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... There are cases where the body will over-produce red blood cells, but they are small, poorly formed, and do not accomplish much in the way of oxygenating blood. (3 replies)
... I just got my son's recent bloodwork back from the doctor, and I am confused because most of his levels are the same indicating anemia but his RBC count is high and out of normal range. Is this possible? ... (3 replies)
... I had a hysterectomy back in 2000, I have had all kinds of test to see where the bleeding is coming from. Lab results as of 8/16/12: RBC count: 3.67. Low Platelet count: 412. High Hemoglobin: 10.4. Low Hematocrit: 32.1. Low AST: 37. High (5 replies)

... and I have symptoms of it...BUT....i have a NORMAL RBC count. Is low RBC count required for the diagnosis of anemia? ... (3 replies)
... and rbc. I asked my rheumatologist to measure my retic to see if I'm making enough....nope. When my RBC count us abnormally low, so is my retic count. I was sent to a hematologist because my neutrophils dropped to 890, for further investigation. ... (1 replies)
... Can anyone tell me what a low reticulocyte and low RBC Count means? ... (1 replies)
... What does it mean when the RBC count is low (or at the lowest in range) but the hemoglobin and the hematocrit are normal? I have had 3 blood tests like this so far? Is there something that should be checked next? RBC 4.18 L (4.2-5.3) Hgb 13.6 (12-15) HCT 39.7 (36-45) Platelets H 410 (150-400) RBC 4.28 (4.2-5.3) Hgb 13.2 (12-15) Hct 39.2 (36-45) (5 replies)
... Eosinophil count 0. ... (0 replies)
... for mild anemia. However, those numbers should be in the 14.0 range to be optimal. You didn't say what her RBC count was. ... (2 replies)
... Thank you, I read on another website that some patients do have a normal RBC count but a low hemoglobin level and that the situation occurs with iron-deficiency anemia. One can find anything online! lol I feel so fortunate to finally know what my problem is and that it should be fairly easy to treat.. Thanks for your reply (3 replies)
... I just read that some patients have a normal RBC count but a low hemoglobin level with iron-deficiency anemia. I feel so fortunate to finally know what my problem is and that it should be fairly easy to treat.. Thanks for your reply :) (3 replies)
... Specifically RBC count, hemoglobin and MCV. ... (1 replies)
... If so, their count must decrease, not increase, with iron. ... (7 replies)
... Hi. I am having to have iron injections (1 a week for 10 weeks). Although my iron count is up from last time (12.6 instead of 10.9) the doctor said my blood cells were 'irritated'. The nurse said that he meant they were not healthy. I too have had to have these awful tests - they are not nice are they? I had them, because I had a high ESR level, which is a blood test they... (3 replies)
Red Blood Count
Apr 2, 2004
... ive.I understand as far as talking to your doctor is concerned..these blood results were given to me at the emergency room and no one even explained it to me. My RBC count is 4.18L and u had said normal is 4.2 and above...also my wbc is 10.0..sounds normal enough huh? ... (3 replies)
Red Blood Count
Apr 1, 2004
... The hematocrit test, like the RBC, is performed to check whether the red cell count is abnormally high or low. ... (3 replies)
... Your MCV,MCH and RBC are very similar to mine. I am having more bloodwork done this week. My Dr. has checked me for a B12 deficiency and low folic acid. ... (1 replies)
... My RBC are also low, but it's pretty consistent over time. ... (1 replies)
How Bad are counts
Jul 13, 2010
... ranges from your lab report, which are important to know in evaluating the severity of low blood counts. For example, I have seen RBC reference ranges with low limits of anywhere from 4.0 to 4.7. ... (1 replies)
Jun 23, 2012
... months ago I went to have bloodwork done and my physician told me my rbc count was low so I started taking iron supplements to avoid anemia. ... (0 replies)

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