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... free, I appreciate it very much!! Isis, I heard that the B12 shots "sting" when they go in. Is that true? ... (57 replies)
... Those were my results I got back today. I was reading on low B12 a little bit, and it said that low B12 can cause fatigue and weakness, hair thinning, the brain fogginess and weight loss and a couple of other symptoms. ... (57 replies)
B12 Question
Nov 23, 2008
... There is a few specific tests for B12 dont assume your doctor has taken theses already though..... ... (2 replies)

B12 Deficiency?
Sep 15, 2012
... thank you for the reply it was very to have a sort of confirmation from an actual b12 deficient sister has different symptoms than I do so it's nice to talk to someone who knows the feeling... ... (29 replies)
B12 Deficiency?
Sep 15, 2012
... You ABSOLUTELY sound like you are suffering from B12 defficiency. It is possibly to have profound B12 defficiency without anemia. I'm curious to see what the MVC on your blood count was. That's the measurement of the size of your red blood cells. ... (29 replies)
... ng on the inner ear board for several years, my diagnosis was BPPV, Labrinthitis, it has never resolved itself. I recently went to a naturopath who told me I was B12 def. ... (5 replies)
... Anyway .... I go home and of course was mad. I figured I would try to order the B12 test myself. So, found an online lab, ordered the B12 test, went yesterday, had the blood drawn, and got my test results back today. Well, my B12 is low. ... (57 replies)
... Most PCPs don't understand gastric bypass patients needs. The lab ranges are wrong for us, ours needs to be over 1000. Why? ... (4 replies)
... I just had to chime in here... I too agree with the previous poster in that your level is too low. My B12 deficiency was discovered with a level of 83 or 84... ... (3 replies)
B12 Deficiency?
Sep 15, 2012
... tion to you is if that was the case, why aren't there a ton of people in hospitals and neurology offices, being treated for neurological conditions brought on by B12 below 500? ... (29 replies)
May 22, 2009
... As your doctor feels giving you a further B12 test was like cutting her right arm off, i'm a bit worried she will refuse you other tests. ... (44 replies)
... I would suggest that you seriously watch your B12, although you are in the normal ranges that the US suggests but you are low. Make a list of your daily food intake to see just how much B12 you eat be sure to include vitamins that you take. ... (9 replies)
B12 levels
May 22, 2007
... and the normal person will have around 800. B12 is required in every cell of your body especially the nervous system hence why so many odd symptoms. One Dr. ... (4 replies)
... The lab ranges for the TSH have changed, but some doctors and labs are using the old ranges. The new range is . ... (13 replies)
... I asked my doctor today about the sublinguals that I read about on here, and instead he prescribed B12 1200 mg to be taken orally once a day. ... (2 replies)
... Hey, not Alaska here, but I can tell you that "Normal" for ANYONE is definitely not close to 112! :eek: I imagine on your report it will state your lab range would be somewhere around 220-850 -ish as normal ranges. You are at the bottom of the barrel. An average normal person who is healthy would be around 1,000 or so. I would always get paper copies of any lab work... (57 replies)
... I've had two bloodtests for b12. The first came out 221 which wss still within normal ranges. Dr. prescrbied 250 mg of b12 orally a day for 6 months. But, I decided to go to a hematologist to make sure because of family history. ... (4 replies)
B12 Deficiency?
Sep 15, 2012
... Michael....I've been researching B12 defficiency for 4 years. Google it and do a little bit of reading. It's there. ... (29 replies)
... I wonder there is any difference between labs. The lab I went to has the range of Vit B12 (156-672) And my B12 rised from 242 to 1598 (156-672) , so I reduced the dose of VB12 supplements. But I saw some others' labs, they have different normal numbers as (130-900), and the maximum is as high as 900. Any difference? (1 replies)
... I hope no one minds if I listen in. Not many doctors would be willing to hear about symptoms with a B12 in range but I have read that in Japan, they like the number to be over 500. ... (89 replies)

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