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... my doc told me today that he wanted to start me on injections of b12 at the rate of 1 per day for one week then 1 per week for a month, then once per month. ... (6 replies)
... Thats so great that it brought up your b12 blood levels. This is great news. I would like to know how it worked on reducing your symptoms? ... (6 replies)
... didn't work for me so I take the other cobalamin along with B12 sublingual tabs. I lack the intrinsic factor in the stomach that aids in the absorption of B12. ... (22 replies)

... Hi Jason. I have had great luck with the methylcobalamin under the tongue. ... (6 replies)
... more difficult to find in the US though not impossible. Maybe your doc could direct you on where to find them. You could also get them on line. Do you have a B12 deficiency too? ... (6 replies)
... Sharond I'm sorry it took me this long to get back to you. I take a suppliment every day to help with the low B12 thing,it's called Methylcobalamin B12. It's a sublingual b12 vitamin, and you put it under your tongue and let it disolve.Start with 1000 mcgs a day and see how you feel. ... (19 replies)
... Can initial B12 treatment make symptoms worse for a while? ... (3 replies)
... Hi elphers, my b12 test a year ago was 170, which my Neuro and PC Dr.said was very low,and started me on the shots. ... (19 replies)
B12 going down
Sep 15, 2010
... Also Shirley, I don't think 50mcg is going to be adequate even at three a day. It sounds like you may have purchased pills to swallow but as Japlopper agreed, SUBLINGUAL is better. ... (8 replies)
B12 going down
Sep 15, 2010
... having high cholesreal ,my stomach has not been so bad sinse doing this,but i find if i do eat saturated fats my stomach problems start again,i wounder if my low b12 could have somthing to do with this!!i will give the tablets a try,and talk to my doctor about my stomach issues,thanx again shirley. ... (8 replies)
B12 going down
Sep 14, 2010
... w 180. Then they will probably want to wait six months and test again before they treat saying it might just be a lab error or something. The good news is that B12 is one of the vitamins that you pee out if you take too much. So you could try supplementing yourself. ... (8 replies)
... Your best bet if they won't give you the injections is to get a good sublingual B and take it every day. You'll also want to make sure you're not low on folate. Those two deficiencies often go hand in hand. ... (2 replies)
... It sounds to me as if your low B12 is causing your problems. From reading this site, I have come across many people with b12 deficiency symptoms whose levels are in the 300s. ... (9 replies)
B12 deficiency
Dec 5, 2004
... came upon it doing a google search for B12 info. ... (8 replies)
... Do try the sublingual vitamins, and you should try to get either Methylcobalamin or Dibencozide. The kind that they have in the regular pharmacies are usually Cobalamin, which some people can't convert to usuable B12. ... (12 replies)
... I'm taking sublingual methylcobalamin, and occasionally take a broad B vitamin complex instead, which also has vit C, E. ... (3 replies)
B12 328?
Sep 2, 2010
... I would love to know what you found out. My B12 level was 320 and my doctor says, "No problem". I have also read that peole can be symptomatic below 400. ... (6 replies)
... Just be aware that the serum level of B12 is often misleading. I had high normal serum level back when my fatigue sent me to the doctor, but I had high MCV and MCH which is often indicative of B12 def. ... (2 replies)
B12 Deficiency?
Sep 15, 2012
... I was looking into methylcobalamin sublinguals but I wanted to wait until I was actually tested so it wouldn't mess up the MCV was normal at 84.2... ... (29 replies)
... Yes, RUN, don't walk, to the nearest health food store and get some methylcobalamin (methyl-B12). Sounds like you're having a hard time of converting the B12 (probably cyano-B12) into the useful forms (methyl-B12 and adenosylcobalamin). Also, you probably need some every day, and usually injections aren't all that often. You can take methyl-B12, sublingual, every day. At... (6 replies)

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