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... Dorri, Thanks for the expansive list of symptoms. I'd be more than happy to share with you the one that trouble me most. Extreme weakness and tiredness ---> ALWAYS Confusion or loss of concentration ---> YUP Shortness of breath especially on exertion -->occas Rapid heartbeat, palpitations --> infrequently Chest pain ----> yes Possible hairloss ----> unfortunately... (67 replies)
... Hi Dorri, I was recently diagnosed with anemia and a B-12 deficiency. I have SO many of the symptoms which you listed. I have lost some weight, and I can't gain it back!! I have always been on the small side, but..I am 5'7" and have a smaller waist size than my daughter has. She is 13 and weighs 100 lbs. I could eat blizzards and snicker bars all day, but I am having a... (67 replies)
... As some of these symptoms may also be indicative of other medical conditions, please check with your physician for the appropiate testing of Anemia. Common Symptoms of Iron Deficiency Anemia Extreme weakness and tiredness Confusion or loss of concentration Shortness of breath especially on exertion Rapid heartbeat, palpitations Chest pain Possible hairloss (67 replies)

Symptoms of anemia
Mar 23, 2003
... Common Symptoms of Anemia Extreme weakness and tiredness Confusion or loss of concentration Shortness of breath, especially on exertion Rapid heartbeat, palpitations Chest pain Headache Wounds that heal slowly (0 replies)
... Yeah, I think when you are anemic, your nailbeds are more pale and lacking color. I would think that bluish means there is a lack of circulation? ... (9 replies)
... I had the pulatile tinnitus with low iron, pale fingernails, pale skin. ... (5 replies)
... New something was wrong because of the pulsatile tinnitus and tiredness. pale fingernails. Will be taking 150 to 200mg of elemental iron per day. ... (3 replies)
... I have pale fingernails, face paleness as well as lips, tiredness. ... (3 replies)
... When I was severely anemic and receiving IV iron my nailbeds were very pale as well as the palms of my hands. My hematologist always checks my nails and my hands when he examines me. ... (9 replies)
... My nalis have very deep ridges, the color is pale, but the ridges are UGLY!! I have noticed since my infusion, that my hair has started to grow again. I'll bet that it hasn't grown more than 1/2 inch in the last year, and now over an inch in about a month. I hope the nails grow out as fast. (9 replies)
... I agree... when I was severely anemic my nails were very pale/white. The blueish/purple color could indicate a circulation problem like the person above me just said... (9 replies)
... sorry I did not make myself clear. My fingernails are very pale. The little white moons on the nails are too pale to see. I had a couple of people comment recently on how anemic I looked, which really shocked me. I have always been fair but I guess I must be paler now. ... (9 replies)
... it is bluish in color. If you are seeing blue in your nail beds it is because you are getting circulationg to that area. Like me, you probably just have thin fingernails and, because of that, your blue blood shows up more easily than others. I have had thin, peeling fingernails all my life. ... (14 replies)
Do I have anemia?
Jun 27, 2005
... sed without a blood test. The symptoms are easy fatigue, loss of weight, loss of appetite, lightheadedness, shortness of breath without another diagnosed reason, pale eyelid mucus membrane, pale oral tissue, tongue gums. Vision may not sharp if it ususally is. ... (3 replies)
... Hi You do not have to have anemai to be deficient in B12 at all.......i dont think missing the gym has anything to do with it..You do have all the symptoms of one for sure and please do not rely on your nails for diagnosing anything.... I also do not believe sitting at the computer would cause your symptoms I dont advoacte sitting at the computer for long periods you... (16 replies)
... thanks for letting me know=] my mum took me to the chinese doctor who said it was due to the long hours spent in front of the computer, having bad posture which tensed the muscles in my neck and caused poor blood circulation to my hands, feet and brain which explained the dizziness, cold feet and hands as well as poor concentration. She prescribed some medicine and had a... (16 replies)
What do I do?
Apr 27, 2007
... Symptoms: anemia - anemia means a reduced number of red blood cells in the blood and is revealed on screening blood work as a reduced number of red blood cells (reduced RBC count and/or reduced hematocrit) In this type of anemia, the red blood cells are often microcytic (meaning the cells are smaller, which shows on bloodwork as a reduced "MCV") and/or hypo chromic... (8 replies)
... i have had this for years and finally realized that when you are low in stomach acid you can not digest or absorb b12 and iron.since taking hcl i think i have addressed the problem but time will tell. How are your fingernails, any ridges or roughness?any stomach mucous? No moons on the fingernails? (3 replies)
Apr 15, 2008
... My fingernails look horrible. They are very pale with red bands across the top. I've heard fingernails are a sign that something is not right inside the body. ... (11 replies)
... diamond79-Hi! I have tingling/burning sensations in my hands and feet (and sometimes the tip of my nose and ears), particularly when they get cold. While I am severely anemic, those symptoms are not from it, they are because I have Raynaud's Phenomenon which the anemia happens to worsen at the moment. Raynaud's Phenomenon can occur in 2 varieties, primary (you don't have any... (14 replies)

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