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... I seem to have many of the major symptoms of pernicious anaemia but I also have pulmonary edema, which I have not been able to find linked with anaemia. ... (0 replies)
... A year ago I was diagnosed with pernicious anaemia and earlier this year my doctor suggested that I have an endoscopy because apparently one in so many can develop cancer of the stomach down the track. ... (0 replies)
... i have had this for years and finally realized that when you are low in stomach acid you can not digest or absorb b12 and iron.since taking hcl i think i have addressed the problem but time will tell. How are your fingernails, any ridges or roughness?any stomach mucous? No moons on the fingernails? (3 replies)

... So my question is, could all this be the result of pernicious anaemia? ... (3 replies)
... chance of developing pernicious anaemia but since then not one doctor has picked up on this. ... (8 replies)
Pernicious anemia
May 17, 2007
... Hello Before my daughter finally got a diagnosis of pernicious anaemia, she was checked for heart problems, cardiologist did discover that she has mitral valve prolapse but this did not cause heart palpitations, sent to a psychiatrist because of depression, saw a neruologist for migraines, walking and balance problems, checked for lupus, MS, all because at 27 years old, she... (10 replies)
... I was diagnosed with pernicious aneamia 9 months ago being depleted of Vitamin B12. ... (5 replies)
Pernicious anaemia
May 11, 2009
... Hello gemini123--:wave: Pernicious Anemia tests: Via blood tests--H-pylori. Intrinsic factorand Parietal Cell antibody tests are normally done. Also, markers for B12 deficiency include Methylmalonic acid (MMA) and Homocysteine which can be elevated in PA. These test are used to rule out and DX PA focus on finding a cause for cobalamine def. Many times these... (3 replies)
... since pernicious anemia tends to affect older people. ... (22 replies)
Jun 28, 2007
... I was wondering what you meant by your comment regarding neurological damage. I am 56 and I was misdiagnosed for too long and my B12 was in the 100's and I do have permanent damage which is very painful - I am trying to learn so I can educate both myself and the Dr. Thanks for any advice, info, websites...etc. Much appreciation! (7 replies)
Jun 16, 2007
... exist with pernicious anaemia. If you have not had your thyroid function checked, you should do so because pernicious anaemia is an autoimmune disease and makes you more susceptible to contracting another autoimmune disease such as thyroidism, either hyper or hypo. ... (7 replies)
... If these tests come back negative ..... what is the other tests to do to check for Pernicious Anaemia? ... (57 replies)
... The blood tests for pernicious anaemia are Intrinsic Factor Antibodies and Gastric Parietal Cells antibodies. ... (57 replies)
... or folic acid anaemia which could have been caused by your surgeries. A decreased MCV is indicative of an Iron deficiency. ... (22 replies)
... exist with pernicious anaemia. Definitely get your b12 level checked as well as folate. When searching anemia, also use the spelling of "anaemia". ... (16 replies)
... I have had pernicious anemia since 2001.. ... (37 replies)
... o, however following that appointment, i passed out the following day in school and was very ill so she just went ahead and began the injections, i'm only 18 and pernicious anaemia runs in my family however she reckoned it was pernicious anaemia but was waiting on the intrinsic factor tests and i havnt heard what the results are? ... (0 replies)
... similar to B12 deficiency and it is very possible to have both deficiencies at the same time. If b12 and folic are low, further tests should be done to rule out pernicious anaemia. The pernicious anaemia society provides information about the tests that are used to determine pernicious anaemia and they do have a website. ... (9 replies)
Possible Anemia
Oct 9, 2005
... Iron defiency anaemia is the most common type of anaemia and is literally as it sounds, a lack of iron. ... (5 replies)
... factor in the stomach, which means that my stomach cannot absorb vitamin B12 by food and by taking medicinal supplements, so without those injections I would get pernicious anaemia, which in turn can lead to serious health problems. This lack of the intrinsic factor is also linked to my thyroid disorder. ... (8 replies)

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