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... I'm currently taking Feosol (Carbonyl Iron) @ 45mg per day, as per my doctor's intructions. Given that my ferritin level is 5 and my iron is low (both have been low for some time), should I be on a higher dose of iron? It seems low to me, and my numbers haven't improved in some time. My symptoms are horrible right now. Brain fog, painfully fatigued, brittle/shedding hair,... (6 replies)
... Most people find iron shots to be a bit uncomfortable due to the iron going into the system suddenly. But, others do not. If you have had tattoos or arterial blood work done, you may be able to compare the feelings. ... (5 replies)
... Once they correct the iron and the B12, you will be shocked how much better you feel. ... (19 replies)

Heart palpatations
Nov 27, 2004
... he also tested your B12 levels. When you have PA your red blood cells do not mature properly and therefore you can also have low iron. So if your anemia is Low iron make sure you also do not have low B12. ... (2 replies)
... Your heart palpatations may be caused by low magnesium... have that checked. ... (6 replies)
... I find that when i am anaemic i suffer from Heavier periods palpatations greater hair loss very brittle nails increased bruising lethargy sore toungue sore corners of the mouth (78 replies)
... d managed to get it to 11 with supplements, but it started to go down again. At 63 my nails have started to grow, my restless legs have calmed down and my heart palpatations have stopped, but I am still very exhausted! My Dr. says he'd like me to be at 100. ... (6 replies)
... don't know about your weight, but you should go and get an EKG. I had heart problems(palpatations, heart cramps, hyperventilating) last year to the point that i ended up in an emergency room, and there is a block in my heart, and i'm just now finding out it was caused by anemia. (4 replies)
... anyway heres the thing. my doc called and said that she was giving me ferrous sulfate because im anemic. well im wondering if this is also what has been causing my heart palpatations, so i looked up signs and symptoms and i see that being anemic will cause the heart to beat faster because it is needing the blood and doesnt have enough and this can cause heart failer. and... (4 replies)
... assumed I was depressed for the last few years which is why I never wanted to get out of bed, but now that I think about it, depression wouldn't explain my heart palpatations or my shortness of breath or why I'm so cold OR why I've craved soap.... ... (1 replies)
New to boards
Nov 2, 2011
... I was diagnosed with anemia summer 2010 with hemo count of 8.4. Doctor checked my iron which was low, determined it was caused by heavy monthly cycle and prescribed iron supplements. ... (0 replies)
... I have had an iron infusion. I had a reaction to it with my heart palpating and they had to slow the rate in which they gave the infusion. ... (2 replies)
... I thought for sure the anemia was reversing since I read it takes 2 months for blood counts to return to normal once you start to treat iron defincent anemia. it had been 5 weeks, and yet I felt so bad when exercising. ... (8 replies)
Any Ideas??
Apr 8, 2004
... For the last 8 years my doctors have been telling me I have an iron deficiency and I have been taking iron tablets... ... (1 replies)
... I'm 42 and have from what I have been told always had somewhat low iron levels. In2008 after blood work Dr. Said I was enemic. Take iron let's check in 3 months. He acted as if this was no big deal and said next bloods he will check for meditrain because I'm italian. ... (2 replies)
... ml of elemental iron, so 120 mg of elemental iron and am still feeling no better. I am at my wits end and its starting to affect my realtionship beacuse I'm so tired and irritated. ... (3 replies)
... hat the celiac test is negative, I'm hoping that is all that they find with me, my mind is wandering all over the place wondering and worrying what is causing my iron deficiency. Could it just be the PPI's without a GI bleed? ... (13 replies)
Low Ferritin
Feb 24, 2007
... y anemia symptoms were my hypothyroid acting up again. She sent me straight to the hematologist after looking at my labs. The hematologist told me to just take iron to bring my levels up. My ferritin started out at 4 when I first saw her. In about 6 months of the iron it went up to 23. ... (49 replies)
... a referral. I called today and asked them if just my labs alone could get me an appt and they said no. SO...I emailed my doctor and told her with my history of palpatations and tachycardia, plus such trouble keeping my iron stores up, I thought it all warranted a visit to a hematologist and I asked for a referral. ... (22 replies)
Newly Anemic
Jul 24, 2007
... should improve if not cure my Mirgaine, and that the problems I have had with my weight should improve and that I should begin to find weightloss easier once my iron levels are brought up. ... (3 replies)

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