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... A ferritin level that low means I have almost no iron in me? ... (14 replies)
Test Results
Feb 9, 2007
... Unless your doc is treating you for something else. Just increase your consumption of iron containing foods and things will be fine. ... (3 replies)
Test Results
Feb 7, 2007
... I just got my blood tests results back from my last doctor's visit. ... (3 replies)

... Hi, thank you for the interesting reply. The dr quickly went through the blood test results on a computer screen and it was difficult to see the results. I am trying to see the dr again but she is away for the next couple of weeks. ... (15 replies)
... assured me that it should be 'nothing to worry about' and it was under further investigation. There is no history of thyroid problems in my family. The only thing is anemia on my mother's side. My mum now has pernicious anemia. My B12 was checked and was in normal range. ... (15 replies)
... My numbers were the same as yours, except Ferritin was a 5. I've been on carbonyl iron for about 6 weeks now and my last blood draw showed all the numbers are rising. My Ferritin is at a 14 now. ... (15 replies)
... s has really got me stressed and down. I knew I was feeling worse than usual and had no energy whatsoever, but I never suspected anything other than a flare up of my other conditions. ... (2 replies)
... homocysteine tests as tehy will be elevated in the deficiency of B12..And ask him to proof that that level is not causing you harm do some research on B12 and take it with you...... ... (4 replies)
... wow.. mine was reading at 80... my symptoms were only ulcers in the mouth and fatigue. my level is now at around 300 i think and i am feeling much better... though still tired with iron level of 8. ... (15 replies)
... ematologist, I would suggest that you not get your hopes up too high for better results. My doctor is still circling the same tests and can not figure out why my ferritin level continues to drop. ... (74 replies)
... Basically low ferretin and hair shedding when there is so called 'no apparent reason' according to doctors is a real mystery and a lot of people on these boards would love to find the answer. ... (8 replies)
... My ferretin was at an 8 when they discovered my low iron. I always put my tiredness down to a hectic job, but couldn't work out why my hair was constantly shedding more than it ought to have been. ... (11 replies)
... i really can't suggest much apart from trialing various forms of iron supplements on the market. ... (11 replies)
... protien amino acids are necessary as they are the building blocks of protien. ... (2 replies)
... Your B12 is very very low I would suggest you ask your doctor for a uMMA it is a urine tests that will show B12 deficiency you can do a search on it.... ... (12 replies)
... major twitches. My B12 level was 386. Most drs would consider 386 normal and dismiss the B12. Hema put me on B12 shots and the twitches went away in a couple of weeks. Many people get terrible side effects with B12 levels below 500. ... (15 replies)
... I am new to these posts. I have a ferretin level of 19! ... (14 replies)
... I am on mission to determine what is wrong with me. I have been followed for the last 4 years by an endo. for a thyroid disorder. Elevated TPOab, low TSH level and untreated. ... (4 replies)
... Well, I had my 5th and last iron infusion a couple of weeks ago. I honestly can say I don't feel much different. For awhile I was feeling warmer, but now I'm back to feeling cold much of the time. ... (74 replies)
... ure, I'll check with my pharmacist. She has been great in helping me with my meds and many related issues, making suggestions along the way, questioning a couple of the scripts. I like it when a pharmacist catches a doctor's mistake! ... (27 replies)

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