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... from what I've read. So I don't know what that means. The same with my platelets, which are 406, the high end of normal. And my RBC are 4.22, normal, which confuses me. From what I've read online, shouldn't my RBC correlate to my low hgb, hematocrit, MCV, and MCHC? ... (0 replies)
... I've had iron deficient anemia for years, I take 260mg of iron a day via vitamins. What I don't understand is how I could be anemic without my actual RBC being low? ... (0 replies)
... Long story short: I have been having mild anemia off and on for the last 4-5 months. I was sent for a retic count, but this time I wasn't anemic, but my retic was still low. I was tested again a month later and the same story: Test#1 RBC- 4.57 HB- 140 HCT- .410 WBC- 5.1 ABS LYM- 1.2 (LOW) (5 replies)

... need others opinion on my situation. This may turn out long and I apologize in advance. I have two artificial joints...hip and knee. In January I was standing in my office on a Friday and felt sickness hit me. I became feverish and my joints became sore and stiff. I immediately called my PCP and the office told me to call them on Monday if I still had was... (1 replies)
... Hello, anemic friends! I'm new to the board and have been reading the posts like crazy trying to make sense of my recent discouraging blood test results. The results are similar to many others who've posted, but I wanted to run them by the forum in case something stood out. Any insights, advice or just plain encouragement would be very welcome. A little background. I'm a... (0 replies)
... Magnesium 2.1 Iron 145 TIBC 362 Saturation 40 WBC 4.1 RBC 4.66 Hemoglobin 14.0 Hematocrit 42.1 MCV 90.3 (4 replies)
... I'm sure it will be fine now that she is being treated. When I was anemic and my hemoglobin and hematocrit were below normal, my RBCs were fine. So it could be that the RBCs are more stable and respond better than the other two numbers (the three values--hematocrit, hemoglobin and RBCs together--are used to diagnose anemia). It can take awhile for all fo them to rise. How... (11 replies)
... mother has radiation proctopathy and has had bleeding to the point that she had angina and was rushed to the hospital. She is now in a rehab trying to raise her rbc and hemoglobin. Her rbc was 2. ... (11 replies)
... From my understanding a normal RBC for Women is 4.2 to 5. ... (2 replies)
Low blood counts
May 19, 2011
... Hi, I was diagnosed by ttg/biopsy about 1 and a half years ago. I have been strictly gluten free ever since. Recently at my physical I had a blood test come back showing: April ----------------------------- RBC: 3.99 (normal 4.4 - 6.0) HB: 120 (normal 140 - 160) HCT: .34 (normal .40 - .50) WBC: 3.8 (normal 4.5 - 11.0) Absolute Neutrophil: 2.0 (normal 1.8 - 7.0)... (0 replies)
... Well, it has been sometime since I have been on this board. Dealing with other issues. Infusion8/08 Ferritin 263 Here are my last two labs. 11/08 WBC 8.4(3.8-30.8) Hbg 14.2(11.7-15.5) RBC 4.11(3.8-3.10) (4 replies)
... Hi, just found this forum. Went in for a blood work prior to a physical. test results came back with low result. not super low, just below normal. Doctor thought the results were wierd enough for an iron test. Which came back normal. Some history, I weigh 205ish and have for about 8 months now. Ride a bike 7-10 hrs a week. resting heartrate of 45-50. get dizzy now... (1 replies)
... Hi, I first was diagnosed as anemic in 2/08. Here are those numbers and will post my numbers now.(Taking ferrous sulfate 325 mg twice a day and had an ablation for some heavy periods) WBC 4.3 RBC 3.97 Hemoglobin 10.1 low Hematocrit 30.5 low MCV 77 low MCH 25.5low MCHC 33.2 RDW 16.5 Iron binding capacity (TIBC) 416 (1 replies)
... t got blood work done that shows MCV and MCH to be slightly elevated and calcium slightly low, but everything else in the normal ranges. I can't be anemic if my RBC is within normal levels, right? ... (1 replies)
... that she is low. I had a ferritin of 12 myself about 8 years ago and had to supplement a little, and eat alot more beef, just to get it to 70. At that time, my RBC and hemoglobin were not as low as hers. ... (1 replies)
Anemia in a man
Nov 10, 2016
... A little over a month ago, my husband got the following blood test results (sorry there are so many of them, I wanted to give a complete picture). His doctor told him he was anemic and needed further testing. WBC 4.3 k/mcL 4.8-10.8 RBC 4.83 Mil/mcL 4.70-6.10 Hgb 13.3 gm/dL 14.0-18.0 Hct 39.6 % ... (1 replies)
May 7, 2009
... As long as you are in range or borderline you would be considered fine. I don't know what your range is because they are all a little different but my RBC goes to 5.10. These counts fluctuate all the time too so the next time you test it may be even lower. ... (1 replies)
... New lab work results are in from 2-19-09 and have improved: FE(iron) 121 (range 35-150) last one 155 high UIBC 89 low (range 126-382) last one 48 TIBC 210 low (range 250-450) last one 202 Transferrin Sat 58 (range 15-60) last one 77 Ferritin 30 (range 5-204) last one 28 Alk Phos 39 low (range 40-150) last one 47 Hematocrit 39 (range 36-46) last one 41 Hemoglobin... (21 replies)
... Might be good to add the RBC, etc. values. These are about typical over the past couple of years: 6/2007: WBC 6.9 x10E3/uL ( 4.0 - 10.5 ) RBC 4.96 x10E6/uL ( 4.10 - 5.60 ) Hemoglobin 14.8 g/dL ( 12.5 - 17.0 ) Hematocrit 42.7 % ( 36.0 - 50.0 ) MCV 86 fL ( 80 - 98 ) MCH 29.8 pg ( 27.0 - 34.0 ) (8 replies)
... Yes, you would be considered anemic, but very borderline. Some doctors require all three to be low (RBC, Hematocrit, and Hemoglobin) to diagnosis anemia, while other doctors only require the Hematocrit or Hemoglobin to be low. Your MCV, if low, shows that you have a "microcytic" anemia which is almost always iron deficiency. So, while you are not horribly anemic, you... (8 replies)

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