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Jul 14, 2009
... patients. The high RDW is a variation in the RBC's size and shape. It is typical for this number to go up in response to anemia. So, you basically had IDA and iron depletion at this time from the reading of a 4 ferritin. You had no iron to pull from to keep up with the Hgb. ... (5 replies)
... Microcytic anemia is really iron deficiency anemia. ... (8 replies)
... etting smaller as time went on but were still in the normal range at about 83. I was told that if I went on for too long, they would continue to shrink. So, my iron deficiency anemia, for now, is classified as normocytic. But the "norm" for iron deficiency anemia is microcytic. ... (8 replies)

... My Red blood cells were very small too with my anemia. This is normal. For supplements, the higher the dose of iron the less constipation. There are types of iron that are much, much easier to handle. I have found one that works for me after being very ill on Ferris Sulfate 3X daily. That just didn't work. ... (8 replies)
... My goodness, how awful!! Was that a particular iron supplement that did this to you or did they all have this affect? ... (8 replies)
... My MCV is 58, have had enough of feeling this way and am pushing Dr to do more investigating. Have terrible side effects from iron supplements, nausea, palpitations and feeling like I just spent 24hrs on a carnival ride. ... (8 replies)
... After suffering anemia for years it has finally been labled 'microcytic' can anyone give me some info on this and ideas on how to increase my red cell count. Iron supplements cause constipation and neausea. ... (8 replies)
... Tropical Girl--So your blood cells are ~very~ small, due to your IDA. Sorry that had to happened to you, It must have been very scary. Supplements made me so ill that I ended up in the ER with enteritis. I was then put on a much more gentle iron. Please ask your doctor for one. You really have to keep trying. I don't know that I would repeat the one that did that to... (8 replies)
... It can be very confusing I know. Too many iron references..... ... (22 replies)
... I've had iron deficient anemia for years, I take 260mg of iron a day via vitamins. What I don't understand is how I could be anemic without my actual RBC being low? ... (0 replies)
... You are considered to be Moderately anemic with a Hgb of 8.4 according to my ranges. A ferritin of 1.18 means you have iron depleted stores anything under 10 according to my Hematologist, no iron remaining in storage which is stored primarily in the bone marrow, spleen and liver. ... (3 replies)
... ecialty. The Dr I work for, who also isn't a Hematologist said my son's labs were puzzling, but I should be careful as the Hematologist may try to blow it off as Iron Def. ... (4 replies)
... If you are in the US, the standard protocol for treating bleeding ulcer is prescribing a prescription strength acid pump inhibitor such as Previd or Nexium. If a culture indicates H.Pylori they will some times prescribe an intravenous antibiotic. Standard instructions on gastric erosions are no alcohol, no smoking, and avoid aspirin or other over the counter medications that... (3 replies)
... I saw the hematologist today and was diagnosed as having micro. anemia. My rdw is high and iron, iron sat., ferritin, and hgb is low with a high TIBC. ... (3 replies)
... I wish you and your daughter the best of luck. Too many girls go without having their iron deficiency treated. They perform poorly at work and school and suffer greatly for it. It's totally unnecessary. ... (1 replies)
... Platelets are the clotting factor. They go high in the presence of iron deficiency. ... (2 replies)
... urrent one and based from my own experience with my Hematologist, I will give some suggestions. You are on blood thinners which can equal blood loss, even small micro amounts undetectable to the eye. Periods that do equal blood loss, and that in turn equals iron loss to some degree. ... (5 replies)

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