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... You're not nuts reactions to iron Infusions are very very common. As with iron injections reactions can occur upto and last a few days after infusion. ... (2 replies)
... Has anyone ever experienced unpleasant reactions associated with an iron infusion a few days after? ... (2 replies)
... like symptoms to feel as good as I did after both were complete. So worth it! Side effects are common. ... (2 replies)

Re; iron infusions
Aug 13, 2005
... search IV iron, Infusion, some folks confuse it with transfusion, you'll find several threads. It's my understanding that Venofer has caused fewer reactions than Infed. It is much quicker to administer. ... (13 replies)
Iron Infusions
Aug 4, 2005
... I would suggest looking into other causes for your fatigue. With your current counts another infusion is not indicated. I've had several but only when both my iron and Hgl were below normal. Also there was never an "immediate" effect. It takes time for the iron to help build the blood supply. ... (7 replies)
Re; iron infusions
Aug 13, 2005
... hi, anybody git any advice on venofer iron infusions? ... (13 replies)
... To Shamrock, I was wondering about your iron transfusions, I was told yesterday I needed Iron my ferritin is also too low to measure they say zero can't find it. ... (20 replies)
... I would definitely get a referral to a hematologist and get some IV iron if your ferritin is too low to measure. I receive IV iron weekly and have been since September because of a very low hemoglobin and ferritin that was 2. ... (20 replies)
... Sodium ferric gluconate , I do not know if this is better , I am going to call them and ask why I can't have what you had. ... (20 replies)
... Ive alway had venofer infusion, without any problems. For some reason the last recall appointment i got to go for my infusion was not for venofer, but for one called cosmofer, which i had never heard of. ... (4 replies)
... Well I have to tell you that I just had the PICC Line put in my arm a about 11days ago. I have had rapid heart beats for the first few day. ... (7 replies)
... Your situation is very interesting to me and I'm glad you posted. I am so hoping that the Nexium is the cause of all of this iron troubles for me and once I get all 5 iron infusions and am off Nexium and on Zantac for awhile it's all going to clear up and I'll be back to normal! ... (74 replies)
... Doctor's like iron infusions due to the neccesary concentrated iron which our bodies need. I am presently doing infusions. My hematologist told me there wasn't any side effects to mention. He was wrong. ... (63 replies)
... Taking mega doses of iron orally and so far nothing has helped. Seeing a hematologist and she is suggesting iron infusions. Will ask her why not try injections 1st, before going straight to the infusions. ... (7 replies)
... I have to get infusions because pills don't work for me but thankfully I have zero reactions or side effects from infusions. ... (4 replies)
... I've never had a reaction to the IV iron like what you've described, but I know other women here have had reactions. ... (4 replies)
Jun 19, 2009
... I'm about to have infusions, so researching what will work best. ... (26 replies)
Iron infusion
Jul 10, 2008
... I have been on all three types of IV iron currently available. I am using the iron sucrose currently. I have had all types of reactions. With iron dextran, I had anaphylaxis. ... (12 replies)
... I had an iron infusion 2 years ago. The iron was infused over a 6 hour period of time. During the infusion, I had some what severe left shoulder pain. They had to slow the infusion down to barely dripping at all. The next day I ran a fever of 101. ... (4 replies)
... Iron infusions should be seen as a last resort NOT a quick fix. ... (10 replies)

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