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... There is if you dont mind some things I would like to add to your above post re B12 if thats ok? ... (40 replies)
... I don't think your mom's problem is due to a vitamin b12 deficiency for several reasons.... ... (40 replies)
... erienced very serious side effects from it. Also, I knew a woman who had to be hospitalized for depression, a side effect of the both cases, the prednisone was a small dose and only taken for 10 days! ... (40 replies)

Low Hemoglobin
Nov 7, 2007
... Prednisone, B12 shots. ... (2 replies)
AIHA & B12 shots
Aug 13, 2006
... Hi, I was just wondering if any of you have had B12 shots for your AIHA. The reason I ask is several years ago, before I was diagnosed with AIHA, a nurse friend gave me a couple of B12 shots. ... (4 replies)
... A few weeks ago, my B12 count was 787, so they've definitely come up, but since then, I've been on Prednisone and Decadron, which is a more powerful steroid, so I don't know what that does to my vitamins. ... (7 replies)
AIHA & B12 shots
Aug 21, 2006
... I was just recently diagnosed with AIHA, and my hema prescribed Folic acid and Prednisone, not B12. I think everyone who gets B12 shots feels better, but what you are probably low on is hemoglobin. ... (4 replies)
... Thank you for you understanding, your support, your compassion, and the info regarding vitamin b12 and tests you were so willing to share. I have learned much from your posts, and feel badly about not addressing each and every one!! ... (40 replies)
AIHA & B12 shots
Dec 7, 2006
... was found on a routine blood test and I was shocked. Later my counts dropped again about 3 months after going off of the prednisone...I have opted to stay on the prednisone at a low dose, 2.5 mg rather than risk relapse and having to go on a higher dose. ... (4 replies)
... I suspect that the prednisone has compromised your mother's immune system which means that the sooner you figure out what is going on the better. ... (40 replies)
... Rainbows End, I thank you for your post, but I am familiar with many of the things you and the other posters have mentioned.....I simply did not take the the time to address these issues here when there were other more pressing things to discuss. I also did not take the time to explain that in addition to prednisone, I have taken some of the other medications that... (40 replies)
... I just went back and looked at your questions and forgot to answer your first asked about eating sweets or caffeine and if her symptoms changed. I don't know if her symptoms change, but she craves coffee and sweets all of the time...never passes it up. She used to be that she would have her coffee with meals but not usually in between meals and she never hardly ate... (89 replies)
... Linda, Would you please review this and make any corrections/additions? Also, do your mother's symptoms change at all if she eats sugary things (sweets or fruit), caffeine? alcohol? When did she begin having the urinary tract infections? Was it the two years before the stomach problems? If not, when? Prior to 9-07 healthy woman 9-07 presented with severe... (89 replies)
... Emmaspaws, How long was she on the prednisone? What dosage? Bethsheba (89 replies)
... y told me to lay still and hold my breath, and I twitched. They are definitely much less than before, but I am so happy to hear about the potassium thing. I'm on Prednisone too, which also can deplete your potassium. ... (7 replies)
... very complicated and the dr has to do lots of checking to make sure what is causing the anemia. I have Autoimmune hemolytic anemia, which eventually led to a low B12 level. The treatment for the AIHA was Prednisone and B12 shots. But they had to get teh AIHA under control before they could correct my B12 levels. ... (11 replies)
... t know why it is low yet. I am waiting for a referal to go see a rheumatologist, hopefully I don't have to wait too long to get in. My regular doctor gave me prednisone and it seemed to help a little but only the first few days when I was on a really high dose. Thank you for the info! ... (3 replies)
Here we go again!
Nov 23, 2003
... I see an internist who has consulted with a hemotologist throughout this case. The hemotologist is happy with the prednisone treatment. Only if it doesn't work will they consider a splenectomy. I've done some research and it sounds like a reasonable option. ... (3 replies)
... so don't be discouraged if you don't feel better immediately. But keep getting the shots and if you don't improve, keep insisting something be done until you do. B12 defiiciency is nothing to mess around with. ... (15 replies)
Autoimmune Anemia
Apr 18, 2011
... times a day, B12 shots every 2 weeks and prescription folic acid every day. ... (4 replies)

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