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... Almost 7 years ago, I had gastric bypass surgery to lose the weight and to aid in our desire to get pregnant. I was told once the weight was off, I'd be able to get pregnant. ... (6 replies)
... I am 5 years post gastric bypass and have recently been diagnosed with iron deficiency anemia. ... (7 replies)
... Hi Squeek, are you still around? I know this is an old post, but it looks like I'm in the exact same place you are. I have had iron infusions, transfusions and currently I think I have neuropathy but the doc isn't treating me for it .. yet. I didn't know what to call it until I read your post. I'm currently sitting here w/ so much leg pain that I'm finding it hard to walk,... (28 replies)

Pernicious Anemia
Mar 21, 2008
... d was like a huge ball going down. After a couple of weeks, I went to a doctor. I have seasonal allergies and was told that my throat was probably irritated by post nasil drip. I was prescribed some allergy meds and sent on my way. My sore throat did seem to get better briefly, but it never really went away. ... (2 replies)
... There are several different types. I have Pernicious Anemia which is an autoimmune disease that is causes the lack of the specific intrinsic factor in the stomach. ... (7 replies)
Low Low Low
Jan 18, 2013
... bypass isn't necessarily due to the food we eat or don't eat, but due to the bypass of the duodenum which is the primary absorption site for iron in the intestine. The remaining intestine can absorb some iron... ... (10 replies)
... (4 replies)
... Had gastric bypass (successful) 12 years ago. Over last 3 months have developed iron deficiency anemia. Last CBC 11/04 totally normal. Have also had normal CBC's randomly since surgery. Colonoscopy and EGD done over last month are normal. Feel pretty awful. Hgb 9, Hct 28. Anyone with thoughts, advice. Hate to start taking iron if not sure of cause. Folate & B12 are normal. (4 replies)
... I have absorption issues due to a gastric bypass and have pernicious anemia... I also have some of the more devastating issues that can arise from being deficient for so long. ... (17 replies)
... in is only 2 and he wants it at least 100. I have not seen my wls in quite some time. I need to get in for a check up. I have not seen him since I was one year post op. I am sure he would not be pleased with my labs. I hope your infusions make you feel better. ... (10 replies)
... able to use oral iron after that is over, but that is undetermined right now. My sister recovered her stores with oral iron therapy. She is also about 4 years post op. It takes years to deplete the ferritin stores unless there is an acute blood loss. ... (5 replies)
... You have my sympathy, empathy and 'boy can I relate'! Your post could be mine as our situations are so similar... ... (10 replies)
... is so against gastric bypass, that it is sometimes hard to discuss symptoms. Have chronic midepigastric pain, unrelieved by Cox2's or other antacids. He says the bypass complicates things so much that normal testing is not valid. ... (4 replies)
... It depends on the type of anemia that you have. If you have pernicious anemia, all the iron in the world will not help as you need b12 in some form other than orally. ... (7 replies)
... vered I was walking around with my HGB at 4.2 I got my 3 liters of blood. Still no answers to where it went. I go back next week..any feedback would help I never post on these things just reaching out. ... (17 replies)
... wow i did not know that ! scarey,thank you so how have you been doing? did you also have gastric bypass? (7 replies)
... Well I am new to this site and glad I found it. I am 5 years post gastric bypass (RNY)I was recently hospitalized for blood in stool. After tests they found a big fat zero!!! My hemoglobin dropped to transfusion level. They sent me home with meds for an ulcer....Well I have been a tired mess. I got new bloodwork and my TIBC is high. My ferritin is 2 and all other results... (10 replies)
... I had RNY gastric bypass 5 1/2 years ago. My low ferritin problems started at about 3 years post-op. It is because we are not able to absorb iron orally. The area of absorbtion has been bypassed. I have never had low B-12. I take sub-ligual B-12 (from Trader Joe's) and I get a B-12 shot once a month. My issue is low ferritin. I have IV iron infusions of Infed every... (5 replies)
... digestible things that come in foods and are usually washed away in a normal gut. Also they need to check your staple lines and sutures in the area of the bypass as well as look for peptic ulcers in areas that other people would not have them. In that respect, the GI is correct. ... (4 replies)
... Hi I just saw this post for the first time since I'm new. I too have anemia and can't take iron pills. I have to go in for iron infusions. They don't make you sick to your stomach. ... (89 replies)

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