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... wn and struggling with my triathlon training. I thought my thyroid might be the problem. The doctor ordered some blood tests and off I went. Thyroid was fine but ferritin came back as 5, haemoglobin as 102 and hct, mcv and mch also low. The doctor said she didn't know how I could get out of bed and function, never mind train. ... (2 replies)
... It's true she was given a LOT of meds and it has crossed my mind that maybe the drugs they gave her in the hospital did permanent damage to her brain! ... (89 replies)
... Last year, I had a total of 8 IV iron infusions to deal with my iron deficiency anemia. ... (0 replies)

... od levels were checked and everything was normal, thought i was going crazy,, 3 weeks later went to a walk in clinic he ran some bld wrk and it came back with my ferritin a little low ... he said. ... (2 replies)
... been through 3 of them. He really pays attention. He has pursued my anemia starting last year when two other doctors ignored me. ... (11 replies)
Anemia in a man
Nov 10, 2016
... Potassium Level 5. ... (1 replies)
Aug 3, 2014
... it took a toll bc my iron was already low. As a women, my periods are to blame, but I was trying to go veg when all this started. My levels were only indicative of mild anemia but my actual iron stores were pretty low. ... (1 replies)
... I have now been on Ferrous Sulfate 325 mg 2x day for 2 months and my ferritin is now 23.9. I had a hemocult card test and was negative. ... (12 replies)
... so I had some tests done. I was wondering what the results mean and if I need to take more iron. ... (2 replies)
... I got my lab results back for suspected anemia. My hemoglobin was 14, he is retesting for ferritin levels because I had been supplementing iron at the time of the test. But my TSH level was 8, but T3 and T4 normal. For anyone with thyroid disease, does this mean I am hypothyroid? ... (3 replies)
... I should ask for a Ferritin test do you think? ... (14 replies)
... When you get your blood test results back you should be looking at the ferreting and not just the iron. The problem is that most gp's don't explain blood test results to their patients and when you go back home it's all simply medical terminology and a heap of numbers which at the end of the day don't mean much. ... (21 replies)
... ferritin... I mean, am I in danger of my heart stopping right this very minute? ... (7 replies)
... ordinary gp he would most likely have said all was ok, just like they have for the last 10yrs. I was fortunate that the specialist i see doesn't believe a lot of this "within range" business. It was only after the thyroid antibodies test that it was discovered that there was most definitely a thyroid problem. ... (14 replies)
... x 40 mg daily. For about a year I have been feeling really awful. I have had every test know to man and the only thing that is finally showing up are that I have low iron and hgb. My TIBC is high at 600, my HGB is only slightly low at 11. ... (6 replies)
... The second time I have 6 of them tested, on the 3rd day AFTER the period. They were tested at a wrong time when Estrogen rises after period was finised! But they are continously low! ... (10 replies)
... My total iron is a 16 and my ferritin is a 7,my wbc go up and down. In some cases depending on the type and cause of anemia it can drag the wbc down. My ana was negative. I would get yours tested again. ... (4 replies)
... ers from depression and anxiety, high heart rate, difficulty catching his breath, cannot tolerate any physical exertion and he has developed sores in the corners of his mouth that won't go away no matter what he puts on them. ... (3 replies)
... Hi everyone, I had my levels checked again, 2 days ago. Iron level has increased, it's in the middle of the range - 14,5 mcmol/L (6,6 - 26) 81mg/dL], but hemoglobin went low - 11,5 (it was 13,2 less than 2 months ago). I wonder if any of you have ever had such results - iron going up, Hb going low. My Ferritin is still low, though - 9 :( My B12 & Folate are... (0 replies)
... I had a CBC run before a minor surgery and some of the results were low. ... (11 replies)

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