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... Hello, I am new to the group, I have had anemia for 10+ years and take a gentle iron to treat it. All of my numbers were good on my last lab (good iron, ferritin, RBC, hemoglobin, hematocrit, MCV, MCH, etc ).... all good in range. My Mean Corpuscular Hemoglobin Concent. was 35.4 (range 31.-35) and my RDW Coefficient was low 10.7 (11.-16). Do these numbers mean anything... (0 replies)
... and your level could be low. Inflammation such as that occurring in autoimmune diseases can cause high wbc and anemia. That may be worth looking into. Hematology doc could do that. ... (14 replies)
... Yeah. They did biopsies that came back normal and blood tests for Celiac also showed nothing. I think they tested the Parathyroid as well and didn't see anything. Im hoping the hematologist figures something out. I feel like a hypochondriac because diagnostic stuff keeps coming back clear. They weren't sure on the creatinine level being high. I did have acute kidney failure a... (14 replies)

... Thanks for the reply. I was beginning to feel like I was being a hypochondriac with the fatigue and tachycardia! Im seeing a hematologist next week so hopefully that will reveal more. My GI doc did the colonoscopy and didn't see any bleeding and didn't feel the esophagitis was severe enough to cause anemia. He did some thyroid testing bc of the Calcium and it seemed normal.... (14 replies)
... My hemoglobin is 11.2. Ferritin is only high by the lab's values at 51, so not excessively so. ... (7 replies)
... I have a quick question, on your iron values are you sure you got the right numbers? I'm not sure how all labs level out iron serum but mine is, 37-170 o.O which would be a huge difference. Some websites even say 30 to 126. So I think that is a little concerning. Unless I need to go back to bed...I'm reading something wrong? (3 replies)
... Does anyone have anyideas on this. Rbc has been going down. ... (1 replies)
... I was told I had Moderate Microcytic Anemia Can anyone share their stories with be about Low Iron symptoms.... here are my numbers from Late august 2011 CBC: RBC 4.68 (3.80-5.10)normal ranges WBC 6.5 (4.0-10.5)normal ranges Hemoglobin 9.3Low ((11.5 -15.0)normal ranges Hematocrit 32.9Low (34 -44) normal ranges MCV 70Low (80-98)normal ranges MCH 19.9Low... (10 replies)
... I came out of surgery with a low red count and was pretty anemic. Hematacrit, Hemoglobin, and RBC were all really low. ... (2 replies)
... Daisygirly---from what I've researched a B12 deficiency does not sound fun at all. I'm sorry you're having frustrations with health as well. It's also strange that you've never taken a folate supplement. I just take a multi-vitamin, but it has 100% daily rec. of I guess that's too much for me, on top of my diet?? I'm curious, with your B12 deficiency, what is your... (10 replies)
... Any immune or inflamatory reaction can give a deceptively high ferretin reading, colf, flu, arthritis, etc, even if it was so mild that you werent aware you were ill. ... (3 replies)
... It is usualy fine if it is within the range, but it depends on the individual - again, if there is any doubt, a course of iron, B12 and multivitamins should give the answer - if he takes them and feels better, then keep taking them. If he takes them, and after a couple of months, he doesnt feel any change, then the hemaglobin numbers arnt the issue, so he should stop taking... (3 replies)
... Thanks for the reply. He is going to make an appt. with his doctor to discuss these results. I just don't how much luck he will have getting a referral if the doctor doesn't think there is a problem with these results. I also have a question about his hemoglobin. His is 13.5 which is in range but at the bottom of the range. Does it matter where in the range this number... (3 replies)
... melanie73--What I can tell you is that when one of the three RBC, Hgb & Hct are below normal range you are considered anemic. The RDW goes H with anemia. I have no other ideas on the rest of your labs, sorry, no expert here, just a recovering patient. It takes a couple to several months to rebuild Hgb to normal non anemic levels. This also depends on the cause, and if... (8 replies)
... Your blood results look good, esp as you are hypothyroid. Out of curiousity I looked up elevated Hct and saw that it can be due to dehydation. The only other alternative is Polycythemia vera. I would not worry about it at this point, unless you get another strange lab with elevated Hct. Apparently, it can be asymptomatic, and most drs have patients tested for it when an... (2 replies)
... here are my recent lab results. mine normal range wbc - 5.2 4-10.8 rbc - 5.5 4-6.2 hgb - 17.0 12.8-17.8 hct - 50.4 38.4-53.4 mcv - 91.4 82.3-97.8 mch - 30.9 27.1-33 mchc- 33.8 32.1-36 (2 replies)
... I have been on HealthBoards but different topic. I don't know why that I didn't think of this before last night. I had read through a few of the posts. Shamrock, I read with interest your prior posts. A doctor, not my present PCP, had about hit the panic button saying I was very anemic and prescribed iron. I have always tended to be low on iron and just automatically... (4 replies)
... I didn't have an upper GI using Barium ( did that one in high school about 30 years ago though) Do they do that in conjunction with MRI or cat scan now? I had x-rays then. I had an can't eat for about 10 hours as stomach needs to be empty. They put a mouthpiece in so I wouldn't bite down on endoscopy tube and it wouldn't hurt teeth. The surgeon sprayed... (4 replies)
Red Blood Count
Apr 1, 2004
... is ordered to check whether the number of red cells in the blood is abnormally high or abnormally low. ... (3 replies)
... yes, I have ITP and something else. Every once in a while I have to have RBC transfusion. Now add Platelet transfusion and many Iron infusion. ... (11 replies)

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