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... If you go to any of the prescribing information for any drug, the pharmokinetics section will give you the half-life of the drug. Synthroid's is VERY long which is why it takes so darn long to feel better when you start taking it. It takes WEEKS to get your levels up where you need to be because of the half-life. As for the OsmoPrep and hypothyroid--ANY drug should be... (18 replies)
... Hey osteoblast! I cannot help you on the colonoscopy itself, I have never had one done. BUT .... I had a discogram done on my lower spine 2 years ago ... I had to be awake for the procedure ... but "out of it". ... (18 replies)
... no bad after effects. Yet, I do not feel very good. I am exhausted and feeling flat, dull,grumpy.Out of it pretty well sums it up. Could it just be the procedure prep with its liquid diet and purging have just plain out depleted me ? ... (18 replies)

... he as well as a sort of hangover feeling. The fentanyl I have had before and didn't have this effect, but then it was an endoscopy and I didn't have the dreaded colonoscopy prep. I am wondering if the emptiness of my gut and all the purging exaggerated the effect of the fentanyl or I was given too much or the versed is the culprit. ... (18 replies)
... they gave me so much. I had my colonoscopy on Thursday and was in bed through most of the weekend. I do remember having to go out on the following Saturday, I was just so dizzy. Blech. ... (18 replies)
... I'd probably wait 3-4 weeks or definitely until you know you are back to feeling your old self! (18 replies)
... I did look up info on osmoprep and it did mention headache as a side effect. The morning after the procedure , I woke up and said to my dh what is that buzzing, and he said he didn't hear anything. It was my huge headache. ... (18 replies)
... afternoon.Yet lingering buzzing headache. As I said I am going to try to get the doc who did the endoscopy to forward the sedation info to the gastro who did the colonoscopy so he can compare and see how to avoid this big reaction next time. I had no weird after effects with the endoscopy and he told me he used fentanyl. ... (18 replies)
... ention thus toxic retention. I have been wanting to take my regular supplements but the multi contains vit e and not supposed to have that until 7 days past the procedure because biopsies taken and he doesn't want bleeding. But the vit c I can do. Do you think drinking tons of water is going to help? ... (18 replies)
... I have links somewhere on how this all works, but not sure I can post them here. Will paraphrase when my mind is a little more "with it" later today. ... (18 replies)
... Hope this isn't too detailed. I agree with most everyone else though , the prep is the worst part and the procedure is nothing because you are drugged. ... (18 replies)
... Christine-great information. Could you tell me where you find half life info on drugs? I feel better already with the information you provided, but I have had this hangover headache since the day after the procedure. It is lightening now. Also, the two days after I was zombied, just dulled out and slowly coming back. So with the half life info I can't quite understand this.... (18 replies)
... mon response. Whenever there is anemia in women, the most common reason is blood loss, through heavy monthly periods. Age is also a major factor here as far as colonoscopy goes. Different test required for different ages. ... (13 replies)
... but I've actually had the procedure once before, it's just that I wasn't anemic at the time. That's why I'm extra concerned about the prep. ... (8 replies)
... und it will keep coming back. If it is your periods you have to fix that too. Sometimes it can be from more than one thing. It is good that you are having the colonoscopy and endoscopy at the same time. This will rule out a lot of things and you will feel a lot better about it. ... (12 replies)
... I used to post here over a year ago. I felt I got as many answers as I could and I hope I helped a few people too. ... (8 replies)
... Hello all. This is my first post here. ... (3 replies)
... I did read your prior post correctly. From my experience I saw 10 doctors due to my illness with multi symptoms because the anemia brought me down so low. ... (24 replies)
Nov 20, 2003
... he would repeat the colonoscopy and endoscopy as standard procedure, and then he wants to do exploratory laproscopic surgery. ... (33 replies)

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