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Pernicious Anemia?
Aug 23, 2017
... diagnosis of Pernicious Anemia. I am hoping those of you with experience in having this ruled in or out might share your wisdom. I apologize upfront for this being a long post. ... (0 replies)
... I did not see where you specifically gave pernicious anemia symptoms. Since Iron deficiency anemia is a separate diagnosis. However, it take 120 days for red blood cells to cycle out. ... (4 replies)
... Hi! Never done a forum before but need some answers. I recently was diagnosed with atrophic gastritis and pernicious anemia. ... (4 replies)

... A year ago I was diagnosed with pernicious anaemia and earlier this year my doctor suggested that I have an endoscopy because apparently one in so many can develop cancer of the stomach down the track. ... (0 replies)
... Does anyone know if the chance of developing gastric cancer is reduced with treatment of pernicious anemia, or do we remain at high risk? ... (6 replies)
... Different types of amenia but most common would be Pernicious type? ... (4 replies)
... tems or people I know, getting confused and not doing my crafts well. I feel so helpless. I just know I need my b12 injection. what kind of specialist deals with pernicious anemia,? ... (2 replies)
... Hello my name is Jerri and I am a cancer survivor long term I have been having some problems such as numbness in my face and the tip of my nose feels as if pins are sticking in it. ... (4 replies)
... I've been looking through the Boards have not found anything that shows the symptoms of someone who has pernicious anemia? ... (6 replies)
... FLFLOWERGIRL -- Thank you so much for your response. I was wondering if the B12 you mentioned was sublingual or oral or if it even mattered. How much shoudl I take? Should it be a lot in the beginning and lower as time goes on? My main concern with my doctor was her saying to just take a B12 vitamin because I thought that low B12 meant that you weren't able to absorb it... (9 replies)
... Ive had the problem since 2004. My last bloodwork was beginning of March and I finally had normal results. Ive had IV Iron Dextran every 4 to 6 monthes since I crashed and passed out from my levels being so low. My 1st IV treatment didn't help. I had to have it repeated 2x more before I could function again. My hematologist started me on monthly B vitamin injections (not... (4 replies)
... the last time I did the iv iron infusions. He said that a bone marrow biospy was too risky and that he wanted to do the iv iron or he could refer me to Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa, FL which is more than 2 hrs from me. ... (6 replies)
Pernicious anemia
Nov 12, 2006
... In my case the doctors were looking for Stroke, aneurisms, damage to the spine, tumors, lupus, cancer, migraines, celiac desease along MS. I am assuming that your doctors have checked your B12 numbers. (10 replies)
... There are numerous types of anemia. The most common ones are Iron Deficiency Anemia, Anemia of Chronic Disease, and acquired anemia from chemo therapy usually associated with cancer. In each case a different blood cell values would be noticed. So there is no way to say whether or not you were tested for the anemia that you have, or whether or not anemia is involved at all.... (3 replies)
... ns for anemia, you will have to sort out with your hematologist what other methods may be available for building blood supply like the medications that they give cancer patients to help build red blood cell supply. Its called Epoetin. ... (7 replies)
... the body adapts to the anemic state and won't show obvious symptoms until in a state of crisis. Also, considering that your body has been through the ringer with cancer and chemo, it could be that symptoms you attributed to that experience are actually part of the anemia. ... (4 replies)
... What you're describing as a symptom of B12 deficiency occurs when the liver's B12 storage is completely empty, and pernicious anemia sets in. ... (2 replies)
B-12 defficiency
Feb 13, 2004
... oblem is that it will only get worse and could eventually effect a permanent DNA change at the cellular level leaving the door open for leukemic conversion and a cancer of some sort could take hold in the vulnerable areas of your body such as the stomach and other mucus secreting areas of your body. ... (16 replies)
... I got the results yesterday, no MS, no Lyme, no Cancer. I have probably had pernicious anemia for decades. It caused all my fatigue, muscle pain, numbness and tingling, etc. ... (10 replies)
... Hi. I am also B12 deficient being diagnosed with Pernicious Anaemia 2 years ago. ... (10 replies)

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