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... Have you spoken to your doctor about this. It could be that your blood sugar level is being effected by the hypothyroid condition and that an ingredient in the iron tablet is aggravating it. The stabilizers and preservatives they use to make the medications can cause allergic reactions in some people. ... (2 replies)
Low iron&headaches
Jan 20, 2002
... the time they get really bad sometimes,canker sores in my mouth all the time,get tired easy,heart palpations,chest pain sometimes,I don't sleep well.I think when iron is really low heart rate is high but mine is 52.Is there anyone with these symptoms espically the headaches. ... (15 replies)
... is about the low end of "normal" for women... ... (3 replies)

... Sometimes symptoms and lab result do not catch up with each other. In other words you may have symptoms and yet they are not showing on labs. ... (3 replies)
... the low iron.. ... (34 replies)
... sues in order, otherwise you will not be so successful with all the other things whether they are related to thyroid or not as a cause. I have read that if your iron is out of balance that so is your thyroid. ... (12 replies)
... but with normal Iron levels. ... (0 replies)
... flowergirl--Whenever you are DX'd with anemia or low iron/ferritin you should always be tested for B-12 and Folate too. It is also quite common to have both deficiencies at the same time. I however also have some numbness and tingling but they haven't found a cause yet. My B-12 is in the 800's and has never been low. Usually B-12 is 400 and under when it presents with... (27 replies)
... ferritin. I have to be on iron supplements for long time. My problem is that I get bad anxiety from iron supplements. I have tried different brands and forms, and I always get bad symptoms. ... (2 replies)
... by iron did you mean they checked ferritin too? ... (3 replies)
... The doctor says my hemoglobin has gone back up to normal levels, I still feel pretty lousy. I'm not sure if the way I feel is connected to the previously low hemoglobin and ferritin of 4. She only test for the basic CBC. ... (3 replies)
... ers to develop. The ulcers were bleeding which was just one of many reasons for my anemia. That being said, taking meds for the ulcers causes me to not to absorb iron which causes low ferritin levels. So I do try to take my meds several hours apart. ... (1 replies)
... Hi again Flowergirl I don't know what a t-3 med/t-4combo is but please tell me so I can tell my Dr next week. I am definatley going to have my thyroid rechecked and I think they only check the basics. I used to go to an endocologist and I think she was looking ayt the whole scope because there was a time a GP had me on 250mcg's synthroid throwing my thyroid off and shutting... (12 replies)
... Well, I think I remember now that you said you had Hashi's in another post. I didn't know that at the time I posted, your symptoms just sound so much thyroid related. ... (12 replies)
... I am going to say this is due to a low Ferritin for me because as it rises the symptoms leave a little everyday. At this point it could also be new blood cells or both. ... (28 replies)
... low iron as both illnesses share a lot of the same symptoms. ... (28 replies)
... I have very bad ear infection Go figure!!! Having whitecoat hypertension is complicating things a bit, and pointing out to NP that she missed seeing my low iron, saturation and ferritin. ... (5 replies)
... p Does anyone know that if you've had a reaction to IV iron if that means you can't ever get it that way again? ... (74 replies)
... I had low iron throughout childhood and during my pregnancy 10 years ago. I haven't felt like myself since fall of last year. ... (0 replies)
... I think if you were to take a poll here, many would agree that these symptoms can be caused by anemia. Can it also be due to other causes such as those you mentioned? ... (14 replies)

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