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... sin and i was like and then we went here and we there and we did this an i found myself slowling down and mid sentence i had to sit cause i was starting to black out and i had to stop and st on the floor and catch my breath and then continue the conversation . ... (8 replies)
... have been feeling so unwell since Jan of this year. ... (5 replies)
... We have found no evidence of blood in my urine or stool. ... (0 replies)

Apr 19, 2006
... If your doctor has not recommended an over the counter iron medication, then ask the pharmacist at a local drug store or Walmart pharmacy. They know which ones are easier on the digestion. ... (3 replies)
Apr 19, 2006
... I'm new.I was just told yesterday that my iron levels are very low.I have not been told yet how low.I wonder if that is the cause of all my symptoms. ... (3 replies)
... I have been taking Gaia Plant Force Liquid Iron to get my levels up for the past month and a half. I'm having shortness of breath, like I have to take a lot of deep breaths to feel satisfied. Is this a symptom of anemia? ... (1 replies)
Mar 16, 2009
... ive been feeling ill for years now and have been visiting all sorts of doctors and specialists over the last year and still havnt found an answer. ... (44 replies)
... my heart palpitates for no reason and quite often. I am rather short of breath all the time, I have horrible headaches all in my forehead only. I bruise like there is no tomorrow. My hair is thinning. ... (6 replies)
... hello i hope someone can help. i have been feeling ill for weeks. weakness, sooo tired all the time, no energy, short of breath, pain in top of back and side now spreading to bottom of back, numb hand. finally got a phone call today from doctor. she says i am deficient in vitamin b12 and needs to see me. ... (4 replies)
... After a recent complete blood work, I was told I have borderline iron deficiency anemia. The nurse gave me the results over the phone, but didn't say if I should come in and see the doctor or not. ... (4 replies)
... I have been through hell for the past year, losing my job, my apartment, and my quality of life because of all my symptoms that no dr can figure out what is causing them. ... (2 replies)
... First of all, EKG can be normal even if you are having Angina. The ekg only tells you if there is a permanent change in the way the heart function, not if it is temporary. There have been many people who were experiencing a heart attack and muscle damage during an ekg and it did not show. ... (8 replies)
... theses 2 b12 threads have been very helpful, a lot of good info shared here. ... (40 replies)
... Hello. First time poster......I have a few questions I'd like to put out there for anyone who could answer....... ... (5 replies)
... I've been having a little problem. I'm cold all the time and my hands turn very cold. I have to sit on a heater most the time at night to stay warm then I go to my room and cover myself in two blankets. ... (3 replies)
... They will draw blood and will be able to tell from the enzymes that leak out of your heart into your blood if you have had an attack. The longer you wait, your life may be in jeopardy. The same exact feelings happened to me last September. ... (8 replies)
... shortness of breath, pounding heart, ringing in my ears, muscle aches and terrible weakness. Do others have such symptoms at night? ... (8 replies)
So wiped out
May 23, 2014
... Almost 2 weeks ago, I went for about a 1.5 mile hike with a long rest midway. I get very little excercise, and as the terrain had mild inclines, and I am out of shape and overweight anyways, I didn't think too much of it when I was lagging behind everyone else. ... (0 replies)
... All this time the family MD thinks i am still anemic. Iron stores super low , they have fluctuated and gotten worst the past 2 yrs after my surgery. ... (11 replies)
... as a child i had constant infections and was off school alot with earache had pneumonia appendicitis etc etc ....nothing major just lots of illness then as a teenager the same and i had glanular fever. ... (78 replies)

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