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... size of your platelets on your CBC. New ones are larger, an increased MPV is when increased numbers of platelets are being made in the bone marrow. In iron deciciency anemia the platelets are higher which is indicative of IDA. ... (1 replies)
... what are mpv blood levels (1 replies)
... Decreased levels are seen in thrombocytopenia. ... (1 replies)

... mean platelet volume. It is an average measure of red blood cells in a mircoliter of blood. By itself does not mean too much but can tip a doctor off that other levels of blood tests should be monitored closely for drops or rises in red blood cells. ... (1 replies)
Homocystine levels
Jul 14, 2006
... Most of the newer studies are showing that women's levels should be below 9.0 but in order be most effective in reducing the risks associated with elevated levels they should be below 7.0. ... (5 replies)
... CBC W/DIFF White Blood Cells: 6.9 THOU/UL (3.8-10.8) Red Blood Cell Count: 5.24 MIL/U (4.2-5.8) Hemoglobin: 16.1 G/DL (13.2-17.1) Hematocrit: 46.7% (38.5-50) MCV: 89.1 FL (80-100) MCH: 30.7 PG (27-33) MCHC: 34.5 G/DL (32-36) RDW: 12.6% (11-15) (3 replies)
... Hi, all. I just got My lab result of Ferritin 34.2 ug/ml (6-159),is it too low VB12 245pmol/l (156-672) ,is it too low folic acid (folate) >24 ng/l (3.2-6.4)---why is it so high? CO2 21.20mmol/l (22-31)--- low medabolic acidosis? ==================== The following is what I had tested one month ago W-LCR 50.5 (51.0-75.0) (3 replies)
... Thanks for the replies! They did not do a B12 test on me. The WBC came up from my tests in June, I believe it has gone from 2.9 to 3.3 to 3.5 on the most recent one, which is better but still low over a period of a couple of months. The HGB went down, but only slightly, from 11.9 to 11.7, my dr. said that is not a significant change, he just doesn't know why it's... (6 replies)
... This same thing happened to my friend. They think that the lowered WBC is due to an infection that she might have had. The Hematologist was not worried about it at this point, but watching. In addition to your labs, did your doctor run a B-12 and Folate test on you? They didn't do this for my friend in the beginning, she saw another, they ran these and she was IDA and... (6 replies)
... Hi, My doctor has been following my blood work for a few months, based on symptoms I was having that were suspicious (hair loss, lightheadness, fatigue, ice cravings -the fatigue was manifesting into frustration, short temper and moodiness with my kids). I am taking 325 mg supplement every night, with Vitamin C and B complex. I am feeling somewhat better, a little more... (6 replies)
Low Blood Results
Mar 14, 2019
... d an issue with anemia in the past. My Doctor assumed my anemia was associated to fibroids so I had a hysterectomy in 2006. For over 2 yrs no one checked my iron levels was experiencing rest less leg, charlie horses and shortness of breath. ... (0 replies)
... ferritin levels are normal and hence any supplementation is not required. ... (5 replies)
... She said that my levels were in the normal range and I do not need any iron. She also stated that my iron saturation was good 28. ... (15 replies)
Not sure
Jun 13, 2009
... Thanks for the reply. I guess I should have posted the rest of his levels which were a little off RBC 4.08 (range 4.40-6.00) MCH 32.7 (27.0-31.0) MPV 7.4 (7.8-11.0) I do have an appointment with a cardiologist. I was just thinking the RBC and ALP could be anemia and from what I've read, irregular heart beat, fatigue and headaches are symptoms which he has has been... (2 replies)
... This was three weeks ago, so some of the levels are probably even lower by now. Does it look like I have some kind of blood disorder or will develop one? ... (4 replies)
... I don't want my Ferritin levels to drop more because I am having testing. ... (5 replies)
... Your tests indicate that you have iron deficiency anemia. The doctor has ordered additional tests to confirm the degree. The test you probably do not remember the name of is a Ferritin test or a Total Iron Binding Capacity Test. Either one of those tests will confirm whether or not you are deficient in stored iron, or whether you are having problems making blood cells at the... (2 replies)
... Hi all! I just had a blood test done and got the results and the doctor wants me to do another one to check the iron levels and b12 levels and something else which I can;t remember. I am waiting for his fax with the exams that I need to do but I am very scared.... I also forgot to tell him that the day that I did the test was my first day of period...does this alter the... (2 replies)
... exercise affecting my iron levels somehow? ... (3 replies)
... months to test my iron levels again. ... (8 replies)

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