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... i had pain now and again in my joints,put it down to starting the change,but since being on the iron tabs,i have a constant ache :mad: in my left leg pains in chest,elbows and neck is stiff (5 replies)
Iron Ache over
Feb 2, 2013
... as given InFED and it was causing alot of aches. The transfusion overall was better than the night I had last night. I was up all night with achy pains mostly in legs and upperbody. ... (0 replies)
... els. Then in September I will see my doctor, I will ask him then about Fibro and if I should see a rhumatologist. I don't feel any better, my legs, feet and neck ache SO much. Do your legs hurt a lot? ... (40 replies)

... up appt. Well, the tingling doesn't seem too bad lately. The problem is my legs hurt so much! It's not just when I lie down for bed. They don't throb, but they feel so heavy and tight. ... (23 replies)
... f shape, i walked again, felt like I was dying, I couldn't walk for five minutes before I had to sit just to catch my breath. and yes oxygen debt will cause back pain or muscle pain because the muscle is not getting enough oxygen and cramps up. ... (8 replies)
... Migraine, fever, chills, aches in lower back and legs and frequent urination. ... (0 replies)
Low iron symptoms
May 22, 2010
... Is joint pain a sign of iron deficiency. I have pain in my knees, hips, elbows and a bit in the back of my neck. Also my arms and legs ache and twitch. I have no energy and spend most of my time lying on my bed. I've been tested for autoimmune disorders like rheumatid artheritis, lupus etc... ... (7 replies)
... diagnosed with fibromyalgia a few months ago although I know I have had it for years. I hate the stigma of fibromyalgia so I say I have a muscle and soft tissue pain but I know my joints are also involved so I think it is arthritis with muscle and tissue pain around the joints. ... (12 replies)
May 31, 2008
... toid factor test done as well. I don't think the iron supplements have been the only solution to my problem though. I have stopped taking NSAIDS for every little ache and pain, something that I had been doing every day sometimes several times a day for years!. ... (3 replies)
... s aching, total exhaustion, and sometimes my fingers tingle and go numb and I find myself flicking them in response. When I'm really tired and achy, my forearms ache the most, down into my fingers, and sometimes my legs as well. They feel like they are radiating heat, but they are cool to the touch. ... (8 replies)
... blueness under the eyes, water retention, dry skin, chest pain, muscle ache, loss of appetite, eye pressure, poor concentration, restless legs and feet, hand tremors and more. ... (1 replies)
... e myself a loading dose of 2000mcg every second day for a week and then like you I feel like it has exhausted itself within about 10 days. When my B12 is low my legs ache terrible, my concentration is zip and I get so tired. ... (12 replies)
New to this
Nov 12, 2004
... I am on B-12 shots 1 cc per month injection plus I supplement the B-complex sublingual(under tongue liquid) between injections. I also have pernicious anemia. I am sure that your injections are not adequate if you are having those symptoms. B-12 is water soluable and if you are only getting that injection once every 12 weeks, you are probably not storing any of it. You should... (11 replies)
New to this
Nov 12, 2004
... ay it can affect people and realising that the symptons i've been having are not that strange that i think i've been going mad. the pins and needles and constant pain in feet legs skin areas in general the sore tongue tiredness and joints that ache like mad. ... (11 replies)
... use of its invasivness and because they are a difficult procedure for a doctor to perform. There is a part of the biopsy process that simply can not be numbed by pain reliever and no doctor wants his patient to suffer needlessly for any reason. ... (12 replies)
Iron Infusion ??
Apr 3, 2004
... I've had five infusions so far...once a week - no problem receiving them - they give me steroids first. However, for the next few days I feel like I am walking thru mud and my legs and hips ache - nothing a little aleve won't relieve. I am receiving ferrecit. My hemocrit levels were down to 24.9% - unfortunately, even with treatment, my iron is still maintaining and at times... (4 replies)

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