high end of the range. Considering the fact that I take PPI's, I am hoping to keep it up there and not become deficient one day in the future. ... (2 replies)
Low ferritin?
Jan 21, 2009
... If your lab range begins at 10 and yours is only 5 then your ferretin is low and you ought to be supplementing. ... (4 replies)
... siness has come back and said "if she is in UK she can go in the pharmacy and ask them for NIFEREX PAEDIATRIC SYRUP 30ML ... this product has same Polysaccharide Iron Complex".... do you know much about that and whether it's as good please? ... (15 replies)
... Why not just keep taking the iron every day, if it keeps you healthy? ... (15 replies)
... Those are some interesting facts regarding Vitamin A, but i wonder why they would use a fruit which 'may' be toxic? even if it is only 47%, even 1% toxic would be enough to have me running. Aren't there any which don't use the palm fruit? It's good to hear that you have pretty much all your supplements covered and you are finding positive benefits in regards to your... (21 replies)
... Audrey--Have you ever measured the antibodies before taking selenium and after? I was told to try it, but you know how I am with supplements, I didn't do it :). I was wondering if you know if it lowers them successfully. My doc will not retest antibodies. Thanks. Be well. (21 replies)
... Hi Donna--Actually, that bit of information I have read. And it did concern me, I will try to find it, but don't know how successful that will be. Our GI stresses how different the patterns for unloading are for individuals. Don't be too concerned about that. Some people are quicker than others. The more aggressive you are in the beginning the faster also. I think they... (21 replies)
... As I was reading the thread, I was thinking that you definately have B12 anemia, then I saw your hematoligst diagnosed it. ... (22 replies)

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