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... I have recently had some blood tests and here are the results: RBC 3.96 Low (4.32 - 5.32) Hemoglobin 12.5 Low (12.8 - 16.5) Hematocrit 36 Low (38 - 49) RDW 11.8 Low (12.5 - 14.9) Potassium 108 High (97 - 107) Vitamin b12 649 normal > 210 Folate Serum 19.8 normal (5.4 - 24.0) Iron + TIBC (2 replies)
... Forty year old woman, four years post op hysterectomy. No periods, no bloood loss of any measure. Reasonably balanced diet with plenty of meat and kale chips. Started taking fancy Raw Food prenatal vitamins in November because cracks in mouth that wouldn't heal. After over a year of severe insomnia, exhaustion, mouth sores, constant itchiness and RLS issues that made my... (3 replies)
... Hi everyone! I'm new to this forum & I was wondering if anyone else has seen this with their lab results and if so what it could mean. RBC 4.26 normal Hemoglobin 10.0 low Hematocrit 31.8 low MCV 74.5 low MCH 23.5 low MCHC 31.5 low RDW 17.1 high Plat 244 normal however large and giant platelets are present (0 replies)

... Hemoglobin 10.3. 11.7-15.5 Hemacrit. 33. 35-47 Mcv. 64. 80-100 Mch. 19.8. 27-33 Mchc. 31.2. 31-36 Rdw. 17.7. <16.4 platelet CT. 292. 150-400 Neutrophil. 33. 49-74 Lymphocyte. 49. 26-46 Redblood cell 1+ (0 replies)
New to anemia
May 16, 2011
... I'm somewhat new to this world of anemia. We've been doing labs for close to a year, but my doctor is just now suggesting moving on from oral supplements to getting checked out by a GI doctor as well as needing to speak to my GYN. I am a 27 y/o female, mother of one (aged 3yrs 7months). I take synthroid 88mcg for Hashimoto's, 1,000mg bid of metformin for PCOS, 800mg of... (6 replies)
... My rheumatologist referred me to a hemotologist and I have my first appt. tomorrow. I'm kinda of nervous after reading all of the postings. My blood work so far: 1/30/08 8/27/07 HGB: 8.5 (12-16) L 9.5 L HCT: 29.2 (36-46) L 31.6 L MCV: 67.6 (80-99) L 69.9 L MCH: 19.7 (26-32) L 21.0 L MCHC:29.1 (31-35) L ... (4 replies)
... so Iam 30 years old I have been feeling tired, extreme fatigue, dizziness, chest pain, pale skin, dark circles under eyes, body aches and extreme pain in my feet. I recently had some blood work done and these are the results. can anyone help interpert? Any ideas, anything much appreciated! Binding capacity test Iron, total: 16L iron binding capacity: 395 %saturation: 4L... (0 replies)
... In the past 2 months I have been diagnosed with the conditions listed above. Recent blood work as shown : Ferritin Serum 6 low WBC. 9.0 Normal RBC 4.85 Normal MHC 24.3 Low MCHC 30.3 Low RDW 17.3 (0 replies)
... Hi everyone, My mom went to her physical this week and was told she was still anemic, she was anemic last visit but was given iron pills and they didn't work. Her doctor is having her do a colonoscopy and the reason on the form says "encounter for screening for malignant neoplasm of colon". I just looked up a lot of information and I'm worried. :( Her blood work shows... (0 replies)
FMLA and anemia
Jun 2, 2015
... Hi Nancy - just wishing you support in this. I will be interested to see the response on this. I have recently considered taking some intermittent FMLA myself due to exhaustion. I am a wife/mother and have full-time job. Feel like I could easily take a nap on my work desk each day about 2:00 ;) WBC 2.8 L RBC 3.54 L Hemoglobin 7.2 L Hematocrit 26.0 L MCV 73 L... (3 replies)
... Had my gall bladder out in May. Been losing hair since February. Really tired. Lab results are: Iron, total: 35 Iron Binding Capacity: 424 % saturation: 8 Ferritin: 9 MCV: 79.7 MCH: 26.5 RDW: 17.1 (2 replies)
... Hi all ~ I've posted a couple questions recently about symptoms related to anemia; however, I did not have my full CBC results until today and some of the things on it confuse me a little. I was wondering if anyone could help me understand them a little better. The results were: Hgb 9.6 (L, but not as bad as I originally thought) Hematocrit 31.5 (L) MCV 75 (L) MCH... (0 replies)
... Heart races, dizziness & extreme weakness. Here are my results: WBC 5.5 RBC 4.82 Hemoglobin 12.8 Hematocrit 39.6 MCV 82 MCH 26.6 LOW (0 replies)
... I was wondering if anyone can help me understand these lab results and if it may be iron deficiency anemia or if anyone has had similar ones and what was the outcome...They did more blood work to find out why I am anemic here is what was flagged on my bloodwork hemoglobin 8.8L hematocrit 29.2L MVC 68 L MCH 20.5 L MCHC 30.1 L RDW 17.4H Vitamin d 25-hydroxy 12.3L (1 replies)
... Hello everyone, My name is Anna and I just got my bloodwork back and I dont understand any of it. Im extremely scared because my mother has MDS which is a form of slow progressing Leukemia which started out as Anemia. this is my bloodwork HGB 10.1 HCT 31.6 MCV 72.8 MCH 23.3 (4 replies)
P A?
Nov 24, 2006
... but the RDW was high 21.3. ... (1 replies)
... It does not sound like exercise intolerance if you are running any miles at all. Exercise intolerance is usually considered when you are unable to walk a single flight of stairs at a normal pace without losing your breath or balance. At this point there is no numerical indication of anemia by the results you gave except fo the hemoglobin which may be an indication of good... (1 replies)
... I had blood drawn in September due to recurring migraines. In addition to the migraines, I am often very tired, get heart palpitations, and have exercise intolerance (which I usually try to push through and run 15-20 miles/week). My relevant values were as follows: RBC - 4.17 HGB - 11.7 HCT - 35.4 MCH - 28.1 MCHC - 33.1 RDW - 18.8 Even though most of these values are... (1 replies)
... Analyte Value Flag Reference Units Status Site WBC 16.3 H 3.6-9.2 X 103/uL Final RBC 5.17 4.38-5.58 X 106/uL Final Hemoglobin 11.2 L 13.7-17.3 g/dL Final Hematocrit 37.7 L 39.0-49.0 Percent Final MCV 72.9 L 80.0-96.0 fL Final MCH 21.7 L 28.0-33.5 pg Final MCHC 29.7 L 32.0-37.0 g/dL Final RDW 16.2 H 11.2-15.0 Percent Final PLATELET COUNT 425 H 140-400 X... (0 replies)
... Any advice about my RDW being so high? ... (3 replies)

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