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Nov 16, 2006
... My MCH was 25. ... (2 replies)
... for me it took forever to get a diagnosis... I was told that I had parkinsons and put on mirapex the doc just assumed that is what I had with no test because I had a tremor in my hands and it got pretty bad at times. and for a year and a half I went on getting sicker and sicker.. I did not think That I had parkinsons. but im not a doctor.. anyway it got to the point that... (24 replies)
... I am a male and am on lamisil. When I had my blood checked for the lamisil, they found that I was low on iron in my blood. My doctor said that this normally does not happen to guys, and put me on Slow FE. My low levels from the test: RBC 4.02 (should be 4.1-5.6) Hemoglobin 9.0 (should be 12.5-17) Hematocrit 27.3 (should be 36-50) MCV 68 (should be 80-98) MCH 22.3... (4 replies)

... here are my recent lab results. mine normal range wbc - 5.2 4-10.8 rbc - 5.5 4-6.2 hgb - 17.0 12.8-17.8 hct - 50.4 38.4-53.4 mcv - 91.4 82.3-97.8 mch - 30.9 27.1-33 mchc- 33.8 32.1-36 (2 replies)
... Hi I've just got a copy of my latest bloods from the doctors. I have Crohn's disease so I do struggle with anaemia. I've been querying my B12 levels for the last couple of years but I'm always told they're fine. I'd really appreciate any thoughts on these results RBC 4.45 (Range 3.90-5..60) Hb 11.7 (range 11.5-16.4) Hct 0.358 (range 0.370-0.470) Mcv 80 (range... (1 replies)
... I have been following up with a hematologist - she seems to think it's classic iron deficiency. I just need a lot of iron for some reason, even though my periods are very light. I do respond really well to the iron... but I'm still a bit puzzled by my latest results: hgb: 13.3 hct: 36.5 platelet: 162 mcv: 89 rbc: 4.12 mch: 32 mchc: 36.4 (high) rdw: 17.0 (5 replies)
... Hello there. I'm hoping someone can shed a little light on my situation. I've had a history of fatiuge problems due to an awful bout with mono a few years ago. I've gotten steadily better, but recently I've had a setback. I went to a new doctor last week, mainly for a sore throat. I've been taking an antibiotic for that. My throat is somewhat better, but the tiredness is... (2 replies)
... Hello, Today i got this blod results..i must say i drinked several beers 12H before the test: WBC: 9.24 LYM: 48.2( NORMAL 15-40) MON: 4.2 NEU: 47.6 RBC: 4.69 MCV: 99.9(NORMAL 83-98) (3 replies)
... I was recently tested for Celiac because my 7 year old daughter has it. As part of the testing, my gastro doctor had a CBC done. Based on the results she performed a colonoscopy/endoscopy and barium x-ray all of which came back fine. She has referred my to a hematologist which I will see the end of April. Are my test results that bad? RBC - 5.43 (4.2-5.4) Hgb - 9 ... (8 replies)
... Hi, My doctor doesn't seem too concerned, but I was wondering if anyone can help me understand how anemic I really am. Here are my results that fell out of the normal range: Red Blood Cell (RBC) 5.32H MCV 76L MCH 24.7L Neutrophils 76H Ferritin, Serum 6L (2 replies)
... My 16-year old son has had constant lightheadedness, weakness, fatigue, and intermittent nausea for the last eight weeks. He had been a varsity wrestler who worked out three hours per day - now he can barely handle a couple of hours a day at school. His nutrition during wrestling season was not good and he was probably somewhat dehydrated. We have been giving him lots of... (3 replies)
... I am so confused. My dr called with concerns about my test results. I have bounced around to a couple dr's but so far no one has told me what is going on. At this point there have been no positive results of bleeding of any kind, but we are still looking. This is all Greek to me. All I know is I feel terrible, my hands and feet are numb, and I cannot get enough ice... ... (3 replies)
... I have had numerous problems with my son, he always seems ill, weak, pale. In his blood tests over the past two years there are few things that have always been consistent: UREA - always high LDH- always high Uric Acid & GGTP always low CRP AND ESR - sometimes high In addition to this he has a constant low grade fever, swollen lymph nodes in neck (for over a year), his... (1 replies)
... My WBC and RBC levels are within normal range along with my B12 and folate. ... (3 replies)
... It does not sound like exercise intolerance if you are running any miles at all. Exercise intolerance is usually considered when you are unable to walk a single flight of stairs at a normal pace without losing your breath or balance. At this point there is no numerical indication of anemia by the results you gave except fo the hemoglobin which may be an indication of good... (1 replies)
... I had blood drawn in September due to recurring migraines. In addition to the migraines, I am often very tired, get heart palpitations, and have exercise intolerance (which I usually try to push through and run 15-20 miles/week). My relevant values were as follows: RBC - 4.17 HGB - 11.7 HCT - 35.4 MCH - 28.1 MCHC - 33.1 RDW - 18.8 Even though most of these values are... (1 replies)
... Here is my newest bloodwork results: WBC 9.0 Normal limits are 4.5 to 10.5 (I know this is white blood cells) LY 24.6 Normal limits are 20.5 to 51.1 (no idea what LY is) MO 4.6 Normal limits are 1.7 to 9.3 (No idea what MO is) GR 70.8 Normal limits are 42.2 to 75.2 (no idea what GR is) LY# 2.2 Normal limits are 1.2 to 3.4 (?) MO# 0.4 Normal is 0.1 to 0.6 (?)... (3 replies)
... My friend is adopting a little girl, who is 11 months old, from china and doesn't know what these blood results mean. weve already been told it could mean thalassemia or anemia. WBC = 6.7 RBC = 4.5 HGB = 118 HCT = 0.334 MCV = 74.2 MCH = 26.2 MCHC = 353 PLT = 286 (1 replies)
... WBC: 3.2 L (Range 3.8-10.8) RBC: 3.69 L (Range 3.8-5.1) Hemoglobin: 11.9 (Range 11.7-15.5) Hematocrit: 36.8 (35-45) MCV: 99.7 (Range 80-100) MCH: 32.3 (Range 27-33) MCHC: 32.4 (Range 32-36) RDW: 12.7 (Range 11-15) My WBC is low but percentages of individual components are normal. Last blood test I can remember which was about 12-14 years ago - my WBC was low so... (2 replies)
What do they mean?
Aug 28, 2004
... i've just received my blood results after it was discovered i had low iron levels and i'm not sure what exactly they show. Though im going to see a dr in a couple of weeks i was wondering if anyone here knew? WBC 9.5 10^9/L RBC 4.35 10^12/L HGB 100 g/L HCT 31.3 % MCV 71.9 fL MCH 23.0 pg... (2 replies)

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