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... just the palpitations and shortness of breath. ... (5 replies)
Ferritin level
Jun 13, 2009
... I had terrible palpitations and fatigue that went away with my iron levels going up. ... (7 replies)
Intravenous Iron
Jan 23, 2003
... Quite frankly I am a bit scared about receiving it, but am frustrated with the shortness of breath, palpitations and fatigue that I have been experiencing for the last month. Any advise would be appreciated. Thanks! ... (2 replies)

B12 and exercise
Dec 27, 2007
... I think that I feel best when my B12 is over 1000. Has this happened to you and what is a good B12 level. I am afraid that they will not prescribe anymore B12, but I do feel better after taking it. ... (15 replies)
... reintroduction diet soon for corn, gluten, and dairy. ... (65 replies)
... than others. I will tell you my experience and you can go from there. I was diagnosed with "bleeding angiodysplasias" in 2002 after suffering from anemia for over 2 years. ... (2 replies)
... I have been having anemia off and on for many years. Recently I had a lot of problems with my periods being very heavy. As a result I became severely anemic. ... (1 replies)
... Both gastroparesis and neuropathy can be the results of uncontrolled diabetes, and so can those feelings of brain fogginess and dizziness. You might also want to be checked for autoimmune disease. Your doctor can order an ANA test which shows if you have antibodies against your own cells. ... (8 replies)
... ternet to see if anyone else has had problems with plapitations due to anemia like me. I found I was anemic on February 27, 2011 because I was feeling very faint and lighthead, my heart was racing, and I was fatigue. At the emergency room they told me that my hemoglobin level was at 8.9. ... (1 replies)
... Hi everyone, My ferritin is 10, my hemoglobin is 119. As I mentioned in another post, I have been having MAJOR palpitations (feels like horses galloping in my chest) constantly throughout the day as well as shortness of breath. I got checked out with an ECG in March 2008 (when my ferritin was 17) and everything seemed fine. I won't see my doctor until September 5. ... (5 replies)
... Thanks very much for the reply. When I was very low, I had a lot of problems with short distances that I had no problem with before and even got heart palpitations. ... (4 replies)
... Also, I do have very long and heavy menstrual periods. I am normal weight and I do eat meat. I went to the doctor and blood test results are below. ... (3 replies)
... This is my first posting and I thought I'd share my story. I've been lurking on this board for months reading everyone else's story as a source of hope. ... (3 replies)
... First, I am 40 yr old male with normal weight for my height and I have the Alpha Thalassemia trait. I used to be very active working out and playing sports, but have not done much exercising in the last 5 years. ... (0 replies)
Hello back again
Aug 19, 2010
... onths ago on the dizzy thread..thats REALLY interesting ,as everything you you get i get too..also interesting that things are better for you ,as they are for me and our iron levels seem to have been the same all the way through and rising SLOWLY lol! ... (3 replies)
Hello back again
Aug 19, 2010
... I too suffered from the extreme tiredness and had palpitations quite relgularly. My ferritin levels, after two years of taking iron 420mg per day, are still only up to 55ish. ... (3 replies)
Feb 2, 2017
... ray done last week and my heart is fine but my ferritin test showed my levels were 13. I'm currently taking iron supplements for it. ... (8 replies)
... Your heart problems could be adrenal fatigue which can be caused from T4 drugs over time, plus many other causes. I took them for so long and pooped out my adrenals. I was very sick. Heart racing, palpitations, panic in the middle of the night... ... (80 replies)
Feb 2, 2017
... I understand. I actually get leg cramps and they're so painful. ... (8 replies)
... I had palps with anemia. I also had anxiety attacks with this conditions. It seems to go hand and hand. If only I had these boards a decade ago. ... (5 replies)

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