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... Can anyone tell me what a low reticulocyte and low RBC Count means? ... (1 replies)
... Here are my lab results: WBC 6.6 (4-10.8) Ly 25.8 (20.5-51.1) Mo 9.7 (1.7-9.3) Gr 64.5 (42.2-75.2) Rbc 3.74 (4.2-6.1) Hgb 10 (12-18) Hct 30.3 (37-52) Mcv 80.9 (81-99.9) Much 26.8 (27-31) (14 replies)
... (8 replies)

... Hello Everyone! I'm new here and trying to educate myself on anema. I was dx in March and since then my numbers at end of April are as follows: Iron 10 (was 22 end of March) Ferritin 19 (was 14 end of March RBC 3.74 (8 replies)
... Here are my lab results from this summer. Any advice as to what they mean or anything?? 4/29/07, WBC- 8.4 RBC- 4.35 HGB- 12.8 HCT- 37.8 MCV- 86.9 MCH- 29.5 MCHC- 34.0 (65 replies)
... Wow - I think I've found my twin. My lab results are very similar to yours and I have the same symptoms as you, so I'm looking forward to seeing a reply regarding the possible causes of low RBC, low WBC, low hemoglobin, low hematacrit - yet iron, B12, ferritin, folate, transferrin levels all are normal (never heard of most of this stuff). I was also checked for Celiac and... (3 replies)
... Hello,everybody!I would like to ask a few questions about my mother's iron deficiency anemia and I would appreciate any responsible help. My mother (74) was diagnosed with iron deficiency anemia about a month ago.She has had a lot of its symptoms (fatigue,sleepiness,hair falling,heavy breathing).Her blood test (4 December 2012) was as follows: HCT:28.7 (37-47) HGB:8.4... (0 replies)
... I am on mission to determine what is wrong with me. I have been followed for the last 4 years by an endo. for a thyroid disorder. Elevated TPOab, low TSH level and untreated. I just recently had blood work which showed a # of things out of range including: sodium, calcium, WBC, RBC, HCT. Also, low levels of potassium and vitamin D. I feel tired all the time and I... (4 replies)
... It's been about 5 weeks since my Venofer infusions (5 infusions over the course of 1 week). I felt pretty good 1-2 weeks after the infusions were over and since then it's been going downhill. I'm getting dizzy when standing up and feel fatigued all the time again. I had my labs done a week ago and here are the numbers (number is "" is the before): Iron "46" to 111... (18 replies)
... i see other people have posted their different results and was wondering if any of you kind folks who understand all this stuff could help me make some headway to understanding what's going on in my life! in dec 05-10 months ago my results showed: iron 13;tibc 413;transferrin saturation 3;ferritin 1 it says confirmed by repeat analysis. wbc 12.6;rbc 3.72 hemoglobin 5.7 -and... (5 replies)
... p.s. I saw a hematologist 3 years ago. ... (3 replies)
... WBC-9.9 Normal 4.1-10.9 LYM-2.8 Normal 0.6-4.1 MID-0.8 Normal 0.0-1.8 GRAN-6.3 Normal 2.0-7.8 RBC-4.74 Normal 4.20-6.30 HGB-10.3 Normal 12.0-18.0 HCT-31.3 Normal 37.0-51.0 MCV-65.9 Normal 80.0-97.0 MCH-21.7 Normal 26.0-32.0 (1 replies)
... I have been feeling very run down and exhausted. The doc that is treating me for my thyroid wanted me to see a hematologist for what he referred to as suboptimal ferritin levels. My thyroid numbers have been up and down over the years. My ferritin is always low. The hematologist was concerned about how bad I looked. She ordered a bone marrow biopsy and a whole lot of... (15 replies)
... Sorry for this being long. Just want to get as much info into this as possible. I was recently dx'd with low ferritin at 7 (10-291) and the dr has put me on 75 mg of iron a day. There's other things going on too, but not sure if they're contributing factors or not. From what little reading I've done on this, it seems like the whole chicken/egg thing. In Feb, they found... (4 replies)
Lab reports
Jul 29, 2008
... I had lab work done in Sept of last year. WBC Normal 5.7 RBC normal 4.82 Hemoglobin Low 11.2 Hematocrit Low 35.7 MCV Low 74 MCH Low 23.2 MCHC Low 31.3 RDW Normal 14.3 Platelets Normal 295 (6 replies)
... I'm currently taking Feosol (Carbonyl Iron) @ 45mg per day, as per my doctor's intructions. Given that my ferritin level is 5 and my iron is low (both have been low for some time), should I be on a higher dose of iron? It seems low to me, and my numbers haven't improved in some time. My symptoms are horrible right now. Brain fog, painfully fatigued, brittle/shedding hair,... (6 replies)
... Okay, so I went to doctor to get some blood tests done for various STDs, and such. I've been under a lot of anxiety about possible STDs, right? So I have some tests done, including a thyroid test that came back 2.56, which I think is in normal range according to the (.5-5.5) next to it, besides it wasn't underlined like the stuff that showed irregularities. WBC:... (0 replies)
... I know I have anemia- just wondering if any of these numbers jump out??? I am tired of being tired WBC 4.3 normal (3.4-10.7) RBC 4.34 normal (3.7-5.4) HGB 10.4 low (11.7-15.8) HCT 32.3 normal (32.2-48.0) (0 replies)
... It was really wierd, back in August of 08 I started to drink this liqued B12 that we got from a weight lifting/vitamin place. The first week was like magic. I felt my energy go up a bit. Then the second week I was right back where I started. I'm also taking a vegetable based vitamin line that is suppose to be better absorbed. For three months they had me taking 50,000 units of... (12 replies)
... Hi ALL, and thanks for responding Isis498, ChristineVA, and alaska_free, I appreciate it very much!! Isis, I heard that the B12 shots "sting" when they go in. Is that true? Also if that is true, how long does the sting last? I don't like watching needles go in me and even when I get my blood drawn, I look away. I am a baby LOL. I don't like things that hurt either ....... (57 replies)

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