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... I am researching for my mom who was also diagnosed with pernicious anemia. ... (4 replies)
... HI I have pernicous anemia and autoimmune gastritis, I am very worried as my current gp thinks because my b12 reading is quite high, I dont need my injections. ... (2 replies)
... You could have PA or something else that bites the B12 levels. I have autoimmune hemolytic anemia and when it's active, my red blood cells explode, and no B12 is stored or processed. ... (5 replies)

Pernicious Anemia
Mar 21, 2008
... ed all my symptoms and had self diagnosed myself with MS. I went back to my pcp in August. She told me she didn't think it was MS, but offered to refer me to a specialist if I wanted. She ordered some blood work, but NOT a CBC. The only thing abnormal on the test was low potassium, which is what she thought caused my leg cramps. ... (2 replies)
... Could I have that Pernicious anemia? ... (5 replies)
... I was diagnosed with Pernicious Anemia 4 months ago, it took nearly five months of constant visits and 7 specialist to finally give me the help I needed. ... (2 replies)
... Welcome to the board, although I am sorry you have the anemia. I have pernicious anemia and I saw a hematologist for awhile to become stablized and now my regular doctor oversees the blood work. ... (2 replies)
... I don't have pernicious anemia, but I have another condition that causes low B12. Luckily my dr knows that once you start getting the shots, the serum blood test will show high. ... (1 replies)
... Would a GI doctor be the best specialist to help me determine GI causes? ... (5 replies)
... scope and biopsy of small intestine, which a gastroenterologist would do. Your symptoms are suggestive of celiac disease, particularly inability to gain weight, anemia and B vitamin deficiencies likely from malabsorption. ... (3 replies)
Pernicious anemia
May 17, 2007
... I've been dealing with Parkinson like symptoms since Nov 05. I've had the Parkinson DNA test, 3 MRI's, an EMG and have seen specialist after specialist. ... (10 replies)
... If your blood test for B12 is good, you don't need the injections. You see, with some people, stomach problems prevent the body from getting B12 out of food in the first place. But if it's in your bloodstream, then clearly you are absorbing it somehow. I think that your symptoms have a different cause. Certainly autoimmune disease can cause fatigue and many other... (2 replies)
... I hope this gets resolved quickly for you. I have great drs and it did take 2 specialist to finally correct the issues with my stomach and iron. I know the entire time I stayed ill and had no energy. ... (4 replies)
... Thanks you both alot for replying on my board=) i guess i have to endure the symptoms for now cos i need to find time out of my school shedule to go to the doctor, anyway im actually going for an appointment at the specialist as according to my spine problem(i have a medical history on that) and my gastric problem which i had since last year...i seem rather unhealthy though... (16 replies)
... s and then have them tested. My treatment varies depending on results of testing, but I am currently having 4 monthly treatment for that. I will be visiting my specialist again in about 4 weeks, and will ask him the question about a relationship between all my problems. ... (5 replies)
Pernicious anemia
May 18, 2007
... My father has PA, and gets injections. I recently checked his blood work, since after reading about b12 deficiency for myself, I saw it was in the 200 range. I believe that I have heard that below 500 is at a treatable level, and also that some aim for 800 to achieve some resolution of symptoms. I would definately talk to my dr and discuss what range you might aim for. ... (10 replies)
Pernicious anemia
May 17, 2007
... I didn't even think to get my B12 numbers till today, it's 303. One of my neuro specialist said neck wasn't bad enough to have surgery, and not to go and get it adjusted, because it could cause me to have a stroke. ... (10 replies)
... I went to my doctor with the classic symptoms of B12 deficiency; beefy tongue, pallor, weakness, painful feet, tingling hands, absolutely no appetite. I also have autoimmune thyroid disease and indigestion symptoms suggestive of autoimmune gastritis - which impairs B12 absorption. For eight months, he had me inappropriately taking a PPI, another known B12 blocker. He listened... (10 replies)
Prenicious Anemia
Jul 13, 2002
... ool. It has been 7 months since I started receiving monthly injections and I still don't feel much better. I feel as most of you do who have been diagnosed with pernicious anemia. What kind of specialist does a person need to diagnose pernicious anemia. ... (31 replies)
... yanocobalamin is not desirable and you should look at taking sublingual form of the 2 active types of b12 methyl and adeno. Maybe you should also get a test for pernicious anemia before you start supplementing, by testing your intrinsic factor and Parietal Cell antibodies. ... (3 replies)

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