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... (11 replies)
... wait for Ferritin another day and call for it. Do get a copy of your labs for your review. Based on your lab results, this info. will also tell your doc how much iron that you need to be on. ... (4 replies)
... range. I was told to supplement iron until there is no blood loss or I stop taking PPI's which I cannot. So, there is a reason that you are losing iron and you need to discover that cause. Whether it is from your cycle or what. Next, I would supplement at least with a multivitamin, if you haven't already. ... (2 replies)

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... o my mind. You are mildly anemic and really want your Hgb to be optimal at 14.0, this will also help in the storage of iron. You also want to be on a high dose iron for at least 6 months to raise your ferritin, it may be longer. I was on 300mgs daily for 1 year and now remain on 150 daily. ... (14 replies)
... Thank you very much, Florida Flower Girl:angel: (3 replies)
... Can you tell us how much iron your doctor has prescribed for you? ... (7 replies)
... You should have a ferritin test to know where you stand with your iron stores. ... (48 replies)
... s are different for everyone all you can do is try different things until one works for you. I can see if you had problems with OTC iron. Did you try any script iron as well? ... (3 replies)
... Thank goodness that you see your GI doc on Monday because 6 pills is a lot to take considering the fillers and added ingredients. That alone not to mention the iron can cause great problems for you. You said that you are already having a problem taking 3 a day. ... (7 replies)
... a blood transfusion. Transfusions are usually given around a 7 Hgb. You are not mildly anemic you are definitely moderate. And... I do believe that an iron script strength is needed. I take Poly Iron 150mgs X2 daily for a year in Jan. to fill those iron stores and fix the anemia. ... (16 replies)
Jan 21, 2009
... that sulfate has the highest amount of iron and gluconate has the least. You also have to take a lot more of them as you know, this is when script iron comes in handy. ... (5 replies)
Nov 29, 2008
... I have GERD also and took Nexium for 8 years. The Nexium doesn't work for me anymore so I now take Zegerid that workS very, very, well. The iron tore me up so bad that it sent me to the ER and gave me enteritis for 3 months and I lost 15 lbs do to this. At the same time I had a 2 ferritin and 8. ... (8 replies)
... Sorry I missed your post but I haven't been here. I agree with you, that you need a HIGH dose iron supplement. At least you do know that you do in fact absorb iron which is a great plus. That is the first hurdle I think, then you have to take the right amount of iron which can be hard. ... (9 replies)
... up on April 15 with the hematologist and she told me to stop the iron and come back in 6 months. ... (11 replies)
New to anemia help
Mar 31, 2009
... on as a cause for the anemia. This is the main part of the puzzle. It dictates how to treat your anemia and also for how long. If you have GI issues there are iron supplements that are especially made for people like this. Many doctors are not well versed in iron supplements. ... (6 replies)
... for one month. Since the Hematologist wants me to take the iron for at least 6 months, I called the doc and asked for something else that might be a little less pricey. ... (5 replies)
Jan 5, 2009
... Anyway my original labs were vaguely low in the iron department, with a Ferritin of 9, HGB of 11. ... (1 replies)
... one up to 41 last time checked that these symptoms have resolved. You probably have gone for years like this with a low ferritin. Also, a low dose of elemental iron as low as you are taking will not replete your iron stores anytime soon. It is way too low. ... (17 replies)
Need your advice!!
Sep 29, 2007
... t you are anemic is when the HGB and HCT are below range on lab results. Those two numbers are the indicators used by the doctors and Ferritin is the storage of iron in your body. Be sure to get copies of your labs and start a file. ... (11 replies)

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