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... sin and i was like and then we went here and we there and we did this an i found myself slowling down and mid sentence i had to sit cause i was starting to black out and i had to stop and st on the floor and catch my breath and then continue the conversation . ... (8 replies)
... short of breath on moving and talking consistently longer than about 10 minutes, palpitations, fatigue, etc. ... (8 replies)
... Hello. First time poster......I have a few questions I'd like to put out there for anyone who could answer....... ... (5 replies)

... someone to see if the blood had arrived as they had to get this from 70 miles away, i couldn't talk only whisper and i felt i was fading away i was given 7 units of blood and topped up with tablets. ... (14 replies)
... someone to see if the blood had arrived as they had to get this from 70 miles away, i couldn't talk only whisper and i felt i was fading away i was given 7 units of blood and topped up with tablets. ... (14 replies)
Symptoms of Anemia
Nov 22, 2012
... Someone I know who is a nurse thought I was anemic just from looking at me, and it turns out she was right. Like the above poster said, pull down your lower eyelid, and also you can look at your gums. ... (2 replies)
... I have been taking Gaia Plant Force Liquid Iron to get my levels up for the past month and a half. I'm having shortness of breath, like I have to take a lot of deep breaths to feel satisfied. Is this a symptom of anemia? ... (1 replies)
... I was diagnosed with anemia 5 yrs ago and i 've seen diff MDs, some of whom asked me to take iron supps. I had fibroids which were removed almost 3 yrs ago, but still have heavy periods. ... (34 replies)
... My gyn said my heart rate that has been running around 110 and my shortness of breath all summer is not related to my Ferretin of 5 because my hgb was 11.5. I am not acutally anemic, and I just need to increase my food intake of iron. ... (5 replies)
Can I be anemic?
Aug 26, 2003
... For the past 3 years, I have been suffering from some recurrent symptoms that have been somewhat of a concern to me. These symptoms seem to be present almost everyday, and just make me feel like going crazy at times. ... (2 replies)
... when i exert myself i am pooped out right away like i want to just fall down , and i am out of breath quickly. I always have this feeling like i will pass out but never do. I used to be very sharp but now it feels like i am very laggy now. What does this sound like to you all ? ... (1 replies)
... have been very tired and feeling very cold lately. I can't sleep with the fan anymore because even without it I am freezing. When I walk up to my apartment I get out of breath as if I had been exercising and it's only the 3rd third floor. When I go to the bathroom and I am having pain and even bleeding. ... (6 replies)
... I have had no secondary cancer and I will be out of remission in January 2006. The problems that I have had more recently had been a gradual build up of various symptoms which I have only just began to connect together. I am always incredibly tired, infact i'm tired on waking up in the mornings. ... (1 replies)
... So I'm 19 years old, and up until a few days ago I had little to no understanding of what anemia was. ... (1 replies)
Longtime anemia?
Feb 22, 2011
... When I was pregnant almost 3 years ago my iron was 8. I was exhausted and out of breath, palps and my muscles were burning. ... (5 replies)
... As other have said when you ferritin is low, anything below 50 you can have symptoms of anemia without being anemic. But if you do not take care of getting more ferritin you will become anemic. ... (4 replies)
... Actually, I have read that most women of childbearing age are slightly anemic. ... (9 replies)
... iron stored is very low, you need to be more aggressive to replenish it. I have had around 6 or 7 iron by IV for the past almost two years. You also should find out what is causing your anemia, ie GI bleed or your monthly cycle. If your primary doctor is not welling to look into this, find another. ... (5 replies)
Please help me
Mar 2, 2004
... i am so sorry you feel so awful. but its best you get someone to check you out and treat you accordingly. even irregular periods can have a variety of causes that need to be checked. plus if ure anemic it needs to be taken care of too. ... (3 replies)
... Hi jellybean, iron is needed to make red blood cells which carries oxygen to all organs and parts of your body. Since your doctor I assume did a cardiogram and ruled out your heart, it could be that you're getting chest pain from anemia. ... (67 replies)

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