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... I am always tired and have little energy. I found out recently I am low on Folic Acid. Not long ago I was also low on iron. I was told to take a prenatal vitamin daily. ... (4 replies)
... eady in it. This was given to me by a GI doc because I have GERD and the first iron Ferris Sulfate landed me in the hospital. In addition to the iron, I took a prenatal vitamin for several months and then changed to a regular one because I read that prenatal compromise the synthroid that I take. ... (8 replies)
Low Hemoglobin
Nov 7, 2007
... Anemia can be quite common during pregnancy which is why the prenatal vitamins have so much iron in them. I am assuming that you are taking prenatal vitamins? ... (2 replies)

Iron injections
Sep 21, 2007
... dose. With lunch I drink water or juice and then take prenatal again. ... (9 replies)
... hard it is to try and explain that dizzy fuzzy feeling, get your blood pressure and stuff checked that could be it, i still dont know what caused mine but taking prenatal vitamins has help with the lightheadedness, no energy and everything, but i'm still on the iron too.... ... (8 replies)
... My OB found I was severely anemic at my first prenatal appointment last year. So much so that she thought I had been anemic for some time and just had no reason to be tested for it until then. ... (0 replies)
... rs post op hysterectomy. No periods, no bloood loss of any measure. Reasonably balanced diet with plenty of meat and kale chips. Started taking fancy Raw Food prenatal vitamins in November because cracks in mouth that wouldn't heal. ... (3 replies)
... Hi peace4health, How are you doing lately? I hope you are in great health. You are right, its not easy to fix the ferritin issue. My hgb went up from 10.5 to 12.6 in Aug 2011 & 12.9 in Dec 2011. I stop taking the iron in May 2012. My hgb drop to 11.5 in June 2012 & 10 in Dec 2012. I started taking the iron again in Early Jan 2013. Check my Hgb in April 2013 & it went... (7 replies)
... e time but I had been on my period for 2 months straight and a month later I lost about half my hair in a three week span of time. It was very scary. I started a prenatal vitamin and my period stopped and the hair stopped falling out. It has started to grow back. ... (3 replies)
... or low iron since childhood. I did not realize how severe it was until my hair loss, at the time that blood work up was done I had been on a iron supplement and prenatal vitamin already for about a year and it was not doing good. ... (4 replies)
... o and my family said it helped. I used to have my iron checked ALL the time because when I was pregnant I was anemic and always needed to take extra iron with my prenatal vitamins. ... (50 replies)
... I am irritated! My hair used to be long and thick! I am now ditzy and have thin yucky ugly hair! I couldn't even take prenatal pills with the little bit of iron in it, what makes him think I can take single iron pill without barfing? ... (3 replies)
... Folic Acid, B12, B6, and C, which will all help you with raising your counts and absorption of iron. Your doctor can write you a script for a prenatal vitamin containing these or you can go to a good natural health foods store and purchase a really good B Complex. ... (4 replies)
... and everything else is normal. My ob gyn told me to just take a prenatal with 27mg and eat high iron foods. My naturopath told me to take 75mg of iron twice daily. ... (3 replies)
Need Advice Stat
Jul 20, 2012
... In my opinion which will probably vary from another persons, no. I don't give the best advice, but your ferritin is pretty low and it's a hard number to raise. Maybe it's because your hemocrit and your hemoglobin are normal levels which would mean your not anemic. Iron is something you will want to take per your Dr's advice though because you can take to much. Have you tried... (8 replies)
Need Advice Stat
Jul 20, 2012
... The prenatal vitamins have 28 mg of iron each and the doctor recommended taking two per day. Does that sound right? ... (8 replies)
Need Advice Stat
Jul 20, 2012
... Is that 60 Mgs of iron per pill? Are you going to take the 2? (8 replies)
Need Advice Stat
Jul 20, 2012
... Thanks for the input! I'm thinking what I might do is take the prenatal vitamin as her recommends, but, as that only equals a total of 60 mg of iron a day, supplement with an actual iron pill as well? ... (8 replies)
... m getting tired of these dr's blowing off what I know is making me ill. The only way I'm getting relief from Palps is by drinking a nutritional shake and taking prenatal vitamins prob due to the increased iron in them. ... (3 replies)
... Maybe you can call and ask if it would be such a bad thing if you took a couple a day and express you desire to be well enough to dance at your wedding and wanting to help that along as fast as possible? From what I have been learning sometimes Iron is a pain to raise up. :( I started chomping on ice today for a second and was like ewe why did I ever do this! LOL. Just... (3 replies)

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