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... (22 replies)
... Though I am tempted to write much more, I am writing with a very specific question. I have finally been able to convince a doctor to give me methylcobalamin injections. ... (22 replies)
... yes that is correct about RainbowsEnd dosage of methylcobalamin injections,but she has left the boards to spend more time with her family,so it's unfortunate that she's not available to answer your questions.most drs. ... (22 replies)

... not being educated about how to treat a B12 deficiency.At least you found a dr. who is willing to help you...that is so good to hear!My dr. uses cyanocabalamin injections and I feel the same way you do about them...I feel extremely tired for a few days,but then after that I feel okay...but not great! ... (22 replies)
... I was having Hydroxo injections with not much help my new Dr treats it differently and rather aggresively I now have Methylcobalamin injections of 10,000mcg 3 x a week for 3 months then we will go down to 2 ect I also take sublinguals 5000mcg everyday and multi vitamin and folic acid... ... (89 replies)
... Hi Scout, Thanks for your reply, and sorry for not providing more background—I was trying to keep it (relatively) short. Some background, then: A year ago, when my left foot started buzzing, I was constantly dizzy, I became nearsighted in my right eye, and a whole lot of other things happened, my B-12 level was at 367 pg/ml. I had to beg 3 different doctors to test my... (22 replies)
... Hi Steph, My Ferritin was only checked once, with my initial 367pg/ml B12, and it was 42 (range: 10-154 ng/mL). My Iron, Total was 178 (range: 40-175 mcg/dL). I assumed these were normal--though my sense of "normal" has changed considerably since my symptoms have begun. I actually share your insomnia, fogginess, twitches, shakiness; I also have palpitations and so many... (22 replies)
... Back in 1996 my B12 level was 69 and i was started on cynocobalamin 3mil twice a week, it took me three years to get my level up to 500 and then from there on I inject myself(or hubby does for me) 2mil every other week now for 9yrs. Methylcobalamin(sp) didn't work for me so I take the other cobalamin along with B12 sublingual tabs. I lack the intrinsic factor in the stomach... (22 replies)
... l and taking B12 sometimes daily for weeks then weekly for years and finally every other week. I do feel better but it took several years and I also have skipped injections when on vacations and could feel the change so it works to keep my level up there. ... (22 replies)
... Hi Nancy, Thanks for your reply. Back in November 08 my blood test showed to have B12=246 and Ferritin(iron stores)=21. Doctor said my B12 should be double and my iron stores much more aswell. Although I have got my blood checked for numerous other things since then to rule out what may be causing the low B12 and ferritin e.g negative test to intrinsic factor, I... (22 replies)
... ho I told him my grandmother died from it at the age of 43 in the early 50s' he just kept pointing to an ulcer. That was back in 1994 and I've been giving myself injections since then every other week! ... (22 replies)
... What kind of Dr. should I see? You should see a GI doctor to find a cause of the B-12 deficiency. Also a Hematologist would be in order IF you are not able to correct this issue or need to get a B-12 script. I would not mess around with PCP's at this point, you need someone that is well versed. A GI works with the gut and knows his/her business. What you should know:... (22 replies)
... Hi FLFlowerGirl, Thanks for your reply and words of encouragement. You're right, it is strange that I need to do the research, but it's about 10 steps ahead of what the other doctors were offering me, which was nothing (actually, scratch that, they were pointing me in the direction of counseling services). He is the first doctor I've seen who is willing to listen, to... (22 replies)
... Hey I know the feeling...when I used to get my injections from the hematologist I always felt better...the first one was surreal..I felt like I was on a tranquilizer...all the anxiety just seemed to flow out of me... ... (89 replies)
... I had to start injections immediately. That was 2 years ago. I was prescribed Cyanocobalamin. After about a month of everyday injections I tried once a week. My symptoms came back. So I went to every other day. ... (2 replies)
... Good to hear you are feeling better with the injections and great to hear you are taking methylcobalamin subs are you still having injections too? ... (89 replies)
... my doc told me today that he wanted to start me on injections of b12 at the rate of 1 per day for one week then 1 per week for a month, then once per month. ... (6 replies)
... Ive been reading about how methylcobalamin can make any elemental mercury in your body into the more toxic methyl mercury. Do you have any mercury amalgam fillings? ... (2 replies)
... It takes a while to build up the benefits of B-12, if you are low or out of it. But, it still will not be a buzz or anything noticeable. Gradually you will realize you feel better if the dose is right and consistent. (4 replies)
... term memory is bad. My doctor prescribed me Methylcobalamin shots to see if that gives me a boost. ... (4 replies)

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