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... months on average since I can not absorb oral supplements and iron in my diet is not absorbed either. My monthly cycles have been stopped by hormones but it has not slowed down my drop in ferritin. ... (5 replies)
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Dec 1, 2008
... emember that you pay them and you can fire them if they are not doing their job properly. Get a new doctor if you have to. You have to take care of yourself and anemia can be very serious if not treated properly. Best of luck. ... (1 replies)
... and supplementation. For the first three months that I took the pill, my anemia did not improve on its own. That was a very disappointing day when I had my blood test and saw no improvement whatsoever. ... (19 replies)

... most often slow metabolism, hormonal issues, messed up monthly cycles, hair shedding, chronic tiredness and adrenal issues. ... (80 replies)
... ChickieLou--Thanks for the info. Truly, I'm afraid to try Imitrex. My DH tried it and it made his much worse but he's a whole different story. I just don't do well with meds at all. When they gave me BP meds when I was anemic it made my stomach hurt really bad. The doctor didn't believe me, he thought it was the iron and I argued my point but didn't get far. I have to do... (6 replies)
... FLFLOWERGIRL, I guess I am fortunate in that I take Advil during these cycles and can knock it back before I get to the really sick, urping stage. And I may be kidding myself with the neck thing because both my mother and sister get the aura-type migraines. I get the classic type and the reason I think it might be my neck and shoulder is that my husband (though quite lame at... (6 replies)
... ChickieLou--Thanks for you thoughts. Yes, I couldn't agree more myself about hormones and migraine. I'm sure that it is related to my ablation. I think I'll call that doc and see what she says. I have been quite lucky not to have suffered with headaches and migraines before. My husband has migraines which have to be controlled through prophylactic care. Therefore, both... (6 replies)
... I have not had one myself but I know many who have and most have been happy with the results. Another option is the Mirena IUD. My cousin has had that done and she gets little to no bleeding each month and it can be done right in the office. I know many women that are happy with the Mirena also. (6 replies)
... they work with you on this, I would then agree to take oral iron, but would ask for script strength and something that is well tolerated. I would then ask for a monthly blood check to be sure that you are responding accordingly to therapy. ... (5 replies)
... onth here and there. But nothing I could count on. If it works like this for you, I am very glad. I'm not much liking being on The Pill for my periods, but my anemia is resolving. ... (2 replies)
... There can also be more than one reason for anemia and that too should be ruled out by the Hematologist. Usually GB patients are the ones that do receive IV iron. ... (21 replies)
... Well, chronic anemia can be a danger on its own. As to the other stuff, experts are saying that too much estrogen circulating in your blood puts you at risk for cancer. ... (10 replies)
... Well i guess you can rule out the thyroid at least. I don't know anything about Sjogren's syndrom, but have heard of it. I'm quite sure someone on the anemia board either has it or thought they might have it. Can't recall who that was though. ... (12 replies)
... it's great for a short term use, but it's hard on your kidneys, and if your kidneys start having trouble, I think that can cause anemia as well. My dr didn't want me on it longer than a month. ... (12 replies)
... That is why they say that anemia is a symptom not a disease. That statement is oh so true. I have read and been told that many times but never realized how it would come to life for me. ... (34 replies)
... The BCP does help balance the estrogen since it contains progesterone, and that is probably why the pill works so well to lesson my monthly "hemorrhaging". ... (5 replies)
... I have pernicious anemia due to low intrinsic factor, and have been taking B12 injections monthly for the past 3 years or so. When i was in the other day, the nurse looked in my chart to check how much to give me, and she said "Wow, you get the full cc? ... (0 replies)
... I just had my B12 tested, and it was 1200! I've been getting monthly injections and taking daily folic acid. ... (8 replies)
Low Ferritin Level
Jan 15, 2008
... I don't think a hematolgoist is ever bad idea. It can't hurt to go. So far, I have not gotten to that point myself, but I am gradually increasing on my ferritin. But like you, I've found that I'm kind of "stuck" in the 20s right now. How much iron are you taking per day? It could be that it is just not enough to compensate for the loss of blood that you experience... (7 replies)
... Hi, everyone. Please forgive this long post. Iím having a tough time right now and am looking for some reassurance that everything will be okay. Iíve been on cyano B12 for B12 deficiency for almost three months. (I was a vegan. I've reintroduced dairy and am considering meat.) I canít seem to get through more than four days without feeling bad, so I have two injections a week.... (2 replies)

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