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... Hello talking with you about our B12 issues! ... (89 replies)
Elevated B12
Jul 22, 2008
... I had my B12 tested back in October 2007, It was in the 800 range. ... (1 replies)
... Thanks for the reply. I don't think my doctor will agree that my b12 is low since it is well within the range. She called to tell my that my labs looked fine and didn't mention anything about my b12. ... (2 replies)

... You say your test results for TSH are "normal" now. Can you post what your TSH is and the lab range. Hair loss is a sign of hypothyroidism. ... (13 replies)
... saw the doc today, a different one to normal and guess what... he completly dismissed the B12 issue! surprise surpirse... ... (40 replies)
... bers don't tell the whole story. The symptoms of a lot of nutritional deficiencies look the same. And even if you're looking at the right numbers, there's room for variation in the results. ... (3 replies)
Low B12
Dec 11, 2010
... s sulfate since. My most recent bloodwork showed my Hematocrit and Hemoglobin in the normal range. That is good. However, my Neurologist had ordered bloodwork for something else and discovered I had low B12. He recommended weekly B12 injections for a month, every other week for a month, then once a month. ... (3 replies)
... Well, I dont think low ferretin is an indicator of B12 deficiency, BUT, B12 supplements are generaly considered pretty safe, so if you want to try one for a few months and see what happens, there isnt much harm in that. The sublingual ones are best, range 2000 to 5000mcg per day are pretty typical doseages. ... (10 replies)
... She told me that the retic is not concerning enough to her for a BMB because my RBC is normal and she said Celiac may be the cause and sent me on my way. ... (0 replies)
... I have been a strict vegetarian since January 2009 but didnt think the b12 would have dropped THAT much. ... (1 replies)
... She also said that while my folic acid was in the normal range it was lower than she would expect of a pregnant woman taking prenatal vitamins. ... (3 replies)
... Thanks for that but this time you cant point at lymes for me never ever been bitten by a tick....Tell me does it cause celiac disease too? ... (24 replies)
... deficiency coexists in the presence of IDA, it may not show and appear to be a normal reading. You are too low for that. ... (24 replies)
... Well it seems that you are doing everything you can to get better.Possibly could you ask that dr. for a script for B12 could then give yourslf a B12 shot monthly...there was another poster who's doic did that for her,because her insurance wouldn't cover B12 shots unless she was "below range".. ... (9 replies)
... scout, thankyou very much for your reply! its so good to hear someone agree that there is something wrong with me and its not all in my head!! ... (40 replies)
... It would appear by theses tests that you do not have a B12 defiency as the top one is a uMMA test that would be elevated if that was the case...... ... (2 replies)
... Do you think i should have my B12 rechecked as its been about a year or more since this result, or should i just try and ask my gp to start me on suppliments or something, or does it look ok? ... (1 replies)
B12 range
Feb 7, 2008
... I had my hema appt. today, but saw my nurse practioner instead of my hema. I asked her about the updated B12 accepted values, and she said she didn't know, but that she would find out. ... (3 replies)
... have fallen out do fall out. A gp i used to see once told me to get rogaine and when i went to the chemist the lady there just laughed saying that rogaine wasnt for people like me and that i'd be wasting my money and i would be better off finding the source of my hair shedding. ... (29 replies)
... My haemoglobin levels are apparently okay so it took a long time for them to pick this up. ... (9 replies)

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