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... without an actual blood test? I have another blood draw next week. How long did you have to take iron (and how much) before your felt better, AND your levels went actually went up? At my last blood work: Hemoglobin: 7.9 Hematocrit: 27% Ferritin: 3 RBC: 3.55 MCHC 29.5 (10 replies)
... I've been dealing w/ some underlying issues that led to severe anemia. I had surgery on 1-11-11 to correct the issue (which stopped the bleeding) but my iron numbers aren't increasing. My Dr. won't refer me to a hematologist as she thinks since my anemia was due to heavy monthly bleeding which she feels has hopefully been corrected, and that it's an iron deficiency not B12 or... (9 replies)
... I am hoping someone can decipher these results for me I have been told I am borderline anaemic by one doctor and that you are either anaemic or not anaemic by another and I have no idea what each of these results mean Total white cell count 8.66 10*9/L Red blood cell (RCB) count 4.25 10*12/L Haemoglobin estimation 114 g/L Haematocrit 35.9% Mean corpuscular volume... (5 replies)

... ducate myself better on what tests might be beneficial in determining the cause of this anemia. I'll be looking up ESR for sure. I don't even know what MCV, MCH, MCHC means and how they relate to one another. It's so, so confusing to me. ... (10 replies)
... Hello.:wave: I have struggled with anemia most of my life. I have heavy periods and am also a vegetarian. I recently had a physical and CBC with the following results: WBC 3.8 10E3/uL (low) RBC 3.85 10E6/uL (normal, but almost low) Hemoglobin 7.3 g/dL (low) hematocrit 25.4 % (low) MCV 66 fL (low) MCH 19.0 (low) (4 replies)
... I've not been taking iron (I think just getting averse to the side effects) , and my levels are down again. I've forgotten how to read the numbers though ... help? These are the ones out of range: HEMOGLOBIN 8.6 L HEMATOCRIT 27.3 L MCV 65.8 L MCH 20.6 L MCHC 31.4 L RDW 19.1 H (7 replies)
... Hi all I was dx with Iron Def anemia back in July. I was dx by a hematologist. I was feeling fine. I had no symptoms of iron def. Yet, back in July my ferritin was at an 8, my hemoglobin was low, hematocrit was low, RDW-CV was high, sat rate was low, TIBC was high. Serum iron was fine at 65. I still get monthly periods. I am 43 and my periods are now closer together and... (2 replies)
... Ive not had a menstrual cycle for 7 months now due to an endometriosis treatment. In the past my iron has been blamed on heavy periods but Im starting to think -- it must be something else. Ive had a colonoscopy and one polyp removed. Endoscopy showed some inflammation in my small intestine but my celiac tests came back normal. Im scheduled for a pillcam soon and just... (4 replies)
... Hi- I recently visited my dr because I'd begun to experience significant hair loss in recent months, and had been feeling tired, unable to concentrate etc. She did a number of blood tests, the results of which indicated an iron deficiency, which she thinks is contributing to my hair loss. I'm on ferrous sulfate, 3x a day and supposed to go back for retesting in a month. I... (1 replies)
... I have been anemic my entire life as far as I know. I do not have regular periods. They are approx. every 4 months and a week long~sometimes heavy. However, I have always been anemic with bloodwork "slightly" out of whack. My doctors over the past few years have done lots of blood work...thought it was iron deficient. Treat it with iron, found out B12 deficient, now shots... (1 replies)
... My RBC is 4.48, Hemoglobin = 9.9, Hematocrit = 31.5, MCV is 70.5, MCH = 22.1 MCHC = 31.4 and RDW = 19.8. Should I be tested for something other than iron deficiency anemia? (7 replies)
... I just had a CBC done and I'm sort of confused with the results. The doctor put me on iron pills, which I'll take, but I'm wondering if there's not more going on. Here's my numbers: RBC = 4.19 (normal) Hemoglobin = 8.2 g/dL (low) Hematocrit = 27.6% (low) MCV = 66fL (low) MCH = 19.6pg (low) MCHC = 29.7 g/dL (low) RDW = 18.9% (high) (1 replies)
... A few things out of range, (been very fatigued for no reason) 23 year old male. Hoping this is just a spell and not cancer or anything super awful Glucose 96 BUN 16 Creatinine 0.7 BUN/Creat ratio 21.7 HIGH (range 5.0-20.0) Sodium 136 Potassium 4.6 (1 replies)
... Hi, Looking for a little guidance, hoping someone here will be able to answer one or two of my questions and also trying to figure out what all of this means. Below are some of my blood test results - I have been seeing a haematologist for anemia but I'm wondering how anemic I am as they suggested IV iron as I haven't really been responding to the ferrous sulphate (x3 a... (14 replies)
... these are about a month old i get new one thursday, an will post those also... i know what the HGB is and the RBC but i have no idea on the rest... thanks for any help understanding these... WBC 7.18 NEU 4.62 LYM 1.96 MONO .349 EOS .163 BASO .078 RBC 4.64 (0 replies)
Blood Test Results
Jul 20, 2010
... Need help understanding blood test results. Have been feeling sick along with tiredness, pins and needles in hands and feet with joint pain, stomach bloating and salt cravings. CBC w/Diff/Pit - Showing Anemia (I'm just putting the flagged items) RBC 4.04 (L) - 4.20-5.40 HGB 10.7 (L) 12.0-16.0 HCT 34.4 (L) 36.0-47.0 MCH 26.5 (L) 28.0-34.0 MCHC 31.1 (L)... (0 replies)
... Hello, I'm new so please tell me if I'm out of line :) Over the last 6m I've repeatedly been told I was anemic. My last tests RBC - 3.03 HGB - 9.4 HMT - 27.3 MCV - 90 MCH - 30.9 MCHC - 34.3 (3 replies)
... Back in March I went to the GP for a small lump under a surgery scar, thought maybe hernia, sent me to the surgeon a week later I was in surgery had my intestines twisted in two locations, no hernia. I went in for a med check on Monday and was telling my GP that I was tired all the time (falling asleep at work), my mouth/tongue keep going numb, can't remember things,... (1 replies)
... First off, I am being treated for Severe Vitamin D Deficiency. But I am still feeling sick... tons of joint pain, muscle aches, fatigue. My endo just did some lab testing and here are the findings: Iron 29 (35 - 180 ug/dL) Iron Binding Cap 386 (240 - 430 ug/dL) Iron Saturation Index 8 (15 - 46 %) Ferritin 12 (10 - 120 ng/mL) (5 replies)
... I am hoping someone could shed some light on what happens if anemia is left untreated? Will it just rectify itself? My numbers have been dropping for some time now the lowest my hemoglobin got to was an 8 and ferritin of 5. I had IV iron therapy 3 months ago and the numbers crept up to Hemoglobin of 11 and ferritin of 8. However the IV iron treatment caused some terrible side... (2 replies)

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