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Jun 9, 2009
... hi guys.. sorry its taken me so long to reply but i actuallly ended up in hospital last week having my appendix out after an extreme bout of stomach pain which my GP tried to tell me on tues was too much stomach acid. and sure enough, later that night i had to take myself to the hopsital as the pain got so bad... i was diagnosed with grumbling/rumbling appendix on thursday... (44 replies)
... d. You may want to double check this especially if it has been a year. The scopes will also rule out any internal bleeding. Do you know what your Hgb, Hct and RBC counts are? ... (8 replies)
... edoscopy 2 weeks ago with normal results. I have high blood pressure, high cholesterol, chronic low vitamin D, osteopenia. ... (4 replies)

... H and RBC counts are below range then you are anemic. ... (3 replies)
... Thanks again, FLFLOWERGIRL! I was able to get a copy of my old medical records yesterday and am not sure why the iron issue wasn't taken more seriously then, based on the numbers. For example: Iron: <33 - low Iron sat: <7 - low Transferrin: >391 - high TIBC: 489 - 515 RBC: <4.29 - low Hgb: <10.5 - low (4 replies)
... H and RBC count and when one or more of the 3 are below range, you are considered anemic. ... (4 replies)
... Taking Pariet puts you at high risk of B12 deficiency too...... ... (9 replies)
... Mesh put in to hold up stomach and muscle lining. Hospitalized later due to WBC high and climbing. ... (3 replies)
... It may also be worth having intrinsic factor antibodies,partiel cell antibodies, gstrin,ana....As your MCV is high this will look for Pernacious Anemia Megablastic anemia this will not enable any B12 to be absorbed.... ... (12 replies)
... h basically chemically cauterizes the wounds. Before and after the treatment she was getting procrit daily and now she is getting procrit once a week. Her latest rbc was 4.8 with an 11.5 hemoglobin. I guess the rise has been rapid because she had no problem with her marrow the low hemoglobin was strictly from blood loss. ... (11 replies)
... I agree that you need to go to a doctor and get a full workup. Your low MCV and MCH indicate iron deficiency anemia, but the high RBC is definitely confusing. A B12 anemia would cause the MCV to be larger, I believe. ... (4 replies)
... dont see ferritin on my blood test. He said my thyroid was fine, but I can't tell on the blood test printout where that test is. My ultra sensitive Crp is also high and from what I've read shows imflamation in the body. ... (4 replies)
... Hi - I also have high iron (199 ug/dL) and low ferritin (14 ng/mL) and also high transferrin saturation and tibc - the whole picture looks like no one particular named disease, but is still abnormal nevertheless. I was tested for the genetic markers for hemochromatosis a few weeks ago - I don't have any of the 3 markers they tested for, and it's unlikely I have one of the... (5 replies)
... few days and almost collapsed completely. Those I think are thyroid related. According to the last blood test I had, CBC, my hemaglobin is down to 11.6, and my RBC is down to 3.86. Those levels shouldn't be causing my discomfort, according to my doctors. But they did test my thyroid and my TSH was 11. ... (12 replies)
... Can anyone tell me if I should be worried about these numbers? Her doctor says this is ok. WBC 7.7 4.1-8.9 RBC 4.05 (low) 4.10-5.20 HGB 13.2 12.2-14.8 HCT 37.7 36.3-43.4 MCV 93.2 (high) 80.0-92.3 MCH 32.5 27.0-34.0 MCHC 34.9 32.0-36.0 RDW 12.9 9.0-14.5 Neutrophils 65.4 (high)- 35.0-65.0 (10 replies)
Low Ferritin
Mar 18, 2007
... PLT readings mean and why are they high when everything else is low? ... (49 replies)
... What was your RBC level? ... (7 replies)
... my RBC is 6. ... (4 replies)
... Hi jetlagged I was an elite athlete.. Marathon runner and high level hockey player .. Last year I was diagnosed with low b12 and ferritin...I think foot strike bleeding is what caused mine? ... (7 replies)
... Hello I've been dealing with anemia for years without doctors paying much attention to it or to the fact that my periods were always heavier than most. Until about 6 months ago that is. I find out my iron is a 7. Which the range is supposed to be between 11.5 and 13. We had upper and lower GI to rule out internal bleeding which I knew they would find none. Then in January my... (5 replies)

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