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... Given that you've been anemic for so long, you will need to take it long term to rebuild your bodys iron stores, be guided by your doctor and your blood work. ... (1 replies)
... hing everything I can find on anemia, the symptoms and the different types. Doctors tend to not tell you anything, like they did with me. I have so many thoughts running through my mind at this point that I don't even know where to begin. Or what to even type. I'm actually speechless. ... (10 replies)
... the doc doesn't already know that you are an ultrarunner, tell him and ask if there's a minimum amount of training you can do to maintain fitness. I do know that running can break down hemoglobin, so if your iron levels are low enough, she may feel it's more important to build hemoglobin than run. ... (2 replies)

... After her 13 months and 2 weeks, her activity level started diminishing. At first she stopped climbing stairs and running around, then she stopped walking and finally she would not move from her place were she sat. ... (0 replies)
Am I Anemic?
Apr 26, 2012
... I've been wondering for a while now if I am anemic. I had heart murmurs when I was 2 years old but haven't been diagnosed with any heart problems when I went to the doctors before. My symptoms are; *Dizzy when standing up 5-10 times a day *Cold hands, and feet almost all day every day *I get cold very easily ( But I am in extremely great physical condition, I have an... (3 replies)
... ustion. Then she checked Ferritin levels which were 11. So...I started taking Slow FE and immediately got some serious stomach pain along with bloating gas and running to the bathroom all day....I went thru hell with that...then I finally found out that Slow FE has Lactose in it.. ... (14 replies)
... Hi Ann, When was the last time you went to the GYN for an exam? I'll post here what I posted in another thread: During my last round of visits with my GYN late last year, she detected that I had 3 polyps, which turns out played a role in my heavy bleeding, my really bad PMS, cramps, etc. Since they were removed, the bleeding was really heavy for about two cycles then... (6 replies)
... but it's very difficult and sometimes I just eat what I want. So I have been running around the last few years or so with a hemoglobin around 8. ... (6 replies)
... should be aware of your nutrition. Other than feeling a little tireder than you might expect to be, there might be no symptoms at all. There are a lot of people running around with very low hemaglobin that do not even know they are low. ... (9 replies)
... I had my first iron infusion today.. My ferritin was a 1. I am also a runner. I was told not to run at all because running damages your red blood cells. I went from running half marathons to I couldn't get a full mile in without slowing down because of my heart and my breathing. ... (2 replies)
... twice a day since July. Lately I've been regularly surpassing my best running time. I can run faster now than I ever could before. I knew there had been some sort of change for the better. ... (2 replies)
... hat. My gastroenterologist recommended it highly for me because it's so gentle and it takes 2 or 3 days to really work so you don't have a situation where you're running to the bathroom the next morning. I think it's more like Colace than a traditional laxative. It comes in a powder and you mix it into a drink. ... (7 replies)
... For the last 6 months or so I've had a few symptoms that have been getting worse and worse, they started off mildly and I didn't think much about them until the last month or 2 where the symptoms are now almost daily. The main symptoms are... Lightheadedness Fatigue Headaches Very short of breath half way through my regular running Very cold feet (I've had this for... (1 replies)
... It is very important to drink lots of water to keep your digestive system running properly and to increase your daily fiber intake either by supplements or by adding high-fiber foods. Also as Charlene mentioned, the type of iron supplement you take makes a difference. I have lots of digestive issues and my hematologist was concerned about iron supplements causing me more... (5 replies)
... meds instead. However, that was 11 months ago and since my levels are refusing to rise I am going to discuss the option of trying the IV again. I just cant keep running on empty. ... (5 replies)
... peak anything into existence but need to know what is going on with me so I can do something about it. I am still in severe pain this morning, all over. And I'm running a low grade fever of 99.8 Motrin is not helping. I'm so glad I found this board. ... (4 replies)
... I dont see ferritin on my blood test. He said my thyroid was fine, but I can't tell on the blood test printout where that test is. My ultra sensitive Crp is also high and from what I've read shows imflamation in the body. The thing is, how can I be anmemic if my Iron is within range but my mcv and mch is low and my RBC is high. He even used the words iron deficiency but... (4 replies)
... and serum iron tended to be at the low end of normal range but still inside normal range. then I started running 1. ... (9 replies)
... day, now I can hardly make it up the stairs without running out of breath. Well, starting this week, I will try to push myself back slowly on my trademill. It is just too cold to run outside. ... (4 replies)
Iron supplements
Oct 27, 2009
... (3 replies)

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