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... Lytely. Then he uses OsmoPrep. He recommends OsmoPrep for people like me who have acid reflux or who get nauseous with lots of liquids. ... (44 replies)
... First about osmoprep and underactive thyroid warning . I have been treated now for about a year, so my tsh at time of osmoprep was likely around 1.5 or so. ... (18 replies)
... If you go to any of the prescribing information for any drug, the pharmokinetics section will give you the half-life of the drug. Synthroid's is VERY long which is why it takes so darn long to feel better when you start taking it. It takes WEEKS to get your levels up where you need to be because of the half-life. As for the OsmoPrep and hypothyroid--ANY drug should be... (18 replies)

... More on the osmoprep stories. When I went to the pharamacy , the pharmacist spoke with me about instructions for use. He was a younger man. ... (44 replies)
... problem is gone. My friend's doctor was hesitant for her to use the OsmoPrep to because of her past experiences with the Visicol. But my friend insisted, the doctor okayed it, and it all went very well. ... (32 replies)
... The OsmoPrep didn't bother my stomach at all. And I have a terribly sensitive stomach. In fact, during my testing they found that I had gastritis during the whole thing. ... (32 replies)
... Hopefully they will give you the OsmoPrep tablets versus the liquid. I had the tablets this past February and they were a breeze. ... (32 replies)
... Not everyone, but women seem to have a particularly hard time with it. I think it is too strong for the size of most women. See if your doc will change to the OsmoPrep tablets. If not, then just handle it as best you can. ... (19 replies)
... I'd probably wait 3-4 weeks or definitely until you know you are back to feeling your old self! (18 replies)
... I did look up info on osmoprep and it did mention headache as a side effect. ... (18 replies)
... When I did a search on osmoprep on the net, I found a section saying people who should not take at one of the major drug info sites and it included people with underactive thyroid. ... (18 replies)
... Oh, you poor thing! I was fearing the prep in the worst way too. Let me tell you: this is not as bad as a bad bout of diarrhea or an intestinal bug. It is much, much milder than that. Everyone I have talked to that used the OsmoPrep had no intestinal cramping (which is the worst part of a diarrhea bug, isn't it). It is very gentle. You just will need to go a lot. To... (7 replies)
... Ok-now it's about 6 days till the colonoscopy. Nyxie, flowergirl and Christine, we had such a great and helpful discussion about the procedure on the ferrous fumarate or gluconate thread. But, I am getting scared all over again.:) You folks made me feel so much better about the procedure and I do have the osmoprep. Now, I am worried about taking the osmoprep, well not actually... (7 replies)
... des are in. Remember, you will now have colored photos too. Don't be nervous because It's really pretty easy, you will be surprised how easy. Hope you get the OsmoPrep too, once past the prep the hardest part is over. And of course take your husbands car. LOL. ... (44 replies)
... n the bathroom. My friends who have used Fleets and some of the liquid preps say that they had hard cramps for a period of time. The three of us that have used OsmoPrep had no cramping. I think it is very gentle. ... (44 replies)
... Christine- so glad you really like your gastroenterologist. Thank you for all the great info regarding preps. Just to understand correctly what I should ask for-- could you clarify about the osmoprep. Did you mean to say I just ask for the osmo prep or does it need to be used along with one of the others you mentioned the go lytely or the tri lytely. I am not on any bp meds... (44 replies)
... Yes, the newer and better prep are the OsmoPrep tablets. Ask for those, you won't regret it. ... (16 replies)
... As for the prep, it wasn't too bad. I used the Osmoprep tablets and that was easy enough to do. My colonoscopy was on a Wednesday and I did go to work on Tuesday. ... (16 replies)
... Christine-Yes, the problem with the standard dosing on the osmoprep(and other drugs for that matter) seems so obvious. When I called the docs office about altering the time to take from the written instructions because of time I had to leave the house, the nurse was helpful with that . But, when I asked her about my weight and the dosage, because conceivably the dose was ok... (18 replies)
... Yeah, I knew the OsmoPrep was the same compound as the Fleets. The reason that people don't have problems with it is that it is not so concentrated as the fleets. ... (18 replies)

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