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... I was hoping someone would be able to give me some advice. I would be really grateful as I am unsure what to do next and do not know any doctors who have lots of experience in this specific area. I had a blood test done because I have been feeling unwell lately (very long list of symptoms, notably fatigue, mood changes, anxiety, depression, insomnia, pain in my hand below... (3 replies)
... Does anyone know where in the range the hemoglobin should be. Lower range, upper range? ... (0 replies)
... H I have super heavy periods too and I am also anemic. I am taking iron and my levels are better. I am looking into options as far as a hysdirctomy or the shot that puts you through the change....etc. I hate dealing with this horrid period every month!! (1 replies)

... Hi there - hoping someone might have some ideas on my questions. My ferritin stores were at 9 a month ago, but luckily the iron tablets have worked and I am now up to 22! Am feeling so much better and I plan to keep on taking the iron and getting tested every month until I am well into the normal range. My questions are: - what would be a good level to aim for? (my... (1 replies)
... Hi, recently I have read that many doctors in the USA are already using the new norm range for ferritin: 50- 150/200. Are your docs working with this new norm range? I had years ferritin under 20 and my doc always said it's o.k., because she was using the old norm ranges 10-180, (I'm living in Germany) but I had symptoms of anemia all the time. When I started with iron tabs... (5 replies)
... *I just found out my doc is on vacation for 2 weeks, so now I am nervous, can anyone give me any feedback on these values? Many Thanks Hi- I'm new here. Glad to find this forum I just got blood test results. I'm a 64 year old female in good health, but having trouble with muscles when I exercise hard. RBC 3.54 Hemoglobin 10.8 Hematocrit 33.5% They look to be a bit... (2 replies)
... My thyroid's been tested multiple times over the years and is apparently okay, but I have doubts, as the UK range for normal is incredibly generous. One of my longest standing problems is feeling cold and poor thermoregulation, which is a very classic symptom! ... (3 replies)
... @diana-do you have thyroid issues, too? My thyroid levels have escalated from 2 to 3.4 from 2007 to present. I'm having trouble finding an MD who will "pay attention" to me b/c it's "within range". Has anyone tried taking the OTC natural thyorid supps? Would it be better than not getting any treatment at all? (5 replies)
... but the range should it be till 2.5. Some docs recommend thyropid replacement already when TSH is slightly above 2.00. ... (5 replies)
... This seems to be an FAQ: if your ferritin is low but your hematocrit and hemoglobin are in the normal range, can this give you symptoms like fatigue? Here is a study that says it may cause fatigue: Also children with ADHD had lower ferritin than other children, without being anemic: see "Iron Deficiency in Children With... (1 replies)
... Grr, I wish doctors understood optimal vs "within range". I've had my B12 tested twice in the past 6 months, and it was at 385 both times. Two of my doctors looked at it and said it was fine, even though I've had some numbness in my toes and tingling in my fingers. Thank you all for your posts on here! (6 replies)
... I was told the top of the reference range which is about 700-1100 depending on ranges. I run about 850 without supplement. Anything under 500 should be worked on very hard to build stores of B-12. FLFG (6 replies)
... what is a good reference range for a female b12 (6 replies)
... been searching the internet for another system and conversion table, but can't find anything. I'm thinking perhaps the group of people sampled for the reference range were all low in iron. ... (6 replies)
... Does anyone know if there is some other system for measuring ferritin levels? I'm feeling confused as the lab that did my bloodwork has a reference range of 7-32. My doctor did not know how this is measured. Mine is 1. My B12, folate and thyroid are normal. This does explain my severe fatigue and cognitive/memory problems, etc. I have already taken a bottle's worth of... (6 replies)
... ragged in for a couple of years now but have only been minimally tested for iron with only CBCs in the past. My hematocrit and hemoglobin levels have been out of range for about a year but not enough to cause any concern. ... (10 replies)
... just interesting as I hadn't been diagnosed with Hasimoto's at this time. Range for TSH has changed since then. ... (21 replies)
... Hi all, Last year I had some blood work done that showed very mild anemia for a few months. My doctor ran an absolute retic count which came back as 15 (ref range 25 - 80). She ran it again in the future, with the same results. Due to my red blood cells floating around low-normal, she decided it was likely just normal for me. Recently at my annual checkup, she reran the... (6 replies)
... Basos is 0 for me and range is 0. ... (8 replies)
... TSH .2 range . ... (4 replies)

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